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Homemade Ghost Bowling Game for Halloween – Too Cute to Be Scary!

Video Witches bowling game

How cute is this homemade ghost bowling game? Not just cute, but easy to make and fun to play! Kids love Halloween activities, as well as spooky Halloween crafts! This gives you the best of both worlds!

We tested out this Halloween game a couple of different ways! I am sure your kids will love making their little ghost bowling pins.

Three home made pins stand on top of the image. White Text Reads: Ghost Bowling. Orange Text Reads: Homemade Halloween Game with an arrow leading to an orange pumpkin ball. One of the ghost pins from above has fallen, now.
Such a fun and easy game to make and play at home, this halloween.

What I’m sure they will enjoy even more is the fun that comes with knocking them down! This ghost game is one you can do at home, at Halloween parties, and anywhere else you want to have a ghostly good time!

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Homemade Ghost Bowling Game for Halloween

“Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters!” Sorry, if you now have this 80’s tune playing in your head all day. After everyone is done with their Ghostbuster coloring sheets, it’s time for even more fun! The free printable will surely have inspired some fun ghost faces! They can make them for these ghost bowling pins.

And then, this game definitely needs some ghost busting kids to knock out all of the ghost that are still standing.

My kids and I play lots of Halloween Games, every year. My boys who are 2 and 5, loved this Halloween game and crafting activity. Even our 8 year old got into it, because who doesn’t love being a Ghost Buster?

If you have creative kids, let them each decorate their own bottle! They can draw their faces on with sharpie, or do construction paper, depending on skill level. (Article contains affiliate links.)

Halloween themed bowling game features white creamer containers with ghost faces made out of black construction paper. An orange ball is meant to look like a pumpkin.

Supplies Needed For The Ghost Bowling Pins:

  • 3 or more containers
  • Black construction paper
  • Glue
  • Orange balls or pumpkin
  • White Spray Paint (Optional)
  • Sharpie Marker (Optional)
  • Painter’s tape to draw a bowling lane (Optional)

How To Make This Bowling Ghost Game:

Step 1

Make sure your creamer is empty. If you are using one that still has something in it, make sure it’s sealed so when they are knocked over, ghost guts don’t come spilling out. Though I am sure my boys would thoroughly enjoy seeing that happen.

Step 2

Cut out eyes and mouth from the black construction paper and glue it on.

Step 3

You can use balls or pumpkins to knock out the pumpkins. If you decide to use pumpkins make sure your child is not playing “dodge the ghost” unless you don’t mind cleaning up a splattered pumpkin mess. We have used balls or fake pumpkins.


We used empty creamer containers, for the crafting part of this Halloween activity. But, you can use whatever you have around your house: juice jugs, yogurt containers, recycle some old cans, soda cans, mini cereal boxes…

This craft can be as simple and easy or as unique and creative as you would like! Don’t feel stuck to only making ghosts! With green spray paint, you can make a wicked witch bowling game! Vampires, werewolves, spiders – the only limit is imagination!

If you don’t have similar containers, have your kids guess which ones will be easier to knock over, before sending their pumpkin down the lane. The game then becomes a very basic lesson in physics!

Three ghost bowling pins made from upside down plastic creamer bottles with ghost faces made from black construction paper and a plastic orange ball half the size of the bowling pins on a black floor in front of a white wall.
This was the fastest and easiest ghost game to do at home that I could make – and it was so much fun!

How to Play This Halloween Ghost Game at Home:

  1. Using two equally sized pieces of the painter’s tape, draw a lane as long or as short as you like. Longer lanes are better for older children with better coordination. Short lanes are perfect for little kids!
  2. Set the homemade pins up at the end of the lane. No matter the number of ghost bowling pins you’ve made, you can make a variety of shapes! Set them up and have fun.
  3. Depending on the age of the kids playing this game, you can set them up differently to make ghost bowling homemade games more challenging. You can even assign different pins different values of points!
  4. If you don’t have similar containers, have your kids guess which ones will be easier to knock over, before sending their pumpkin down the lane. The game then becomes a very basic lesson in physics!
  5. Let kids set their pins up, at the end of the lane, and spend their turn trying to knock down each other’s pins without hitting their own! Bowling can be more than just pins in a triangle! Get fun and goofy with this spooky craft.

I hope your kids love this homemade Halloween bowling game as much as mine did!

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Are you going to try this Halloween bowling game? Maybe you have already tried this Halloween ghost game? Let us know down below!

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