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Berkley Trilene Big Game Line Green – Tackle Warehouse

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Comments: I have used this line for a long time on my casting set ups. I use 12lb Big Game for top waters, crankbaits, Spinnerbaits, and buzzbaits, 10lb line on jerkbaits .Yes it has memory ,but they all do to varying extents. Line conditioners help considerably. This is a very inexpensive line comparably speaking, and comes in larger spools. So changing line often isn’t so painful to your wallet. I use Trilene XL on my spinning gear, And have a casting rod dedicated to frogging on which I use power pro braid. Other then that it’s Big Game, its abrasion resistant, right amount of stretch and strength. This is just my experience. It’s odd to see reviews about this line having too much memory. Surely someone isn’t going to tell me that big game has more memory then nearly every fluorocarbon line on the market..

From: Brian: Denver, NC

Comments: Bought this line at the local store and wow… this line surprised me! 12lb worked like a dream. I ran a whopper plopper on it and caught 14 bass before having to re-tie after hooking a tree limb. Best part is, spool is large enough that if you backlash, no reason to not re-spool! For the price, best mono I have used. From: Paul: Salt Lake City, UT 9/6/20

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Comments: I use this for my cranking rod, while messing around trying out a new frog in a pond known for dinks. To my surprise I got a massive explosion and was able to get a perfect hook set and land a 5 lber. This line is amazing.

From: John: Richmond, VA 7/13/20

Comments: Been using this line almost 30 years thought I would try some braid line with fluorocarbon leader 10 lb. the fluorocarbon is no where near the strength as my trilene . So I put my trilene back on where it will stay . I have braid line on 1 reel but will always stay with trilene for the better part .

From: Steve : Lafayette, Alabama 5/5/20

Comments: Great line. Been using this line, since I was a kid. Back on the 70s. Fishing for Carp and Catfish. I use it for all my topwater applications now. And it is the same old strong line. Fellow anglers, here in NYC. This is there lines of choice. 12lb for my walking baits, poppers, and Whopper Ploppers. 20lb for my Frogging and Buzzbaits From: Unknown: Brooklyn, NY 11/30/19

Comments: So far this is my default mono line brand to buy. using 15 / 20 lb to catch king mackerel.. i’ve tested wide range of mono line with push pull gauge and berkley always have their mono up to the ratings. others may say 20lb but break at 10-12lb. thumbs up berkley. From: Kimi: Penang, Malaysia 10/20/19

Comments: Bought some 12 lb for my baitcaster, has horrible memory, real garbage. From: Dave: WI 9/29/19

Comments: This line is Great and at a GREAT price for the amount of line you get! I use 12, 15, & 20 lb all the time and never have a issue with this line! This is by far the toughest mono line on the market! I use it for spinnerbaits, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Chatterbaits, flipping/pitching, and jigs! From: Pete: GA 6/7/19

Comments: Worst line ever, Tied every single knot and still seemed to break, I lost a LIVETARGET Threadfin Shad because this line randomly broke. Will never use again and I do not recommend this line to anyone.

From: Matt 11/5/18

Comments: I don’t know how so many people like this. It isn’t the worst I’ve tried, but it’s on the list. Buy Sufix Seige and enjoy less memory, less twists, and less headaches.

From: Zack: WV 7/22/18

Comments: Big game cast smoothly,strong, dependable, reliable and inexpensive what else do you need.

From: The Dude: FLO-GROWN 4/3/18

Comments: Contrary to other reviews, which I was shocked to read, this is the worst line I’ve ever touched in my 2 years of fishing, I bought 1200 yards of this line, the line gets tied in my spinning spools, it birdnests easily in my lews speed spool, it has been the most underperforming line ever for me, I used spiderwire, liked the first couple spools of that, got suffix, love it, this line sticks, and frays and I think it’s terrible

From: Tre: New London 1/16/18

Comments: I’m 70 years old and been using Trilene Big Game for years. I have tried the new super lines but went back to the Trilene Big Game. If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it.

From: Larry: Rogers, AR (Beaver Lake) 11/17/17

Comments: been useing trilene since 1986, I completey stop a 1989 tx17 basstracker wide open on his trolling motor,with 25lb xt,with a 1/2oz jig hooked in a big laydown,tied with that jimmy houston knot.. we backed up ,got jig loose from tree ,it bent the big 5/0 hook on jig…..enough said!!! p.s. I still have a berkley certificate on a big bass ,caught and release in 1988!!

From: Unknown – 7/25/17

Comments: well I love this line, casts smooth, just absolutely flawless, actually I cant say that theirs just one flaw and that’s that if u get a birdsnest/backlash theline will possibly break in your spool, happened to me many of times.

