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Shiny-Jr. — Twisted Wonderland click and drag game! Lilia as

I literally enjoyed this so much that it had been in the back of my mind for a bit now, and I couldn’t help but write my results out! This is a completely self-indulgent piece, not what I usually write, but I couldn’t help it. So, I decided to share it as well! I’m also considering using this idea as a 500 Follower Special as well, so if you follow me, have your own results, and would like a little piece written, please dm or send something in my inbox! If you send in my inbox, please do not go on anon just in case I need to ask questions. If I find your results interesting enough, I may write for it or I may reject the idea if I can’t find the inspiration for it. Finally, if I do end up writing yours, I’ll most likely post it once I reach the 500 follower milestone. (P.S. Apologies if some characters seem too OCish, I’m still trying my best in learning how to write their character)

❝ ᴍʏ ʟɪғᴇ ɪɴ ᴛᴡɪsᴛᴇᴅ ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀʟᴀɴᴅ ❞

➼ Best Friend: Lilia Vanrouge

Bạn đang xem: Shiny-Jr. — Twisted Wonderland click and drag game! Lilia as

➼ Secret Admirer: Ace Trappola

➼ Rival: Epel Felmier

➼ First Kiss: Floyd Leech

➼ Boyfriend and Stalker: Idia Shroud

➼ Saves Your Life: Silver

➼ Hates You: Riddle Rosehearts

This morning she had risen early, deciding to not stay in bed for once. Taking her sweet time with the morning routine of getting prepared for the day, until she found herself wandering around the campus in search of some entertainment before classes would begin. Around main street, there weren’t too many people up and about yet, most were likely to begin arriving any minute now. There was approximately thirty minutes until the first bell would ring, leaving a bit of free time. What better fun was there than snatching up Lucius who had wandered away from Mozus Trein?

“Why, you’re here early, (Y/n). I didn’t expect to see you here at this time.”

“Good morning to you too, Lilia, and I could say the same thing to you. You were up on the server all night, weren’t you?” She scoffed, standing up with the grumpy feline Lucius in her arms. Turning to look at the fae that floated upside down, his black and pink locks dangling along his face as he gave a smile that revealed his sharp fangs. (Y/n) continued, “I logged off at midnight after playing a few matches with you, but when I checked the game this morning it said you were on until six in the morning!”

“You caught me. How was I supposed to retire to bed when the special event with limited time equipment and gear, began at three and ended right as I logged off?” Lilia shrugged, opting to change the subject as he offered a small wave to the cat in her arms. “I see you have Lucius with you. Why is that?”

(Y/n) copied his shrug, careful not to upset the grumpy kitten as she gave an honest answer, “I may or may not catnap him for a bit, or until I hear Mozus is looking for him like crazy. Either or.”

The fae gasped lightly, “That’s quite scandalous…” His surprise was replaced by intrigue and a smile, a mischievous glint glimmering in his dark red eyes. “May I help?”

“Yeah, but you’re getting in trouble with me.” This would be much more fun now that she had roped her best friend into this. Even if they were likely to get in a bit of trouble and a possible scolding later on, it would be worth it. “I don’t think Crowley will be happy to hear of this if we get caught, especially after your surprise dish from the cafeteria incident…”

“Then we simply will have to avoid being caught, won’t we~?”

It was a gaming night with one of her closest friends, a time to take a break from the homework assigned by the teachers and the tasks given by Crowley. The Ramshackle Dorm sheltered them from the light drizzle of the night. Inside, the duo played on the television with the game console and controllers Ace brought. Both sprawled out on the couch, empty containers where snacks had been stored now littered the flooring as the light from the television screen provided just enough glow to illuminate the room.

“You are most definitely a simp.”

“I am not a simp!”

(Y/n) had to stop herself from laughing at how he continuously argued against the term, downright refusing to be known as a simp. It was honestly amusing how he stubbornly denied it. She lounged on the left side of the couch she had claimed, fingers skillfully maneuvering between the buttons and joysticks of the controller she wielded. “Yeah, sorry, I don’t make the rules. It can’t be changed. I can see it right now, you’re simping for me.” Of course she was only joking to get a reaction, it was fun that way. Never would she imagine that he truly held unspoken feelings for her.

Ace huffed, prying his gaze away from her as he forced himself to focus back on the game. He frowned as he controlled his avatar to stop exploring and begin searching for her character. Switching through his inventory until he held a sword, determined to strike back somehow. “Alright, that’s it. Where are you?”


