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21 Hilarious Beer Olympic Games – Fun Party Pop

Inside: 21 Games to Play at Your Next Beer Olympics!

There’s really nothing like gathering a group of friends, a ton of beer, and bringing out everyone’s competitive sides!

These beer olympics ideas will help you get your party going.

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Hilarious Beer Olympic Games

From classic beer games to some more intricate ones that may prove to be your new favorites; I can assure you that all of these will put a “hoppy” face on everyone involved. However, while you’re having a blast, always remember to drink responsibility

Outdoor Beer Olympics Games

How to host outdoor beer olympics

These games will be sure to get the party started!

  1. Thunderstruck: This is a great way to get things rolling, or something you can play throughout the games! Put on AC/DC’s song “Thunderstruck” and stand in a circle. One person starts to chug when they hear the first mention of “thunder” in the song, and continues to drink until they mention it next, then it moves on to the person to their right. Every time “thunder” is mentioned, the next person drinks. Sounds easy, but wait til you get stuck drinking throughout a guitar solo!
  2. Tall Boy Roulette: “Tall Boy Beers” are a large version of your favorite brews coming in at 16 fluid ounces. Grab a few different brands – enough for every participant – and place them individually into unmarked brown paper bags. Put them on the table and shuffle them around while everyone has their eyes closed (the shuffler can have them closed too if they’re super skilled). Then everyone grabs a bag at random and uncovers their choice. Everyone must consume their tall boy beer in a certain amount of time agreed upon by the group.
  3. Beer Pong: The most classic beer olympics game. Set up 10 solo cups in a triangle, partially fill them with beer, and have two teams with two players each battle it out by trying to sink ping pong balls into the others. Whatever cup the ball lands in has to be chugged. There are a ton of iterations of rules for this game, so pick and choose what rules you want to implement, but make sure everyone knows them!
  4. Never Have I Ever: This a game you probably recognize from your innocent youth. Someone says something that they have never done, and if you have you put a finger down. However, the 21+ version of this game is that along with putting down a finger for everything you have done, you take a huge gulp of a beer. Any player that puts all their fingers down is out.
  5. Civil War: This game involved 6 players, 3 vs. 3. Each player has their own set of cups in front of them and it’s a quick-fire game of trying to get as many balls into the cups to eliminate them. Also, whenever a ball lands in your cup, you have to drink it and cease fire until the cup is gone.

Beer Olympics Games

Events that should definitely make it into your next beer olympics.

  1. Beer Ball: Teams of 2 or 4, place as many unopened beer cans on either side of the table as there are players. Each player takes ping pong balls and tries to throw them in order to hit the cans. When the can is hit, the player behind it must open it and chug it in its entirety.
  2. Case Race: This is exactly what it sounds like. Each team is in competition with the other teams to finish a 30-pack case of beers by any means necessary. No throwing away beers though! All cans must be drunk.
  3. Chandelier: Everyone has their own cup, and is arranged in a circle with one cup in the middle. One person tries to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup, and whoever’s cup the ball lands in, they must chug what’s in their cup and quickly refill it. If the ball lands in the middle cup, everyone has to drink their cup and try to flip their cups upside down. If the ball misses all cup options, it gets passed on to the person to their left.
  4. Beer Relay: This game sounds like it would be simple, but don’t underestimate it. Have a finish line a little ways away from a starting point. Everyone lines up and on “go,” everyone chugs a can of beer, then runs to the other side and back, then the next teammate in line chugs their beer and runs to the finish and back, and so on until everyone has gone. Whichever team completes the race first is the winner!
  5. Quarters: A simple game, yet yields great bragging rights! Can be one-on-one or team vs. team. Grab an empty shot glass and a quarter, and try to bounce the quarter into the glass. Whicher player, or entire team, gets the quarter(s) in the glass first are the winners and the other team/player has to chug a beer.

Team Drinking Games

Team drinking games for party

Get everyone involved with these team games!

  1. Dizzy Bat: Grab your childhood wiffle ball bat and fill it with beer, chug out of the little hole on the bottom of the handle. However many seconds it takes you to finish, is how many times you need to spin in a circle, looking down, with the bat pressed to your forehead. Then, try to hit the wiffle ball that’s thrown your way!
  2. Big Bucket Challenge: Place one full beer per team member into a large vessel (pitcher, bucket, blender, whatever you have on hand really!). On “go,” each team will try to polish off the large amount of beer without spilling any. Whoever finishes first with no spillage is the winning team.
  3. Shotgun Relay: Each team member must run from a starting point, across a couple of yards, to a finishing point while balancing a beer can on their palm. Once they cross the finish line, they have to shotgun their beer, and then the next team member does the same until everyone completes the challenge. If you drop your beer, you have to turn around and start over!
  4. Slap Cup: One of the more intense games on this list. For every player participating, they must split a beer between 3 solo cups, these cups all go in the middle. Everyone circles the table and two players opposite of each other try to bounce a ping pong ball into empty cups. Ball goes in the first try: the person who made it can pass it anywhere on the table. If it takes more than one try: the person passes it to their direct left. If the player on your left is attempting to get the ball in and you make it in before they do, you slap their cup off the table (however aggressively is up to you)! The slapped player must grab a cup from the center, chug it, and use that as their empty cup to get the ball into. This continues until all the cups in the middle have been consumed.
  5. Flip Cup: Two tables line either side of a table, each with a cup partially filled with beer (everyone must have the same amount, whatever is agreed on). The first two players at the end tap their cups on the table, cheers each other, tap them on the table again, and begin chugging. When the beer is drunk, place the cup on the edge of the table and try to flip it over so it lands bottom-up. When, and only when, the cup lands bottom-up, does the next player in line get to go, repeating the process. Whichever team goes through all their players flipping their cup first, wins!
  6. Chug Race: Every person on the team has to chug their beer before the other teams. Whichever team finishes all their beers first are the winners.

Ideas For Beer Olympics Games

Beer olympic games ideas

The fun will never end if you decide to play these games!

  1. Stack Cup: Basically the same concept as slap cup, but instead of slapping their cup away from them, you stack your empty cup on them while they’re still trying to get the ball in. Eventually, the stack of cups will get so tall that making the ball into the cup becomes increasingly more difficult!
  2. Kings: This one is a card game and each card drawn has a corresponding rule, go through the whole deck to get the party started and break the ice!
  3. Ride The Bus: Another card game! 10 cards are placed face down by a dealer in front of a player. Dealer asks “red or black” and the player must guess the color of the card, if the card flipped over is correct, they move on to the next question, if wrong, they have to start over. The next question is “higher or lower [than the previous card]?” Then, “in between or outside?” Meaning is the next card going to be in between the numbers of the last two cards, or outside of the range? The last question is asking the player to pick a suit. This goes on for each player until they all complete the rounds of questions.
  4. Tower Build: Each team has 2 minutes to stack empty cans on top of one another, whoever can get the highest tower without toppling wins! Sounds easy, but beer cans are pretty unsturdy, the trick is knowing when to stop so you have the highest tower without it toppling!
  5. Can Bowling: After a long day of beer games, you’re sure to have a ton of cans left over. Set them up like bowling pins and grab a tennis ball or whatever ball you have on hand and try to bowl them over. Take as many sips as cans you knock over in one try. If you get a strike, you pick someone to drink!

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