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If you’re curious about something and aren’t sure where to look, here’s where you might find the answer. We’ve got answers on how the games work, what’s allowed for asks, general character info, and more.

GB Patch & All Project Questions:

Q: Who makes the games?

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It depends on which project you’re wondering about! There are only a few permanent members of GB Patch. A majority of the people working on each project only join in for that one game and then move on to work with new people.

Q: What engine do you use to make the games?


Q: Are NSFW questions alright to send as an ask?

For 18+ characters, yeah. They take longer to answer, though.

Q: Are there any types of asks that aren’t allowed?

Yes, unfortunately there are types of asks that likely won’t be answered if sent. Those kinds of questions are:

  • Asks that are wanting us to add new/more options in terms of choices/scenes//MC design elements/etc. We appreciate seeing what people are interested in, but so many asks requesting more content come in that we can’t promise to add it all. If you send this question the answer is always that we’ll keep it in mind, but there’s no guarantee
  • Asks that request a full scenario to be outlined or a script to be written
  • Asks that want lists of headcanons for a specific topic
  • Asks that require individual answers for several different characters/full casts
  • Asks that are answered here in the FAQ
  • Asks that are entirely wondering about extra character details/fun-facts
  • Asks that unintentionally, or intentionally, request information that can’t be revealed yet or is simply not developed enough to be certain
  • Personal questions about the developers (professional asks about us are cool)
  • Asks that are fully about other games, different types of media, real world events, etc.

Basically, if an ask would take a long amount of time to form an answer for, are about topics that aren’t too pressing, or would require information outside of normal game development of our own projects, I won’t be able to give a good answer. There are sometimes exceptions, but generally it doesn’t work out.

Q: How long does it take to get an answer if it follows all the rules?

Truthfully, it’s kind of the luck of the draw. Some asks get answered within a couple days and others can take weeks. It depends on how many other asks come in around the same time, if the ask is more complicated or less, if the answer would be useful info or info that’s cool but not really necessary, etc. If the ask breaks one of the hard rules, is for-fun/extra knowledge based, or is similar to other asks that have been answered already, it may not get a reply at all.

Q: I am someone or know someone who has an issue with the queerness in the games. Can I send an ask about that?

If we wrote something that was accidentally harmful or upsetting, you’re welcome to let us know how we made you feel and we’ll try to fix it. If the problem is about disliking queerness itself in some way, this is the answer and your ask won’t be posted on the blog: The games are made for those who are comforted by inclusiveness and aren’t there to preserve the enjoyment of those who are uncomfortable with LGBTQ+ matters. We won’t change it or make concessions in that regard.

Q: Is there a way to delete saves in your games?

If you’re on Windows, Linux, or Mac you can hover over a save file and hit the delete key on your keyboard. You can also try searching in /users/username/library/RenPy/[gamename]/ and deleting all the files ending in “.save”. If you’re on Android I’m afraid all you can do is save over them with a new file.

Q: Is it okay to stream your games?

Yes! You can stream our demos, full games, DLC content, and the Patreon bonus Moment, too. The only parts of our games that can’t be shown publicly are the beta builds of unfinished, unreleased content that’s just for testing.

Q: Are players allowed to make physical merchandise based on your games for personal use or to sell?

Yep, it’s totally fine to make your own merch. But if it’s to sell, it can’t use assets taken from the games themselves and we also can’t promote unofficial merch on our socials or in our discord.

Q: Are you planning an translating any of your games to other languages?

Unfortunately, not right now. Maybe someday, but the size of most of our major games makes translation a very difficult and unlikely option for a small team.

Our Life Beginnings & Always – Our Life: Now & Forever General Questions:

Q: What is Our Life: Now & Forever/Our Life 2?

Our Life: N&F, sometimes called OL2 for short, is our next major project after finishing the DLCs for Our Life: Beginnings & Always. It’s set in a new town, during a new season (fall), with all new characters. You’ll get to grow up with two new neighbors; a sweetheart girl and a thoughtful gender fluid (they/them and he/him) lead.

Q: Will Our Life: Now & Forever have extra story DLCs for side characters like Derek and Baxter from OL1?

That’s currently not part of what we’re creating for the project. Maybe when the game is finished adding on extra side stories will be possible. But there’s also a chance there won’t be time or funding for that. OL2 is even bigger and more complicated than the first OL, so all we can do for sure is promise to complete the main story with Tamarack and Qiu.

Q: Will Our Life: Now & Forever come out Step-by-Step over time or all at once in a single launch?

It will come out with at least Step 1-3 finished and Step 4 will launch later or maybe we won’t launch it until all four Steps are done. It won’t come out Step-by-Step.

Q: Will there be X type of story or character scenes in Our Life: Now & Forever/What will happen or change if I make X type of choices/etc.?