He gave a grin, going forward with his plan while declaring, “You’re calling me a simp, you have to die.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, I would!” Ace laughed, keeping a sharp eye out for any sign that would reveal her hiding spot in game. “Come on, (Y/n)~”

“No, no, okay, okay, you’re not a complete simp. At least not for me, who’d ever want to simp for me, right?” She hummed before clarifying, “You’re, like, one of my closest friends. But I am curious, Deuce told me you have a crush on someone! Now you gotta tell me, spill it, Ace. Who is it?”

The redhead gaped, dropping his remote in the process. For a moment he felt his stomach drop, fearing the secret was out. He was shocked as he exclaimed in disbelief, “That traitor! He… How much did he tell you?!”

“Oh, nothing. I was lying about Deuce telling me, but I figured it out on my own. And, I was right. I got you. Now, tell me who it is, I wanna know cause you know me, I’m nosey.”

Every once in a while, Epel managed to sneak away from his dorm. During those rare days, (Y/n) would help the Pomefiore student to avoid Vil and Rook. After all, Epel was both her friend and rival. While (Y/n) wasn’t exactly athletic or as pretty as he was, they did have a similar thought process such as: Why is the Pomefiore Dorm so fancy and over the top? Why would you have a favorite carpet brand? Why not slurp the soup? Wasn’t grilled meat the best? So because of their similar opinions, she was often the one to hear his rants. It provided both as an opportunity for him to pour out his frustrations, and for her to hear of whenever drama or events unfold in the Pomefiore Dorm.

(Y/n) had saved enough to treat herself to a delicious grilled meat and barbeque dinner after saving money for a few weeks. Considering what she remembered when Epel briefly mentioned he loved grilled meat, she decided to invite him over as a chance to get away from his dorm again. After all, with the diet in place over at Pomefiore, he hadn’t had anything similar to grilled meat since before he arrived. This led to now, the two chowing down and devouring the meat that had been delivered to the Ramshackle Dorm. It was enough food to be stored for a few days with leftovers, at least for most people.

“This is so good-!” Epel exclaimed between huge bites, the familiar taste of grilled meat melting on his tastebuds. He downed a huge plastic cup of soda before slamming the cup down, using his wrist to wipe away the remnants of the fizzling liquid by his lips, “Vil would never let me eat this…!”

The young woman finished up her serving, swallowing the food in her mouth before muttering, “Don’t tell him or Rook about this, he’ll be pissed if he found out! If you do, I’ll never buy meat for you again.” She shivered, not wanting to even imagine the dorm leader’s reaction if he did somehow hear of this. No doubt he would be angered at her too for allowing Epel to eat such greasy food.

“Are ya kidding? I’m not dumb, of course I wouldn’t tell them!” Reaching forward, he stabbed his fork through the last remaining piece of brisket. However, hearing the cling! of the metal utensils together, he gazed up only to see a second fork in the same piece of meat. “Let me have it…”

(Y/n) sighed, frowning lightly but there was still a sense of playfulness in their eyes and a taunting tone in their voice, as if challenging him. “Why? I had it first, so give it here.”

“Nah, I had it first.” He smiled slightly, not an innocent one but one of determination. His fingers grasped the metal fork tightly, able to see she did so too.

She snickered, not giving up so easily. Continuing to taunt the boy as she murmured, “Ah, well, that’s really surprising. Why have it when I bet you’re so full you can’t take another bite~?”

“Are you challenging me?”

(Y/n) was not an affectionate person, not in the slightest. Even when it came to being on the receiving end of affection, they weren’t one to just accept it, even if it was something simple like a hug. Try and touch them with the excuse of affection, and their fight or flight instinct will take over. Which is why a game of sorts had developed between a certain touchy-feely eel and the reserved human. A game Floyd quite enjoyed, but one she loathed.

As soon as Floyd spotted her figure in the crowd, he would dash towards her in an attempt to reach her with a squeeze before she could even notice him approaching. Yet every time, it was either the startled gasps of the other students in the crowd or his rapid footsteps that gave her the signal to start running. As soon as she bolted, she could always hear Floyd laughing and calling for her to wait up. The few times this game had happened, she was always somehow lucky enough to weasel her way into a small hiding spot or get the protection of Sam or Crewel. But she knew, her luck would run out eventually and she certainly couldn’t outrun Floyd with those long limbs he has. One day, after nearly a month of their little game, her luck ran out just as she predicted.

“Ahh, there you are, Shrimpy~!”

