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Im A Whore Thats It!!

Between going to work and college you were exhausted by the end of the week.  he just had one more hour to go for you’re last shift of the day that hour felt like if it was six hours. You bid T.K good bye for the night as you watched them get into their car.  as you walk home you can get the eerie feeling that someone was watching you you brush it off as you continue to walk to your apartment.

When you enter your apartment you notice that the lights off. You’re assuming Lucy must’ve been out as you continue on with your evening routine. You have a nice warm bath and then you do a little bit of homework. You turned off your lights as you completely knocked out one you reach your bed forgetting to close your bedroom window.

Peter had been following you he was waiting for you behind a bush. He would’ve asked if you wanted to walk home but he chickened out. We had to make sure you’re walking safely to your apartment. Every time you looked behind your shoulder he would hide. Once you made it into your apartment safely he had an a bush until he saw your light turn off. He climbed into your window to see your sleeping figure. 

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“Darling your so adorable when your sleeping.” He places a kiss on your forehead as he takes off the covers. “Your wearing my favorite night dress tonight”. He says while he stokes your face. Peter takes off his belt and unzips his pants taking out his heavy cock. “ my love I’ve been hurting for you let me show you how devoted I am to you!”

Peter grabs a hold of his cock gently rubbing the tip with one hand while stroking that predominantly large vain running down the side of his cock. Slowly moving his hand up and down his hardened shaft. Small whimpers fell from his lips before he bit them as he moaned your name.

Peter stokes himself faster imagining you doing this to him your soft hands touching him as he’s touching you as you both fall into a night of passion. “my love I’m cumming”. He bites on his tongue as he feels the sweet sense of release splashing on to your sleeping figure. Peter looks at you covered with his cum he sighs “Dear I would do anything to be inside you to be one with you.”

There is a pregnant pause as Peter gets an idea. He taps on your cum covered cheek to make sure your asleep. “My love will you do me the honors of being mine and I yours.” He stares down your unresponsive face, a gentle smile is painted. “Glad you feel the same way darling.”

Peter leans down he brushes your hair out of your face with a deep, shaking breath. The sweet smell of your favorite shampoo and natural aroma overtakes his senses and Peter can’t stop himself from gathering more of your hair and pressing it to his face. Your name leaves his lips with a soft breath as he greedily huffs more of your scent in.

“Darling you are very mean sometimes always talking to that co-worker of yours or helping out your deadbeat roommate completely ignoring my presence when I visit you at work.” “ It makes me think like your trying to get me jealous.” He stares lovingly at your sleeping form taking off his clothes one by one except for his jeans. It’s been something he’s been fantasizing for months on end feeling you from the inside.

Peter crawls on top of your bed, lays you flat on your back. He moves between your legs, pressing his hardening cock against the soft mound and resting his chest on yours. You look so pretty up close peter can’t believe it feels like he’s staring at a goddess. Your so intoxicating to him.

Peter takes in a deep breath and groans when his cock throbs against your cunt. Why tease himself any longer? He knows what he wants and what he wants is finally right in front of him. He lifts up your night shirt surprised that you don’t wear a bra to bed he’ll

Peter leans down and takes one of your nipples into his mouth. He moans around the bud as he sucks and bites. He’s always imagined how nice it would be to be able to grope your tits whenever he felt like it, rolling over in the morning or when your at work and being able to press his face between them and suck as he pleases. Peter hollows his cheeks making him bite down harder. Peter imagines you awake your back arching in pleasure as your arms go on his back scarring him from the sheer amount of pleasure he’s causing you. Begging him to not to stop.

His hand dips between your bodies and running along your curves finally ending at the waistband of your panties. The dampness of your slick arousal makes him smirk against your chest. He taps at the growing wet spot with two long fingers and drags them up to rub your clit. Your body responds to his touch, a quick twitch of your leg but it makes his chest feel light with joy. “Don’t worry my love I’ll give you what you want.”

Peter sits back and pulls your panties down your legs, revealing your pussy. He dips his fingers between your folds and coats them with your slick juices. His fingers go into his mouth. He flicks his tongue around them and moans at the taste of you. Peter spreads your legs and watches your hole spasm, before he’s burying his face into your sweet pussy.

His long tongue thrusts inside of you and twists against your insides. A small moan leaves your soft lips and his neglected cock weighs down the elastic in his shorts. He grinds against the bed as he eats your cunt, reveling in the quiet sounds you make and the twitching of your muscles.

Peter blue eyes flutter shut as he feels your walls tighten around his tongue squeezing his tongue tightly. You’re cumming, he knows it. Your sweet slick on his chin drips down on the sheets despite Peter’s efforts to taste every last drop. He presses a small kiss to your clit and pulls away tugging at his jeans and letting his hard cock spring free.

Your entrance is still twitching when he lines his cock against it. The soft flesh gives with hardly any movement from him. You’re so desperate and needy for his cock a purr rises in his chest. Peter presses in slowly with a hiss, moaning when your cunt swallows his cock, and moaning when it squeezes tightly around him

“G-god I love you so much darling your everything I ever imagined”. Peter leans over you and kisses your plush lips. “I’ve been dreaming of this day since the first time I saw you.”

His hips move forward, his thick cock hitting deeper into your pussy until he’s buried to the brim. One thrust of his hips and he’s already moaning against your lips and trying to keep himself from cumming . He pulls gently out until only the tip of his cock can feel the warmth of your insides before slamming back in.

“I love you.” He groans as he humps your resistless cunt into the mattress like a dog in heat. He sucks on your lips, making them swell and bleed with his nibbling and sharp teeth. He can’t stop moaning into your mouth, not when your tight pussy is milking his cock and taking him oh so well.

Your sweet,soft body awakens so many instincts that he’s tried under-locks but your just too tempting. He wants to make you his. He wants other people to stop touching and looking at what’s his. He wants to fuck you and breed you how he wants and whenever he wants.

“You want to wake up feeling full, don’t you wanna be filled with my love darling? You want me to fill you up with my cum.” can feel pleasure bubbling up inside him. His once steady rhythm starts to get sloppy as he’s reaching his climax. His thick cock hammers at your cervix, the tight muscle swallowing his cock back inside you with every thrust. His lips leave yours and bite down on your neck enough to draw a whine out of you. He doesn’t last another second.

Loads of cum squirt out of his cock. Peter humps you slowly and mindlessly, drooling onto your shoulder and trying to keep himself from passing out.

Once he gets out of the euphoric state he looks at the time And notice is that you’re almost going to wake up he softly stands up from the bed looking at your cum covered body.

As he pulls your blanket over you kisses your cheek but not before taking a picture of you. He climbs out the window he glances at you one more time wishing he could be by your side when he wakes up.”

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