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Video Vietnam drinking game


PlayersMultiples of Two (Preferably 6)

Similar to…

Beer Pong, Flip Pong

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Table, 25+ Cups, 3+ Ping Pong Balls, Booze, Pitchers (For refilling – optional)

Intoxication Level

High – Very High


Two teams (usually 3 people) stand on each side of a table. One team is USA and one is the Viet Cong. The USA side sets up a single 10 cup triangle with refill beers nearby. The Viet Cong team sets up 10 randomly placed cups on their end of the table. each side fills up their cups with 3 beers and the USA starts with the 3 ping pong balls.


The USA players all shoot one ping pong ball at the Viet Cong cups. When the USA side makes a cup, the Viet Cong team pulls the cup, drinks it, and places it off to the side.

After all USA Players have shot, then all Viet Cong Players shoot one ping pong ball each.

When the Viet Cong team makes one of the 10 USA cups, the USA team must drink it, refill it, and put it back where it was.

The game ends when all the Viet Cong cups are made and removed or when the USA team gives up.

Tet Offensive (Variation A)

One common variation is that after all the Viet Cong cups are hit, the viet Cong team gets two minutes to go on the attack (make as many cups as they can). As soon as the Viet Cong team shoots, they may retrieve the ball and keep shooting. After the first Viet Cong player shoots he will go retrieve his ball while the other two are shooting.

Tet Strobe Offensive (Variation B)

Some play that a member of the USA team is allowed to turn the lights on and off during the Tet Offensive 2 Minutes.

American Surge (Variation C)

Some have found that the USA drinks far more than the Viet Cong team (3 beers is nowhere near enough to force the USA to give up) so they play that the Viet Cong team must use full cups of beer. In this, the Viet Cong will drink 10 beers between players and it would be sort of a moral victory to make the USA drink more than that.

Grenade (Variation D)

The Viet Cong team can call “grenade” (also called “bomb”) once which means if you make it in the center cup on the next shot, all the surrounding cups must also be drunk.

Some Play that this can be called once PER PLAYER.

Napalm (Variation E)

The USA team can call “napalm” once, and all of the Viet Cong cups have to be put in a triangle for one shot. The cups are re-scattered after the shot, miss or make.

Draft (Variation F)

Viet Cong can call “draft” once, in which the USA must add a layer to the cup layout, making it a 15 cup triangle (instead of 10). The original 10 cups are replaced as usual, but the outside layer is not replaced when made.

Night Vision (Variation D)

The USA can call “night vision” once which means each Viet Cong Player must close there eyes when they shoot, until one cup is made.

Some Play that this can be called once PER PLAYER.

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