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Us players of social VR games such as VrChat can get rather particular about our appearance. Whether armor pieces in games like World of Warcraft or buying every detail from the stores in the Saints Row or more recent Grand Theft Auto titles, we want to look good. Gotta have that drip.

Thankfully, there are content creators the world over willing to import avatars that you never even knew you dreamed of. VrChat avatars take the form of 3D character models that were either made by the creator themselves, custom avatars or.. hmn.. ‘Borrowed’ from the data files of another game. Often it is a bit of both, as nothing is quite as fun as putting kitty ears on Master Chief’s helmet.

I frequent Second Life and many other social media games that require a more creative bend to get the full fun out of them. One of those players who agonized and tinkered with his custom avatar longer than most people do in their closet; I know that pain. Not only that, VrChat is yet another one I agonized over. I even grabbed that illustrious premium subscription VrChat Plus. So that 25 favorite maximum stuck in one lone folder would be increased to 100 spread across 4 folders.

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So what I am getting at is I have scoured the virtual world to find the best VrChat Avatars around. For myself! Then, because I love you all, I decided to do it again to be entirely sure and to make sure I had the ones that I found to be the best.

I will only be selecting one avatar from each world. I want to give you plenty of places to help you fill those avatar favorites up.

Bottom Line Up Front

I’ve gone through hundreds of avatars and thousands of avatar expressions. It was a hard choice as all the worlds have valiant contenders in this competition. Particularly noble as I kidnapped all these avatars for this game show in the dead of night. The contender succeeded in this test as well; they weren’t even phased. Didn’t move or make a world.

Hands down, the Clown Hoppou from The Void (Avatar Hub) is the winner in my book. While this was a hard decision between practically all the avatars in the void, I had to give it to the clown puppet.

Its options are the most versatile for a joke or photography and a bit of personal creepy clown cryptid fun. My reason for me picking this one? As someone incredibly vocally shy, it is oddly freeing running around the crowds as a puppet mime. The clown aesthetic often makes the less desirable personalities back off. Those types who scream obscenities like they discovered their new emotional support slur or are simply cruel and mean-spirited.

Its most substantial advantage is PC/Quest allowing you to be seen by both PC Players and Quest users.

Find this avatar and more like it at The Void (Avatar Hub) by Jesseii032 and Mogo Tol.

Visit for peculiar puppets, great abominations, extravagant eye-themed eldritch entities, and more! Then, stay for the beautiful scenery.

Top Picks at a Glance

  1. Clown Hoppou from The Void (Avatar Hub)
  2. FanonSwap!Sans, aka BlueBerry, from Underfell – Fellby’s Underbar
  3. Bully ZackOnVr, or Swagger-Suit Spiderman, from the Avatar-Verse
  4. Jiangshi from Toga and Ikka Avatar
  5. Gwenom from Spider Lair
  6. Wendigo from Arbiter’s Avatar World
  7. Mr. Hippo (Matty MT) from Rum Ham’s Avatar World


  • If you cannot find a well-stocked avatar world, look for the name of the most popular city or location from your favorite franchise. (Example: Snowdin for Undertale)
  • If you can not find the avatar world based on the franchise or author you were looking for, try switching the search criteria to ‘tags’ at the top of the search window.
  • Hold y for the options menu, press Y for the standard menu.
  • VRC+ Increases your avatar favorites from 25 maximum to 100 maximum, split evenly between four folders.
  • Subscribe to VrChat Plus if you find your Avatar menu running low on space. Also, consider this subscription service if you want to organize your avatar folder.
  • VRC+ will save your extra folders if you unsubscribe.
  • Quest users should always pay attention to the avatar’s menu photo, as if the avatar shows as PC only it will not be visible to you.
  • PC users should always make sure to set their backup avatar on the off chance a Quest User finds them.

Selection Criteria

  • One Avatar Per World
  • One Runner-up Per World.
  • Charming Design, was there clear care taken in either the avatar itself or the selection of avatars in the world it came from? Spoiler: If it is on this list, the answer is yes.
  • Does it have options or unique expressions in the expressions menu?
  • Would it be beneficial for VrChat Photography?
  • The most important deciding factor: does it bring joy?


