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Yardbirds Slot – Play the Free-to-Play Game Demo Now

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Now and again, a slot machine is released onto the market and you have to wonder what the chat went like in the creative team meeting while coming up with the concept.

Yardbirds from Aristocrat is one of those games and you have to question whether the Australian developer’s creative team just sat around, got drunk on Fosters, and just threw ludicrous ideas out there before approving all of them.

OK, so the Angry Birds mobile game was a global phenomenon but does that mean any sort of bird-related game is destined for success on a worldwide scale? Well, Aristocrat appear willing to take that risk.

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Yardbirds features a 3×3 reel layout set against the back drop of a farm. The cartoon-style graphics give it a light-hearted feel so if you have seen the animated movie Chicken Run then you might well fancy giving this slot a crack. And no, this game has nothing to do with the ’60s psychedelic rock band of the same name.


We once again come up against this animal theme. It seems to go hand-in-hand with a lot of animated slot machines. The mixture of cartoons and animals might make some people feel uneasy that the developer is perhaps seemingly catering the slot machines for a younger audience but it is essentially just focusing on the fun side of slots gaming.

Aristocrat have their fair share of animal-themed slot machines on the market. Titles such as the iconic Let’s Go Fish’n, the bold Big Red, and the mesmerizing Wild Panda have been big hits for the developer across the world’s casino floors so it is understandable that it is a theme they keep re-visiting.

The symbols across the reels all relate to farm yard animals…more specifically the farm yard birds. You can see where the title comes from now. A rooster, baby chick, three resting chickens, a cockerel weather vane, bird seed, a sly little fox, and a bird hutch are all present on the reels as symbols.

There is also a Free Spins symbol that does exactly what it says on the tin if you land three of them on the reels. This is hardly a ground-breaking inclusion to the game but it does give you the chance to trigger a free go which cannot be argued.


This slot machine would appear to have limited depth with the 3 x 3 grid reel set-up but there are still a few features that can be activated during this game in the form of the Chicken and Egg Bonus (what came first?!), Foxy Free Spins Bonus, and the Mystery Hatch Bonus. So maybe there is more to this slot machine than meets the eye.

Chicken and Egg Bonus – this bonus feature on this slot is triggered by hitting three or more Bonus symbols across the reels. This is basically just a Pick ‘Em bonus where you must select one of the eggs on display to reveal a prize.

If you find a chicken during this feature you will earn more picks. This feature has a dark edge to it. You are competing against fox himself to pick the eggs. You take turns to pick an egg. Your eggs reveal prizes. He gets to take his eggs home and eat them.

Foxy Free Spin Bonus – the fox is not necessarily the enemy on this game. If you are lucky enough to hit three Free Spin symbols on the reels then you will trigger this feature. During the free spins the fox symbol will turn Wild so you will want to keep an eye out for him on the reels.

Mystery Hatch Bonus – some big prizes can be earned during this feature which is the gateway to the Chicken and Egg Bonus.


Chickens as the basis of a theme for a slot game? Surely not! Well, as it turns out, they can actually form the foundations for a decent slot machine title. This game is all about the Chicken and Egg Bonus. It can be a pain getting to it but when you are there the potential rewards are worth the labor.

I was not expecting much at all from a 3×3 reel slot machine but this game has exceeded my low expectations and delivered. Definitely one to file under ‘guilty pleasures’.

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