(Y/n) felt their heart stop, the second-year student’s hum emitting from directly behind her. She had let their guard down, of course a practically empty courtyard was the perfect spot for him to strike. She winced, expecting a painful squeeze paired with the horrible snap of limbs and his arms squeezing the literal life out of her, preparing to run, kick, shout, whatever. Until a strong pair of arms wrapped protectively and securely around her, not at all painful, still a bit too tight but not so much that it hurt. She had initially expected pain to shoot throughout her nervous system, but when no such thing happened and she only felt his warm touch, she froze in place. Her chest still heaved up and down, a bit frightened but slowly her breath steadied to a slow pace.

“I finally caught youuu! Oh, haha, Shrimpy’s so scared! Ooh, I could just eat you up!” Floyd laughed, swaying back and forth with her in his arms. Suddenly he gained an idea, grinning widely as he demanded, “Hey, hey, you should give me a prize! Shrimpy, what’s myyy prize~?”

“Uh, prize…? Um…” She had nothing in mind, and frankly she had nothing to give. However, she didn’t want to risk putting him in a bad mood, especially since she was still trapped in his embrace and pressed against his chest. While she struggled to push away his arms that only threatened to squeeze tighter with every movement, she laughed nervously, “A-Any ideas…?”


She turned their neck to gaze up at him, beginning to believe that maybe his idea wouldn’t be so bad. “What-” (Y/n) froze, stunned as she felt the foreign feeling of something against her lips. He was eager and slightly rough, but she barely had any time to process those little details. Even when he pulled away for a moment, having to stand up straight after leaning down to her height just to reach, and his laughing at her dumbfounded expression seemed to echo all around them, it still took some time to snap out of her daze and fully process what in the hell had just happened.

(Y/n) had been updated by Ortho Shroud on the well-being of a certain Ignihyde Dorm Leader. Truthfully, (Y/n) was shocked to have ended up in a romantic relationship, especially with one of the most reclusive students in all of Night Raven College. However, after encountering Idia more than once, the two discovered they had many things in common such as their love for video games, anime, and even dogs. From there, their relationship only blossomed into something more than a simple friendship. At the moment, (Y/n) was on her way to her boyfriend’s room, bringing along food they had purchased from the cafeteria.

They strolled down the familiar Ignihyde hallways, until they stood outside Idia’s room just in front of the door. His room was his safe haven, he was practically cooped up in there all day but she didn’t mind. If that’s what kept him comfortable, then she had no issues with it. However, what upset her were the unhealthy habits he had of skipping meals, only eating junk food like chips and sodas with sugared candies for dessert. Which was why she brought him a proper meal for lunch. No doubt he was glued to some game while he had this free period of lunch.

Briefly she knocked, waiting for a reply. When no response came, she shrugged. She had opened the door, immediately spotting the dorm leader thanks to his fiery hair glowing faintly in the darkness, giving away his location. (Y/n) closed the door quietly, leaving the room dark with only the screens and his blue hair providing light. Looking around, she discovered one of his spare coats left unguarded. Placing aside his lunch on the nightstand, she swiped up the heavy coat and slid it on, it covered her wholly like a blanket and reached her knees. Smoothing down the wrinkles, she took a few steps closer to get a better look as she was curious what he was so focused on.

Idia appeared so fascinated with the multiple screens, so much so that he had failed to hear his significant other enter the room.

She gazed up at the screens, inquiring in a clear voice, “Whatchu’ got there?”

“AAAAHH!” A shriek escaped his blue lips as he fumbled with the mouse, closing a tab as he gulped, going silent as he desperately prayed she hadn’t seen anything. How long was she standing there? When had she entered? She shouldn’t have arrived for another few minutes according to the cameras he had access to around the campus! Did she see what he had been so focused on?

Oh, but she had. Although it was brief, (Y/n) had seen the pictures of herself on MagiCam over the multiple screens of his computer, likely selfies and photos taken by Cater or a Pomefiore student. She even heard the audio of the video that played from the hidden tab, recognizing the sounds from a video of herself humming that Cater took and posted on social media.

It was embarrassing to know that the video was seen by a high number of his followers, but Idia seemed even more embarrassed that he had been caught as he frantically muted the device. He tossed aside her jacket she had forgotten from her last visit, refusing to utter a word as he gazed at her with wide anxious eyes.

“… So are we gonna pretend that didn’t just happen or what?”


“Gyahahaha! Look at you! You’re stuck like a scared little cat clinging there pathetically!”

“Me?! You’re the cat clinging pathetically! This is all your fault, Grim!”

On a single tree of the small forest behind the school, (Y/n) and Grim both were stuck in the tree. How did she end up in such a situation? Well, it was actually quite simple but stupid.