#1 – Clown Hoppou

  • Avatar World: The Void (Avatar Hub)
  • World Author: Jesseii032
  • Avatar Genres: Clown, Creepy, Cute, Doll/Puppet, Hoppou

This was a tough choice as The Void (Avatar Hub) is packed with amazingly detailed avatars. However, thanks to all the options it comes with, explained above, and it is visible on both the PC and Quest VrChat clients, I had to give it to the Hoppou clown.

I always maniacally giggle when I see the joints in my hand. I found it adorable, but I have realized this is an opinion mostly I share.

I understand many people dislike clowns. I am terribly sorry if my usually wearing this avatar unsettles you. I would like to give you my reason for often wearing this one.

This might come as a shock to you, dear reader, but I am timid vocally. As opposed to writing as the devil gave me these fingers, I take a bit of getting comfortable being vocally present. I am nervous in that regard to the point of being mute. So, to my other musey mutes out there, maybe try this guy out. It oddly helped me be more comfortable. A quiet sign I might not speak immediately.

Does It Have Options?

Oh, does it ever. Hold on to your boots (Let go of me, I meant your shoes); we will be here a hot second.

This is the absolute first avatar that came to mind for this list is its options. You can have the circus-theme appropriate weapons turned on or off. It is, of course, a giant mallet or a cork gun. Both are also an option.

There are more, but we can’t be here all day talking about this one avatar. So let’s get to the MVP of the clown’s options. The ragdoll system.

It has many options involving, as you would expect, being a marionette puppet. For only a few examples:

The freeze function will, of course, freeze you on the spot in the position you were in when you selected the option. It will stay like this until you tell it otherwise, even if you look around. Ragdoll will have the clown fall to the floor loosely, while the statue option will make your avatar fall to the floor like your puppetry joints just locked up.

Clone is the one with the most comedic and spooky potential. It’s a Shadow Clone Jutsu option! Mostly. It will make a statue of your clown mimicking your pose while you can run around like the clown or pose with the statue!

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc/Quest, I wear this one so much, thanks to it being accessible.


  • Adorable
  • Creepy
  • Plenty of unique options
  • Photogenic
  • Great for Roleplay


  • You will be his only fan.
  • People hate clowns.
  • People hate mimes.
  • People hate dolls.
  • People hate puppets.
  • People hate nice things.
  • People might hate you.

World Runner-Up: Hoppou True Form

# 2 – FanonSwap!Sans

AKA Blueberry

  • Avatar World: Underfell – Fellby’s Under-bar
  • World Author: BlueNotFound
  • Avatar Genres: Cheery, Cute, Pop Culture, Undertale,

Undertale is a cultural phenomenon that has inspired several spin-offs and an entire multiverse of fan-created universes. In my mind, it is one of the most uniquely populated multiverses available in fiction. So it stands to reason that, at this point, Undertale is its own genre of avatars. So I had to include at least one.

I have many favorites, being a fan ever since Toby first collaborated with Hussie to make me addicted to Vriska’s theme. You may know its updated little brother: Megalovania, San’s boss theme. So, Sans being my absolute favorite for this reason in a series full of choices, it had to be one of his.

It’s Blueberry. It has to be Blueberry. Look at him. Just look at that glee. Simply marvel at that glorious enthusiasm! He’s just an avatar, and he is still stoked to be here. Taking the second spot like an absolute champ and protecting the rest from the clown puppet haunting their nightmares. Blueberry doesn’t have nightmares; he has tests of his enthusiasm!

Where I wear the clown avatar to show I am possibly going to be quiet, Blueberry is me when I am comfortable. Loud and proud yet far from obnoxious. Aiming to be polite and maybe. Just maybe. The true thing you should worry about. Not the clown.

Does It Have Options?

Blueberry’s options are limited to gesture and button press varieties, excluding the expressions usually found. I am sure I still need to discover more of this avatar’s unique secrets. However, with the varying buttons pressed, such as one or both triggers, you can change his expressions to ones that are bombastically Blueberry.

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc/Quest


  • Confidence of a Blueberry
  • Adorable
  • Great Cartoony Design
  • It’s Blueberry Sans, y’all!
  • Great for Undertale Roleplay


  • No unique special options.
  • You will miss Papy.
  • Are those sins crawling up your back?

