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How to Play Waterfall the Drinking Game – Chuggie

Players: 3-6 | Type: Social | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉

Waterfall The Drinking Game: Overview

How to Play Waterfall the Drinking Game with Rules
Start texting your friends that you’re playing Waterfall tonight.

It’s 10:00am on a Saturday and you’re dreading a night at home alone, because you don’t have the cash to go out. Well, start texting your other poor ass friends to plan a night in. You might be poor this weekend, but How to Play Waterfall The Drinking Game is here to help.

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Waterfall The Drinking Game: Equipment

LED Flashing Shot Glasses
  • Big Bottle(s) of Strong Liquor
  • Cup/shot glass/beer for each player
  • Deck of Cards
  • A stroooong liver

How To Play Waterfall The Drinking Game With Rules

  • First, someone shuffles the cards and places the drink of choice in the center of the table.
  • Next, someone must spread the deck of cards in a circle around the alcohol of your choice and make sure all the cards are touching.
  • Then, each person draws a card from the circle and acts out each card with their specific meaning.
  • If you’re a visual person, don’t worry. There’s a video demo coming up.

Waterfall The Drinking Game With Rules What do all the cards mean?

Everyone has to react according to the number or face of the card. Because it’s a long list, we’ll break it into the “numbered card rules” and the “face card rules.”

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Waterfall The Drinking Game With Rules: Numbered Cards

2 – “You”– When you draw a two, you get to choose a person and make them drink.

3 – “Me” – If you’re lucky enough to draw a three, this is all you, man.

How to Play Waterfall The Drinking Game With Rules, Fun Drinking Games With Cards
Card #6 – “Chicks drink!”

4 – “Floor” – For number four, everyone needs to get low and touch the floor. Last person must drink from the Death Cup concoction. Yum!

5 – “Guys” – Drink up, men.

6 – “Chicks” – Now it’s the ladies’ turn.

7 – “Heaven” – Remember the game “Seven minutes in heaven?” For card number seven, everyone has to reach their arms up as high as they can.

8 – “Date”– For this one, the player gets to choose a drinking “date” for the game. “Now, which one of you lucky souls gets to drink with me the entire night?”

9 – “Rhyme” – Obviously, “Rhyme” means you have to start speaking in rhymes. Just don’t be that guy that starts with orange.

10 – “Categories” – When a player draws a ten card, they call “categories.” For example, categories can include cars, state capitals, or names of bands. Go nuts!

Waterfall The Drinking Game With Rules: Face Cards

how to play waterfall the drinking game with rules
Other than booze and cups, all you really need is a deck of cards. (Amazon link)

Jack – “Social” – Players act like the bride and groom just entered the reception hall. Everyone gets to drink!

Queen- “Question Master” – Catch someone who doesn’t respond in a question and make them drink!

King- “ Rule Master” – Come up with whatever you’d like, accents, names, anything that when broken will liven up the party (Buffalo, dominant hand, blue man?)

Ace- “ THE ACTUAL WATERFALL”– Sort of like dominoes, where one piece can’t drop till the piece before it knocks it over. Same concept, except minus the fist fight. Start it up, choose who follows you on your left or the right side of you and keep the party drinking!

There are three ways Waterfalls the Drinking Game can end:

  • You all have drawn the entire deck of cards.
  • Someone knocks the cards over.
  • Or, *sadness*, the rum is gone.
how to play waterfall the drinking game with rules
The saddest reason to end Waterfall is because you ran out of booze.

Variations for Waterfall the Drinking Game With Rules

Now, you might be thinking this sounds a lot like other drinking games. (It reminds me of Moose the Drinking Game, actually.)

Here are some variations to Waterfall the Drinking Game to switch things up:

How To Play Waterfall Drinking Game
Never Have I Ever Idea Cards (Click for examples)

When you draw a 4, call it “ whores.” Alongside this name change, call a 6 “dicks.” It’ll add a whole new raunchy side to your night.

Two Random Variations:

  1. Use a 10 card to represent “Never Have I Ever.”
  2. Instead of “Social,” use a Jack as a “wild card.”

There are several substitutions for the “Rule Master” (King Card):

Buffalo – Make anyone who isn’t drinking out of their dominant hand take a swig.

How to Play Waterfall The Drinking Game
Just imagine this dude is shrunk and sitting on your head.

Little blue man – Every time someone has to drink, they have to pretend there’s a tiny blue man sitting on top of their beverage. Before they take a drink, they need to gently take the little man off the top before they drink and need to remember to bring him back on top after they’ve had their sip.

No names – Basically, no one is allowed to call anyone by their name.

Drink, drank, drunk – During this turn, you can’t say any of these three words. This is surprisingly difficult in the middle of a fun drinking game!

Accents – Everyone has to speak in an accent. This rule turns out to be very entertaining, especially when your British accent sounds more like a sad attempt at a Jamaican accent.

Waterfall Drinking Game
“Drink up, honey!” Follow link for Pictures.

To really kick it up a notch:

Instead of just following a rule for one round, follow these 2 rules for the entire game.

  • The game ends the moment someone breaks the “seal” or the circle of cards. Then that lucky person has the task of drinking or chugging whatever alcohol of choice is in the center.
  • You can also turn the middle drink into a “death cup.” This one’s deadly.
  • Have each person pour a little bit of their individual drink into the middle throughout the game when they draw a card.
  • Then whoever breaks the seal has to drink this (hopefully not too disgusting) mixture of beer, liquor, wine, and whatever else…

Waterfall the Drinking Game With Rules Video Demo

Waterfall The Drinking Game With Rules: Have we inspired you yet?

Next time you get together with friends, try playing Waterfall. Call up the gang, get a deck of cards, and a 12 pack from the gas station down the street and call it a night. Have fun playing Waterfall the Drinking Game and drink responsibly!

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