From: Cole: Philly 6/18/17

Comments: I have been using this line for years now. I fish high school tournaments with this line, when I get a jig snagged or a Texas rig caught on a log this line does not snap. I have 100% trust in this line, I use cranks with this line getting frays in the line from bouncing off the rocks and I can still have the confidence to pull the fish out of complete garbage weeds. I love this product and recommend it to anyone

From: Jason – Illinois 4/17/17

Comments: I started fishing bass tournaments in 1992 and at the same time started using another brand with terrible results. The line would break on hook sets very easily so I swapped over to Big Game and have used it for years. When the flouro craze began I tried many different brands with the same results I had with the other name brand mono years ago. Flouro will break at the knot with ease. I tried many different knots and eventually foumd one that would work sometimes. I spooled my cranking reel with a high priced flouro and it worked giod for a while. When it was time to respool the reel I bought another spool of the same line and it would break at the knot like all others I tried. Seems as though the flouro manufacturing process does not produce a consistant product so I eventually stopped using it and went back to my old tried and true Big Game line. I trust it unequivocally!

From: Ed: San Antonio TX 12/18/16

Comments: I absolutely love this line. I use 25lb for my flipping gear with no complaints. Forget the braid and all that other stuff!!

From: Mark: TX 5/24/15

Comments: Ever since I started using this, I’ve been kicking myself for wasting so much money on other monos. It’s not the most limp or the most abrasion resistant or the most sensitive, but it is such a good all around performer that it goes on almost all my baitcasters. If it was several times as expensive, it would still be on my reels because of its balanced performance. I use 15 lb for most of my baitcasting reels, I throw some KVD line and lure and away I go. I prefer XL for my spinning reels because I like a softer line for that.

From: James: Dallas, TX 5/20/15

Comments: I’ve used miles of this line since the early 90’s. I’ve used it for various types of saltwater and freshwater fishing in lbs tests from 10 to 80. It over tests on breaking strength, but it should given it’s diameter. Abrasion resistance is very good, but comes with a price of having some memory. If you need an all around line for baitcasting or large spinning reels this line is tough to beat.

From: Dan: Raleigh, NC 4/19/15

Comments: This year i strayed, I have tried many brands of braids, and co polymers. They all suck compared to Big Game! Now I must say braid is a joy if you get a bird nest. I did find if you use KVD line conditioner Big Game lasts longer. At the price you can afford to change it often. Also the knot strength is better than anything I have used. All rods except my frog rod will have Big Game again next year.

From: Ed: Ohio 8/8/14

Comments: I thought I was the only one who appreciates value. I use 15# or 20# Trilene Green for everything except top-water frogging. The only reason I use braid for that is the zero stretch. Cranks, spinner, jigs, chatterbaits, worms, etc. are done on this line. Great product, great price: simple as that.

From: Kevin: Morgan City, LA

Comments: This is my favorite line for baitcasting gear. I tried many different lines and this is the one I prefer. It casts great, has less memory than some of the competition, nice sensitivity for a mono line, great abrasion resistance, and VERY strong! I use 15lb for 4″ to 7″ swimbaits and for jigs and big plastics. Caught both my biggest swimbait and jig fish with this line.

From: Marco: Portugal

Comments: Done a lot of salmon fishing in rivers with this stuff. It is very tough and never had any problem with it on my reels. Broke off a couple of fish but was my fault since I had not set my drag right. I like it also because of the spool size you get for your buck. I change my line often but that is not a problem being it is cheap to buy.

From: Todd: Skagit River, Washington, USA

Comments: Great line for the money, comes with 1200 yards in 12 pound for 9 bucks, the average price for 300yds on most other brands… memory is ok could be better but for the money who cares? Good knot strength, never had any knots break or come undone but if you have any kind of knick in your eyes this lines quickly starts to fray. Thats the only problem ive ever had, now that I fixed the eye on my pole this is the only line I use

From: Dillon: Sacramento, California

Comments: Used to only use P-Line CXX Moss Green until one day I needed to re spool in the middle of the night before going fishing. Wal mart is 24 hours and carried these line. I was desperate and had to buy some line. I like them more than P-line now. They are pretty cheap try them out. From: HmoobYaj: San Diego

Comments: the best line on the market for the buck. Use it for my striper fishing. Spinning or casting works great. Knot strength is fair. Abrasion resistance is great. Memory is not bad. After about 10-13 trips ill switch out new line. Over all good line. Cheap also!