In summary, Grim had successfully pranked both Ace and Deuce. However, before the duo could extract their revenge, the cat-like monster had escaped. (Y/n), Ace, and Deuce split up to find the little gremlin before he could wreck any more havoc. Low and behold, (Y/n) had discovered him stuck in a tree. So in an effort to save him, she struggled to climb the tree. Eventually she managed to reach the very top, proud of her accomplishment before she realized she didn’t know how to get down.

“Shit, that’s so far down…” She hasn’t realized how far up they were, gauging the distance to be about a few dozen feet off the ground. She wouldn’t risk jumping down, she could seriously hurt herself! Glaring slightly at Grim who clung to the branch, she huffed, “You just had to scribble all over Ace and Deuce’s face with permanent marker, huh?”

“It was funny! You should’ve seen their faces!”

“Oh, what are you doing up there?”

The two perked up at the voice, surprised to see the familiar face of Silver gazing up at them. A few of the woodland animals he had attracted began to scutter away at the sight of a human and a monster.

“Silver! I was worried we would be stuck here!” (Y/n) exclaimed, heaving a sigh of relief as they opted to shorten the summary, “See, Grim got stuck up here—“

“Hey! I am not stuck!”

“Anyway, I had to try and help him but… well… I got stuck too…” It was quite embarrassing admitting it aloud. Quickly they tried to change the subject a bit as to not focus too much on her mistake. “What’re you doing out here?”

“I was napping…” The second-year student yawned, rubbing his eyes before focusing his attention back to them. “Do you need help—?”


Grim screeched as the branch they clung to began to give way beneath their weight. Before anyone could react, the branch snapped—


A shriek escaped her lips as she felt gravity pull her down, Grim’s own screams ringing in her ears as the creature clung to her.

The young man ran forward, extending his arms out to catch the two and stop their fall. Carefully he placed her down, her two feet shaky at the perilous situation and how horribly that could’ve ended if it weren’t for Silver.

“Are you alright…?” Silver slowly pulled his hands away, deciding if best to give them a bit of space to calm down.

(Y/n) held Grim, the small monster practically trembling in their arms. She too was still shaken, her legs a bit wobbly but she managed to stand and keep her balance. Gazing up at his lavender hues, she exhaled shakily, “Y-Yeah, we’re okay… Thank you…”

To say they were close would be far from the truth. Of course, both (Y/n) and Riddle gave respect to each other when necessary, but one could always sense the thick tension between the two whenever they happened to be in the same room.

(Y/n) had no problems with rules as long they were within reason of course. In fact, she was rather compliant when it came to rules. However, she couldn’t understand why Riddle would obey some ridiculous rules and despised it when he reprimanded her for a simple mistake.

Riddle found her to be a handful, especially with how she often caused trouble with that monster Grim and those first-year students Ace and Deuce. It wouldn’t be good if students from his own dorm happened to cause a problem with other dorms, considering the bad influence the Ramshackle student had on those two.

“This sucks, I just barely passed that pop quiz from Crewel’s class!” (Y/n) complained, holding up the paper to show the duo her score. “Can you believe this? I mean, how was I supposed to know he would spring that quiz on us so suddenly? And right after a test too!”

“Perhaps instead of wasting away your time causing mischief with these two, you should’ve taken the time to study. Maybe you would have received a higher grade.” Riddle sipped his tea, refusing to spare a glance at her while he continued reading as if nothing had happened.

Ace and Deuce both shut up, refraining from responding before they both simultaneously noticed their friend’s growing irritation. While they would not dare talk back to Riddle, (Y/n) wouldn’t hesitate.

“Hey, (Y/n), let’s go hang out at your place! C’mon, let’s go!”

“Y-Yes, what Ace said! We should hurry, (Y/n).”

(Y/n) considered her options for a moment before shrugging, hiding her smile as she stood from her seat and turned around, all the while humming casually, “Sure, let’s go before shortie here blows a fuse. I’m sure he’s got his hands full studying all the time, he’d rather not deal with annoying first-years like us.”

“Excuse me?” Riddle looked up from the pages, closing the book as his face began to grow red from a mix of bubbling anger and embarrassment. “What did you just call me…?”

Deuce clamped a hand over her mouth, scolding lightly, “Do you want to lose your head?”

“Will you shut up, you’re gonna get us all in trouble!” Ace hissed, dragging her to the exit as he flashed a nervous smile to his dorm leader. Seeing Riddle’s red face and deep scowl, he attempted to keep up his composure as he laughed slightly, “Well, dorm leader, we’ll be off now! Don’t worry, we’ll be back before curfew!”

“Run.” Deuce advised, the three bolting through the exit as Riddle’s angered screams could be heard behind them.


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