I’m sorry to say that almost any ask about what Our Life: Now & Forever will specifically consist of won’t be answered. Either because the answer is “the game is still in development and things could change” or because it is already decided but giving the info would be a spoiler. We have to let people find out what happens in the game by playing the game when it’s done. I really appreciate all the interest in it, though.

Q: How do you get a voiced name added in Our Life: Beginnings & Always and/or Our Life: Now & Forever?

It’s no longer possible to get a voiced name added to Our Life: Beginnings & Always. That was a special perk for those who backed the project at the start of its development.

Our Life: Now & Forever will eventually have a similar process, but it hasn’t happened yet. Once the remaining DLCs for OL1 are finished, we’ll be able to do a crowdfunding campaign for OL2. During that campaign one of the rewards you’ll be able to back for will be having the name of your choice voiced by Tamarack’s and Qiu’s VAs.

Q: The game won’t install, crashes, the file disappears, or it’s being reported as having a virus. What do I do?

For some people the engine seems suspicious to firewalls/virus scanners. Turning those off or finding a way to tell the program that you trust the file will generally fix the problem.

Also, if you’re getting the game from, you can download the file directly from the webpage instead of through the Itch App or do vice versa, since sometimes the method you use to download it can avoid problems.

Q: Will the games be available for Mac on Steam?

Hopefully it will eventually, but we’re not sure when yet. You can still get it for Mac from Itch!

Q: Will the games be available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store or the Switch?

We can’t guarantee it. It’s not impossible, though!

Q: How many DLCs will there be for OL1? And how much will the future DLCs cost?

We’ve got a full list of all the planned DLCs + their prices HERE!

Q: When will the OL1 DLCs release/which DLC will release first?

There aren’t set release dates right now. We announce when a DLC will launch right before it’s set to come out, haha. The expansion that’s coming out next is the Derek Story DLC.

Q: Besides the Derek DLC and Baxter DLC, will you be making more Our Life: Beginnings & Always Expansions? Something where you’re living your adult life with Cove and maybe raising pets/kids together?

I’m afraid not. As an adult you could be anywhere in the world, with any kind of career, with any amount of pets/children/friends, and any kind of lifestyle/income level, and etc. We couldn’t add enough alterations to accurately provide the life each person imagined for Cove and their MC. Because of that it’s gotta be left up to their own headcanons.

Q: I heard there’s an OL1 18+ Bonus Moment. How does that work?

One of the perks of the GB Patch Patreon is access to an 18+/NSFW bonus Moment featuring Step 3 Cove. It’s fully separate from the main game and doesn’t have voice acting. All the publicly released core game content will remain family friendly, and so that side story is Patreon-only.

Q: Will there be a Step 4 18+ Bonus Moment with Cove eventually? Or will there be 18+ Bonus Moments for adult Derek or Baxter?

We’re considering one for Step 4 Cove, but it wouldn’t happen any time soon. Derek and Baxter won’t be getting 18+ bonus stories, I’m sorry to say.You can read more about the Patreon Moment HERE!

Q: In the future, are there going to be Our Life games for spring and winter seasons, too?

Not exactly. Our Life: Beginnings & Always and Our Life: Now & Forever will likely be the only games we make where you grow from childhood to adulthood over four Steps. Future games we make will have other premises. We may have games set specifically during spring or winter, though.

Our Life Beginnings & Always – Our Life: Now & Forever Character & Story Questions:

Q: How tall is Cove in each Step?

Step 1: 4’1 feetStep 2: 5’4 feetStep 3: 6’0 feetStep 4: 6’4 feet

Q: How tall is [insert other OL character]?

I don’t know, or don’t remember. I’m very bad at deciding specific heights and avoid it as much as possible. I’m sorry.

Q: What is Cove’s ethnicity?

Cove’s mom Kyra is white. But his dad’s, Cliff, race doesn’t come up and players are able to headcanon it. So Cove is half white and half whatever you prefer Cliff to be!

Q: What are Qiu’s and Tamarack’s ethnicity?

Qiu is Chinese American. Tamarack is German White American.

Q: Do the characters have birthdays?

Cove does! He was born November 2nd, 1997. Qiu and Tamarack currently don’t have birthdays, but may have that determined later. Most of the others don’t have set birthdays, aha.

Q: How do I find [x] OL1 CG?

You can read the guide we released for that HERE!

Q: Can Cove confess to me? If so, how do I get Cove to confess to me?

We have tips for that HERE!

Q: I’ve seen that Qiu is genderfluid, but I’m unsure about their specific identity/their preferences/their relationship with the MC/etc. What are the details about it?

We’ve answered asks about Qiu in the past and will link them here. You can browse those for additional info.

What pronouns does Qiu use and are they used interchangeably?