World Runner-Up: Wiki!Sans

# 3 – Bully ZackOnVr

AKA Swagger-Suit Spiderman

  • Avatar World: The Avatar-Verse
  • World Author: ZackOnVr
  • Avatar Genres: Creator Mall, Formal, Meme, Pop-Culture, Spider-verse

I know. Sam Raimi’s third Spiderman left a bad taste in many mouths. However, one good thing that came out of it is this avatar. It is the Sam Raimi variant of the black suit spiderman. Only wearing Emo Peter’s black suit during the monologue of horrors Spiderman fans only talk about in scorn.

The animations it comes with are incredibly on point, just about everything you want in a Spiderman animation starter kit. The most significant bit is, minus the mild issue with endless black on black on black with onto a Charcoal gray shirt to vary the shades of darkness. This is the classiest suit to throw on and take yourself on a night on the town.

Over the skyline, of course.

Suppose this version of Spiderman doesn’t strike you. In that case, the three avatar creators that offer options in the Avatar-Verse have practically every spiderman costume you could imagine and a fair handful of the villains too!

If you excuse me, I have a city to save and a jazz club I gotta style on.

Does It Have Options?

It has a few unique animations perfect for your time as the Dapper Spider. The traditional hanging from the ceiling pose, a flip, a geeky dance but not the meme-worthy one, and a few more options.

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc/Quest


  • The Charcoal Gray shirt is a good chance in the noir-fashion-palette.
  • You are now the classy uptown Spiderman. With a house in Tribeca.
  • Plenty of good Spiderman relevant poses for a good photo or gif.


  • You will remind people of Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3
  • The black suit on black suit is a bit of a fashion faux-pas.
  • It lacks the Raimi Spidey 3 dance. Even if it is RIGHT THERE in the photo of the menu.

World Runner-Up: Springtrap-ZackOnVr

# 4 – Jiangshi Coldline

  • Avatar World: Toga and Ikita Avatar
  • World Author: Toga
  • Avatar Genres: Creepy, Cute, Hoppou, Zombie

I only came across this Avatar-World in researching this list, but am I ever glad I did.

The technical skills on display here are astounding. All the avatars in the central row follow the same art style. They also all appear, far as I am aware, to be original characters inspired by various tropes and trends in games and manga.

Jiangshi Coldline here, for example, is an adorably creepy example of the Jiangshi style of the undead. Mainly in the stylish hat she is wearing, which has to paper talisman known to the style dangling from the top.

If you need to go to a horror world, be undead for some roleplay, or spook the graveyards of VrChat while being adorably stylish, this is your bet.

Does It Have Options?

All of the avatars in this world have unique options and complex gesture-based secrets that give me plenty of surprises as I play with an avatar’s functions.

This one, in particular, has Undead Magic that summons creepy hands from the ground and a lovely smoky fog effect that can form. The hands ripping from the ground like freshly risen zombies are its best pro.

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc Only


  • The incredible extra functionality gives you a taste of just how robust the coding and programming behind an avatar can be.
  • Adorable
  • Undead Hand Magic
  • High-quality modeling.
  • Option to remove the facial bandages.


  • I think I need a gesture manual.
  • It might be too cute or moe for some people’s tastes.
  • Short.

World Runner-Up: MafiaBoyTogalkita

# 5 – Gwenom

  • Avatar World: Spider Lair
  • World Author: Bronx
  • Avatar Genres: Creepy, Spider-verse

I needed to have a Spidey villain on this list if I would have Spiderman on here. While the symbiote we know and love may not entirely be the villain, Multiversal-Marvel explanations lately mean I can do what I want.

I always loved venom, but in terms of design, I adore Gwenom. As I am fond of Lovecraftian monsters and have even cobbled a few together myself, all the teeth and tongue accents being so perfectly added to the look? It is heavenly. Not to mention I always wanted to get myself a Gwenom hoodie, and this is just one step down from feeling it on my skin.

You’ll notice I am fond of avatars that lean more on the creepy or Burton-esque bend. Gwemon here dances the line between spooky, punky, and classy. Though, Gwen Stacy always seemed to know how to work a style. As I almost gave the Spider-Lair spot to the Spider-Gwen avatar. Then I met eyes with Gwenom.

She doesn’t look too bad cutting across the skies either.

Does It Have Options?

No, but she doesn’t need it. This is why I scored her under the Suited Spider above. A few unique options would have knocked this one up to the second or third spot.

