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The Sky Golem is a mount crafted by engineers that can be used by all players (no engineering requirement to use the mount). I wanted to discuss this mount early in Legion due to the fact it is very useful for herbalists. You may or may not be aware that while mounted on a Sky Golem you do not have to dismount when gathering herbs. With prices still quite high on most gathering materials (herbs, ore, leather) I wanted to bring the golem to your attention, whether you are an engineer to craft it, or a herbalist wanting to be more efficient with your time farming.

Why Is the Sky Golem so expensive?

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The Sky Golem at face value doesn’t seem like it should cost too much to create (in terms of pure material costs). The main reason that it demands such a high price is due to the fact you can only create one every 30 days due to a crafting cooldown that can only be completed once per day.

  • If you are looking to craft some of these mounts prepare to be patient (and also prepare to login and do the daily cooldown each day you can).
  • If you are looking to buy the mount outright, take into account the time it takes to create one and don’t be afraid to invest if you intend to go out and farm quite a few herbs. It’s frustrating as a seller to have potential buyers quote me the cost of the materials and somehow assume that they shouldn’t have to pay more for my time (don’t be that guy!)

Why Should you buy one (if you gather herbs)

Herb prices are through the roof right now with the launch of Legion. Players are pushing their professions and trying to craft gear (to sell or to use for raiding). This means a large number of herbs are being consumed and there are a lot of players buying them and willing to pay high prices. If you are gathering herbs you really should be using a Sky Golem, and although it may take a lot of herbs to actually “pay” for the golem itself it is a sound investment. Don’t be afraid of investing in your characters. Normally I wouldn’t recommend spending gold on mounts (for cosmetic reasons) but having a functional mount is also good in the long run!

Why Should I sell them (if you have engineering)

Prices are up right now for the reasons I outlined above. I have sold a few for crazy prices recently including this sale first week in Legion (feel free to note the ink sales too :P) so if you have stopped doing your Jard cooldown or have stopped making golems due to playing Legion, get back on them!


The Sky Golem Recipe

The recipe is available at 600 engineering and is contained in the Schematic: Chief Engineer JardSchematic: Chief Engineer Jard’s Journal. I have recently created a few engineering alts and I found the most efficient place to farm the schematic was in Mogushan Palace. On 4 out of 5 occasions (yes I made 5 new engineers just for the golem) it dropped from the first room of the dungeon instance (and two of those was the first pack). If your character is 100+ you will have no issue soloing these few mob packs on heroic. The dungeon is located in Vale of Eternal Blossoms close to both of the Shrines.

The Schematic: Chief Engineer JardSchematic: Chief Engineer Jard’s Journal contains a number of recipes but the two required for the Sky Golem are Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source and Schematic: Sky GolemSchematic: Sky Golem.


The are a number of ways you can obtain the various materials required to craft the Sky Golem and I will explain them below. Having an alchemist with Transmutation MasterTransmutation Master can be very beneficial and can lower your overall costs considerably and I highly recommend you get one if you have a free profession slot on a high level character. If you don’t have an alchemist and no free profession slots I would even go as far as suggesting you swap out a profession you don’t really use (you will see why below). A miner will also help in creating some bars and so again if you have one great. If you were to choose between a miner and an alchemist just in terms of creating the Sky Golem, the alchemist is the more useful of the two.

The “end” materials required are:

Both the Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source and the Living Steel can actually be crafted from just ONE material – Ghost Iron OreGhost Iron Ore (Ghost Iron Bar). I will break the materials down as best as I can, and you can search your own auction house to see which is the most profitable way of crafting the Jards and the Steel.

The Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source requires 10x Ghost Iron Bar to produce one and it has a daily cooldown (therefore requiring 30 days to create a Golem).

Living Steel is also on a daily cooldown for alchemists, however you can trade them so they are purchasable on the auction house if required.

The Jard

As mentioned all of the materials can be created just by using ghost iron. Keep an eye out for your ghost iron prices on your auction house. If you have a miner who can smelt the ores into bars (2 for 1) that may be more efficient to do so, however I do not recommend going out and farming the ore itself. If you do have a miner you would be much better buying the ghost iron and spending the time you would have done gathering it, going farming new Legion ore instead. You will gain a lot more gold overall doing so! Let others who are gathering the ore through other means (Vale farming for example) do the legwork for you. After all “Time is money friend!”

Living Steel

You may be aware of the ways to craft living steel but if not I will try and explain it as best as I can. Just like the Jard you should be trying your best to check the prices on all the possible materials and buy them when they are at their cheapest to maximize your profits. Again I don’t think it would be a great use of your time to farm the materials themselves given the fact you can earn more gold farming Legion materials.

Alchemists have two recipes that they can use to create Living Steel. They are:

Transmute: Living Steel

As you can see this has a daily cooldown attached.

Riddle of Steel


This uses Spirit of Harmony which allows you to “skip” the daily cooldown restriction.

So Trillium BarTrillium Bar will be required regardless of how you obtain your Living Steel (unless you buy them directly from the AH of course).

Trillium can be smelted by miners using Smelt Trillium spell or transmuted by Transmute: Trillium Bar

Again it is worth checking the prices on all materials Black Trillium OreBlack Trillium Ore White Trillium Ore and Ghost Iron Bar , as well as the acutal trillium themselves, to work out which method will be cheapest. Just be aware you can “proc” multiple trillium bars when crafting with a Transmutation master.

Obviously the bonus bars can’t be really expected but if you are lucky to get them then it will all go towards your overall profit! If the price of smelting the ores and buying the Ghost Iron Bar to transmute are very similar – go with the transmute, as the procs will reduce costs.

However you obtain the Ghost Iron, the Trillium and the Living Steel is entirely up to you. I tend to buy a lot of the “raw” materials and craft the living steel themselves, but I will buy the steel outright if the prices are favourable. If the trillium ore is cheap I’ll smelt on my miner, if the Spirits are cheap I will use riddle of steel as each “proc” is worth a lot of gold. Don’t overesitmate the number of procs you will receive BUT I have been lucky on numerous occasions and one of my more “lucky” crafting sessions are shown below

As you can see a “bonus” 12 living steel is very lucky, but with steel prices at 400g+ on my server it is a considerable amount of profit potential.

So to wrap up the crafting it is feasible to create the entire Sky Golem for 4200x ghost iron ore, however it may be better to do a mix of all crafting, smelting, transmutating if you have these available! If you have an auction house addon that allows it, create some shopping lists for all the items so you can get a snapshot of the prices to make a quick decision how you can maximise your profit!

If all of that number crunching felt a bit much check out this great video from my friend Zabian! He does some great work on Youtube as well so make sure you hit him up with a Subscribe if you enjoy it and feel free to comment telling him you came from here!

Wrap Up

I hope you have enjoyed this guide. ALthough it is now considered an “old” craft it is very relevant to today what with players gathering so many herbs. I would love to hear of your success stories so don’t hesitate to share below or if you have any questions feel free to ask away! Happy gold making!

Gathering herbs in Legion? Check out how to speed up your farming using a Sky Golem!

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