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Wow-Worthy World Of Warcraft Jokes

Are you a huge fan of World Of Warcraft? Well, then this list of jokes is for you! We’ve scoured the internet and found some of the best. Take some time out from all the mayhem, slaughter and carnage to have a couple of chuckles. Amaze your friends with some clever and timely wit on a topic you all love.

Why are warriors such bad salesmen?

They charge too much!

Blizzard recent performed an audit of player passwords and found that one Alliance player was using as his password: UndeadDwarfHumanTaurenDraeneiOrcElfGnomeStormwind. When he was asked why he had such a long password, the player answered

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“Oh, the sign-up page said that I had to include 8 characters and a capital.”

One day, a Troll decided to work on leveling up his Archaeology skill. He heads down to Uldum and starts digging. He had been digging for a long time and was starting to get tired. Then he came across an old lamp. “Okay, mon! This lamp be worth some gold”, the Troll said. He rubbed it against his pants and a Genie popped out! “My friend, I thank you for releasing me from the prison of the lamp! I am able to grant you three wishes but be warned, you cannot wish for more wishes”. The Troll thought about it for a while and then finally replied,

“Okay, mon! I not be wanting to have more wishes! I be wanting have more genies!”

Why couldn’t the Forsaken get across the road?

Because he didn’t have any guts!

I love all these new Forsaken quests.

They’re really jaw-dropping!

How do you know if someone has been playing WoW since Vanilla?

Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

What do rogues have in common with noobs?

Rogues and noobs both pick locks!

Why do hardcore raiders smell?

Because they never wipe!

Did you hear about the Tauren and the Gnome that escaped from the Stormwind stockades?

The guards are searching for them high and low!

A Troll walks into a bar and he has a parrot sitting on his shoulder. The barman says to him, “Where’d you find that?”

The parrot replies, “In Durotar. They’re all over the place!”

Is there any way for a Tauren to hide in a cherry bush?

Sure, he can paint his hoofs red!

Arthas and Ulther walk into a room. Arthas notices a switch on the wall and asks Uther what it’s for.

Uther looks at him and replies, “FOR THE LIGHT!”

How many GMs does it take to replace a burned-out lightbulb?

None! It’s working as intended!

What do you call it when you see a druid hanging out in the Moonwell?

A HoT tub!

How do you stop a warrior from charging?

Take away his credit card!

What do you call 100 paladins in the lake?

A bubble bath!

Why did the enchanter have to clean out his bank?

Because it was full of dust!

What do the Old Gods drink at Christmas parties?


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