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc/Quest


  • Stylishly creepy.
  • Eldritch Accents
  • Beautiful modeling.
  • Perfect for web-slinging in Spider Lair.


  • No unique functionality
  • No wall-hang animation.
  • I don’t own a Gwenom half-jacket.

World Runner-Up: Scarlet Spider

# 6 – Wendigo

  • Avatar World: Arbiter’s Avatar World
  • World Author: Arbiter622
  • Avatar Genres: Creepy, Folklore, Nature,
  • Does It Have Options?

No, but it most certainly has my Tell-Tale Heart. Somewhere under all that wood, I can hear it.

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc/Quest

Thanks to having lived in proximity to Donner Lake for most of my life, I have an odd kinship with the Wendigo. Sure, Wendigo’s legend originates around the Great Lakes area of the United States. However, the survival story that turned to chaotic cannibalism in the snow is a setting rife for the Wendigo to make a rise.

This particular Wendigo, using the model of the Leshen from Witcher 3, was both Wendigo and Slavic Leshen inspired. This is an iteration of the creature I always profoundly enjoyed.

It is a deep shame that it doesn’t have many options outside of the base avatar expressions and its lack of moving mouth. However, given its look and nature, it would be effortless to pretend this is one of those ’emanating from the depths of their existence’ kinds of speakers. Mm uncle was one of them. Wendigos, not emanating speakings.

Uncle Crowley, please don’t come home. We miss you, but what eats using your mouth is not you.


  • Photogenic
  • Very detailed model
  • Excellent Nature Spirit style avatar
  • Large, for those hard, to reach places.


  • Not as good for video if you need it to talk.
  • No mouth movement
  • No new options
  • You might begin to crave human flesh.

World Runner-Up: Batman Who Laughs

# 7 – Mr. Hippo (Matty MT)

  • Avatar World: Rum Ham’s Avatar World
  • World Author: Rum Ham
  • Avatar Genres: Creepy, Doll/Puppet, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Formal, Meme, Pop Culture,

Does It Have Options?

You have a riveting collection of the man of the moment’s speeches. But, sadly, he doesn’t move his mouth during the lectures, so that’s an issue.

Pc/Quest or PC Only? Pc Only

You might have become aware that I, Dok Boots, am a rambler. Yes, yes, it was big of me to admit it. Shut-up. Stop clapping.

For that reason, I rather relate to Mr. Hippo and his hilarious meme addition in the newer Five Nights at Freddy’s games. I am not kidding. As a fan of the series, he was my favorite part in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite, though. Very few.

Some would call him FNaF’s Jar Jar Binks. The heathens. They are kind of right, but they are still heathens.

This avatar is perfect for me to throw on and ramble. Thankfully, I have it in my joke VRC+ avatar folder on the off chance I find a stage that needs an expressive talker that no one asked for, and people are starting to catch on. Maybe, just maybe, I don’t work there.


  • Purple
  • Riveting
  • Classy
  • Hippo
  • You will enthrall people. By force, sure, but you’ll do it. I am proud of you for that.


  • Pc Only
  • Not a lot of options for an FNaF character
  • People aren’t a fan of animatronics.
  • People aren’t a fan of THIS animatronic. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know.
  • You will suddenly have the urge to monologue. Everything. Every detail.

World Runner-Up: purble gui (That is not a typo, that is its name in the avatar folder)



Hunting through avatar worlds was an extraordinarily entertaining experience. Exploring all these Avatar Worlds in VrChat, looking through their amazing avatars, and reliving countless franchises that I loved both as a kid and as an adult. It was one of the most fulfilling and fun writing experiences I have ever had. As someone who has had countless bordering on the quadruple digits in fiction and nonfiction writing experiences? That is quite the award to give.

You won’t regret the fun you’ll have in the Avatar World of the moment’s mirror. Nor the laughs you’ll share when you pull that joke or meme avatar at the perfect moment at the Great Pug or Black Cat.

Whether to find the avatar or option for the perfect photo. Maybe grab the best outfit to be the literal Belle of the ball oy get in character for running around your favorite franchise’s fictional world made virtually real. Or even simply find your new VrChat skin to settle in. If these avatars don’t give you what you need, then the ten worlds they came from most will.

Never forget, have a marvelous one. Thank you for reading. I’ll be seeing you in The Void.

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