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Now that Reforged is getting some new updates, I hope they continue to improve the game, here’s some suggestions that I think could improve the player base to bring in new players:


1.) bring all w3Champions features to Bnet including: reconnect (with lag-countdown timer), better matchmaking, clans, more servers, bring further UI improvements, zoom, QWER hotkeys in the options, fix bugs, smoother searching, merge servers for custom game lobbies, etc… in fact just merge w3C and Bnet, basically make w3C a standard feature

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2.) Allow players to search for multiple gametypes, like I should be able to search for FFA and 1v1 at the same time, or 2v2 and 3v3 at the same time and matchmaking can alternate or pick whichever is faster. Also maybe maybe possibly, add a new game mode to ladder/matchmaking like in w3C? something like Random Heroes or 2v2v2v2?

3.) Reduce the price of Reforged to $20 and include the stupid bonus skins for free (or at least reduce skins to $5) please do not add more skins unless they are combined with a proper expansion! they are only good for single player and certain custom maps, but make visibility worse for ladder and most players use Classic anyway

4.) Just make Ladder free2play in Classic mode, maybe unranked only?? but campaign and custom games would still require purchase (or only give access to a few maps)… also, allow players to only install the Classic graphics without the extra 30GB for Reforged

5.) Make the Classic graphics more like the HD mod from SC2 armies of Azeroth, then make the Reforged graphics more like the Quenching mod


6.) Add some new features to Custom Games and the Map Editor, like the mods added in by Hiveworkshop, or at least improve a lot of the bugs without breaking it further

7.) Not only do we need back “Custom Campaigns” but they should further improve the way campaigns display in the main menu… almost all new players are completely unaware of Custom Campaigns or how to even download them, it should be intuitive/simple to have multiple DLC campaigns accessible and switch between them from the main menu without needing to manually organize the folders (and with auto-updates)

Blizzard should Add a “download” section to the main menu to highlight popular fan-made projects, such as the fan-made Re-Reforged campaign mod… it would be cool to see projects like that easily accessed on the main menu for more players to use as a standard or “official” download available, since not everybody searches google or knows about the Hiveworkshop

Include the entire 2player co-op campaign (like theSpoon’s version from Hiveworkshop, just make that a standard download, like free DLC from in the main menu) I know people can just host the maps in Custom game lobbies, but not everybody knows about the Co-op campaign since its not listed within the game automatically, and it requires an annoying way of saving/loading using a password

8.) If they can add DLC packs then Blizzard could Sell a new Co-op mission DLC add-on pack for $15 specifically focusing on co-op missions that includes some sort of Co-op mini-games (like Sc2 commanders, but with more interesting maps, 2-4 player teams, full AI, and increasing difficulty at higher levels based on rank)

community members already make maps like this, but it would be better if Blizzard could add the proper settings and options in the menu for us to make things smoother/easier with some “official maps” and highly-rated community maps mixed together… plus a team search function (…hiveworkshop could even hold a contest for map makers!)

If they can update/improve the game, reduce the base price and make Classic free2play, then IMO selling a $15 DLC that strictly focuses on Co-op modes might be beneficial to bring in new players again (this should be after reducing Reforged to $20 so I think it would be fine) longtime ladder players might not like it but new players would and it could give Blizzard a chance to re-advertise the game with something fresh (especially if theres a map making contest!)

9.) lastly, add a few new heroes for Ladder, 1 or 2 per race and a few for tavern/neutral… these would probably have to be released as free/standard content as they would need to be accessible to all players for balance purposes, but maybe an optional skin pack could work along with the new heroes

  • Graphics Comparison:

  • Re-Reforged Part 1:

  • Re-Reforged Part 2:

  • 2player Co-op:

  • (its too bad these cant be combined then it would be perfect lol)

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