From: striper team: flezzno

Comments: Very dependable line for the money. Very abrasion resistant. Only flaw is memory but can deal with it. Been using this line for years in 8# and 10# test on my spinning rigs, green and clear. From: Jesse: WV

Comments: i hate it so much i threw it out after a week i had my line break it birdnests more then other lines im begging you dont get it From: Dylan: FL

Comments: I use big game for all my swimbait, and topwater applications, and don’t even consider a different mono line. It’s a fact, if you ask 5 fishermen a question, you’ll get 4 different answers, but… should consider Vicious Elite Pro, FC, for your flipping, and deep water stuff. It’s the only FC I use, and have no problems w/ performance, or handling, and lastly, very reasonably priced

From: Wheels: New Berlin, NY

Comments: I’ve been testing out the 25# for flipping this year, and I got to say I like it. Tough as nails but does have quite a bit of stretch. But thats to be expected of a monofilament line. Not quite as sensitive as would like but again its mono. Overall I will continue to use this line as I just can’t seem to get over the price hump of trying 25# Sunline Shooter FC for my flipping.

From: David: Sauk Centre, MN

Comments: no doubt the best mono in the world From: bass masterpat

Comments: Look… be my guest if you want to spend $20-40 of a spool of 200 yard florocarbon. Or you can pay $8 for decent line. It has good knot strength, some memory but its worth it for $8. I caught a 15 lb catfish drop shoting in 60 feet of water… thats serious strengh.

Comments: Great mono at affordable price.It is not only strong but also very smooth to use.Very reliable.A must for top water during summer. From: Fred: Japan

Comments: im slowly switching more into this line. Been using for past 4 years but finding more use for it. Use to use flouro, but found this to be much more economical gets the job done better with just enough stretch needed for spinnerbaits so it wont get staighten out. It cast better then flouro and i can get away with 20 lbs for spinnerbait no fear of breakage. Started with 15 lbs but 20 lbs gave me more room for forgiveness when i get lazy to retie :D. Great knot strength too. Havent lost one since switching to 20 lbs. i use 25 to 30 lbs for jiggin for stripers. 20 to 25 lbs for heavy top water like pencil poppers. Even using 20 lbs for frog hollow body, unless in heavy cover then i use 50 to 65 lbs braid. Flouro only for deep crank and pitchin n flippin. Just imagine 1 backlash u cant undo thats 15 to 40 bucks down the drain with flouro.

From: CA

Comments: The 12lb test cast’s great but it occasionally gets all tangeled up on my reel.

From: Boise, Idaho


From: Bill: Gainesville, FL

Comments: Big Game is always on my saltwater reels. From big ling cod and king salmon to halibut, stripers and rockfish. This line has always performed very well. Put on fresh line once a season, use palomar knots and your fish catching troubles are over. Prefer the clear/white for most salt applications and I wish I could find some of that 17 lb test. It was perfect for king salmon drift mooching…

From: Coastal Northern California

Comments: I use 8lb on all my spinning reels and 12lb on my baitcasters, has great abbrasion resistance, and is tough as nails, Big Game is the only mono I use now after switching from Trilene XL, and the price is half as much. Was fishing reed beds last week for spawning bass, pitching craws and tubes on 12lb Big Game, If I got hung up, I would actually pull the reeds out by the roots, or pull the boat backwards, before this line would break. A great line at a great price!! From: Dan: Shullsburg, WI

Comments: Good line period i got it while it was on sale for $3.99 so it was a steal! but this is very good line!

From: Robbie: Pensacola, FL

Comments: I use 25lb for th ocean and ive caught everything you can imagine. It is very tough, ive put it against 40lb tuna with no problems and very abrasion resistant as it does great fishing the reefs. Lasts a long time, i change it once a year.

Comments: I have used this line exclusively for 2 years now and fish lots of heavy grass, docks, and wood and this stuff just gets it done. Love it, love it, love it.

From: Big Jim and the twins: Texas

Comments: This line is BY-FAR the bestline of any i have ever spooled on the ol’e reels!!! It’s super SUPER strong, and abrasion resistant! I fish it in any situation or application, all the way from flippin with (20-25) to cranking with (10)!! I will never go to another line!

From: Lake Texoma, TX

Comments: I have used this for almost 20 years, and its tough as nails. It is a bit stiff, but for flippin docks you can’t find a better line in my opinion. Forget the high dollar lines, and the floral, this does it all.

Comments: Best line I’ve ever used by far, even if you don’t consider the unbelievable price! But, if you would like to consider the price, you can fill up about 8-10 standard bait casters with one spool of 10lbs test for around $1 per reel, compared to around $18-20 per 1 reel with fluorocarbon, and big game will last twice as long.

From: Bendover

Comments: This line is the best line on the market today. It is extremely sensitive and can handle a lot of abuse. This line is great for any stile of fishing plus it kicks Vanish fluorocarbon out of the park. The 15 pound line gets the job done the only thing I don’t use it for is flipping-pitching and frogging otherwise this line rocks and you can’t beat the price!!! From: Jack: New Hampshire, USA

Comments: By far the best line u can buy, extremely abrasion resistant and can haul in a ton. 12-15 is my preferred choice, if i need something heavier than that I just go to braid, good bang for your buck. From: Lake Texoma, TX

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