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11 Best World of Warcraft Blankets for Your House – Warcraft Forever

Late night raids can get chilly and let’s be honest, pants are not always the answer.

If you want to keep warm while leveling your newest toon, you need a blanket. They’ll keep you cozy and comfortable while showing off your style and personality.

They also work great as office throws or streaming backgrounds.

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Let’s check out the best World of Warcraft Blankets on the market.

1. Mists of Pandaria

The art on this blanket is reaching out and demanding to be appreciated. It’s great as a blanket but strong enough to use as a wall decoration in its own right.

2. WoW Fleece Battle Blanket

This close up battle scene is perfect for getting you into the mood to crush your enemies.

3. Sindragosa Fleece Blanket

The perfect blanket for the dragon lover in all of us. You won’t need to fear the cold with Sindragosa protecting you.

4. Druid Tauren

Easily the most unique art on the list, this Druid Tauren is a stunning mix of geometric design and beautiful color pallet. It stands out as stylistic art, rather than an attempt at photorealism.

5. Lich King

Does it make sense to get a blanket with ice on it when you’re trying to stay warm? Well, it makes more sense than passing up art this awesome. The Lich King doesn’t feel the cold, and neither will you.

6. Troll Druid

Pretty art and a unique color pallet make this blanket a great choice for relaxing or raiding.

7. Alliance Lion on Blue

With reinforced trim stitching and half a dozen synonyms for “soft” in the product description, these blankets are ideal for one or two people.

The clean art style is perfect for the purist with traditional taste.

8. Horde Symbol on Black

9. Sylvanas Windrunner Blanket

The Dark Lady makes a perfect blanket for keeping you warm on those long nights crushing the Alliance.

The detail on her armor is particularly intricate for a blanket design.

10. World of Warcraft Alliance Throw Blanket

With one smooth side and one fuzzy side, these blankets let you choose your comfort.

The subtle Horde and Alliance symbols on otherwise ordinary blankets will be a plus for any rogues trying to stay stealthy when using their Warcraft gear publically.

11. World of Warcraft Horde Throw Blanket

How to pick the best blanket for you?


If you want a blanket for sharing, going with something Queen sized is always a good idea. But, if you just want something to use while sitting at your battle station, you may want to go for something a bit smaller.


Fleece is always great. It’s soft and easy to care for. If you prefer another material, go with what works for you, but make sure you read the care instructions before washing. Not all printed blankets do well in a washer and dryer.


Let’s be honest, nothing matters more than how cool your new blanket looks. It could be the softest blanket on Azeroth, but if you main Horde, you’re not rocking an Alliance blanket. Someone might see.

Final thoughts

So now you’ve seen the best World of Warcraft blankets on the market. Which one will keep you cozy while you crush your enemies?

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