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Video World of warcraft text tones

World of Warcraft Text Tones

Do you want to personalize your World of Warcraft experience? Want to change your voice in-game? Get the World of Warcraft text tones for your iPhone, Android, and even your tablet! Here are some free World of Warcraft text tones for you to download:

Male Belf voices

The addition of Male Belf voices in World of Warcraft’s text tones was not surprising. Male Trolls and Belfs were originally voiced by female actors. But after the game’s Cataclysm expansion, the voices were changed. Male Trolls, however, were still the only voiced characters. This made it harder to differentiate between the two races. In order to avoid confusion, a few key facts about Belf voices have been provided below.

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Some players were also asked to describe an incident in which they felt sexist behavior. While you may not believe that females are treated differently in World of Warcraft, you may or not feel motivated to take action when you notice sexism in the gaming community. But if you are one of the many World of Warcraft players who feel that sexism is still prevalent in the game, you may want to take action yourself.

Male Troll voices

Besides dreadlocks, male Trolls also have a few more options for text tones than the other races. While they are often seen wearing dreadlocks, Trolls also wear minimal clothing, tribal masks, and carved wooden weapons. In addition, trolls are not the only race with Asian stereotypes. Pandarin, for instance, is a class heavily influenced by Asian cultures. The Pandarin class has a special ability that uses “chi” energy to help them fight. Their characters have Mandarin and Japanese accents and sometimes take on the shape of a panda bear native to China.

Another change that could make the troll voice better is the kneeling animation. While the kneeling animation has been removed, the troll female still hasn’t had any major changes. She also doesn’t blink or breathe like a normal troll does. Overall, though, the Male Troll voice is still quite good. However, there are still some flaws in the Troll male.

Transmogrification feature in World of Warcraft

The transmogrification feature of World of Warcraft is a unique system which allows players to transform their characters into various looks. However, it had some drawbacks. For starters, the player had a limited amount of storage for the equipment they wanted to use. Also, the player only had two inventory tabs and had to pay a lot of money to store their gear. However, with the new appearance system, the player has a lot more storage space.

There are two ways to use the Transmogrification feature in World of War Craft. First, you can talk to a vendor in either Orgrimmar or the Shrine of Two Moons in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. When you go to a vendor, a window will open up showing your character’s image and various pieces of gear. You can then choose which piece of gear you want to change and the rest of the process will begin.

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