Qiu doesn’t identity as male later in the story, right?

What romantic title(s) would Qiu go by?

What complimentary terms would Qiu be comfortable with?

Would Qiu date someone ace or demi?

Would Qiu date someone who describes themselves as straight?

Would Qiu date someone who describes themselves as gay/straight but with them as an exception?

[The above answer also applies to being a lesbian or having any other term that might potentially not include an interest in someone genderfluid]

Q: What do the OL1 parents do for a living?

Cliff: He owns his own business- a store that sells scuba supplies and gives diving lessons/tours.Mom: She’s a computer research scientist who holds different positions related to that over the years.Ma: She works in a pricey boutique as high-level management.Kyra: She’s a freelance travel writer for magazines and online blogs.

Q: In OL1, does the neighborhood background show the MC’s house or Cove’s?

It’s the MC’s! Their house is the building in the middle and the section on the left. The darker building on the right part of the image is a different house. Cove’s home is on the opposite side of the street and not visible. His house is very similar in style, though.

Our Life SPOILER Character & Story Questions:

Q: How do I propose to Cove in Step 3?

  • Own the Step 3 DLC Expansion
  • Be at Love in Step 3
  • Be in a relationship with Cove
  • Don’t think about how you don’t want your relationship to progress further with Cove while on the phone with Lee at the start of the Step. Think that you do want to commit more/pursue a relationship with him
  • Confess your love rather than keep it private
  • Play the Reflection Moment and ask Cove his thoughts on marriage. Then say you hope to get married yourself when he asks what you think
  • Go to the “and then summer ended” part of the Step
  • On the hill at dawn the option to propose will come up near the very end of the game

Q: How do I propose to Cove in Step 4?

  • Be at Love in Step 4
  • Be in a relationship with Cove before Step 4 starts, or confess/accept Cove’s confession in Step 4, but don’t already be married or engaged
  • Note that you do want to get married/progress your relationship with Cove during the opening narration of Step 4
  • When Ma jokes about marriage, choose an option where the MC is thinking about proposing to Cove
  • Early in the day after the moms’ anniversary dinner the option to propose will appear

Q: How can I get Cove to propose in Step 4?

  • Be at Love in Step 4
  • Be in a relationship with Cove before Step 4 starts, but don’t already be married or engaged
  • Note that you do want to get married/progress your relationship with Cove during the opening narration of Step 4
  • When Ma jokes about marriage, choose the option where you hope Cove will propose
  • Don’t propose yourself
  • At the very end of Step 4, Cove will propose to the MC

Q: What are the different items Cove can use to propose in Step 4 and how to get them?

There are three and a half items Cove can bring up when proposing: a firefly, the whole twenty dollar bill, the half twenty dollar bill, and a game of hangman.

  • Hangman: Be at Crush in Step 2 and play Growing to get the first game of hangman, play the DLC Moment Boating in Step 3 and feel sick/scared the entire time to get the second game of hangman, then Cove will propose with a third game of hangman
  • Full Twenty: Take the money Cliff offers when you first meet him, tell Cove about the deal in Step 1 or Step 2, give Cove the twenty as a graduation gift in Step 3, and don’t unlock one of the other proposals that could happen instead of this one. i.e. don’t play both earlier games of hangman
  • Half Twenty: Tell Cove about the deal in Step 1, when Cove offers you the twenty and don’t accept it, Cliff will rip it and Cove will keep one half, and don’t unlock one of the other proposals that could happen instead of this one. i.e. don’t play both earlier games of hangman
  • Firefly: Happens if no other proposals were unlocked, so don’t give Cove the full twenty, or get the half ripped twenty, or play both earlier games of hangman

How do you get Jeremy and Shiloh to come to your Wedding?

You’ll need to play the DLC Moment “Serendipity” in Step 3 and get their phone numbers. When having a phone call with Jeremy, ask Shiloh for Jeremy’s number. Jeremy won’t give it himself. During the resolution of the conflict with Shiloh, choose to be on positive or neutral terms with him. Shiloh will give the MC his own number.

During the “And then summer ended…” portion of Step 3, decide to keep in contact with Jeremy/Shiloh by using their numbers to call them.

In Step 4, you’ll still be keeping in touch with them automatically and that will be referenced during the epilogue. Finally, during the Wedding DLC itself, mention how you want Jeremy and/or Shiloh to be invited when discussing the guest list with Cove and Baxter.

Shiloh in the wedding isn’t always the same, how many versions are there and what choices determine which version I get?

There are four options that can appear in the wedding. The one you get is entirely random, you can’t impact it at all. And, theoretically, there’s endless possibilities for what becomes of Shiloh in the future, he’s a real mystery. We just had to limit it to those ones because it was a manageable amount to write and make art for, haha.


Thank you!

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