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Too Much Light [v0.5d Preview] [Shinekuku] – VisitMama

v0.5d• New Inventory for clothes.• Added some tentacles.• New H animations.• Added new camera settings and buttons to H scene control menu.• Dodge/Retreat mechanics reworked, now it feels good.• Added stun effect with sound.• Added H Scene camera motion and option to disable it.• Redisigned some UI.• Fixed a lot of important bugs.

v0.5c Preview• New real time H scenes system.• New H scenes.• New inventory system.• Girl survival stats.• Day-night cycle.• Trap stuck event.• Bug fixes, improvements.

v0.5a•Dev console. If you find any bug, have the troubles with game balance, you can use console command, just press “~” and type “help”.•New functional save system with save slots. You can save your game progress before any action and can not worry about losing your game progress, this save system friendly with future game versions. You can quick save the game “F5” and quick load “F9”.•Survival exp system. Now the girl can take exp from killed monsters, completed quests and up her survival level. Every level you will get a skillpoint and unlock some perks for Caroline by pressing “K”.•Quest journal and completely reworked quest system. Now you can track any quest, watch current active quests and read the quest lore. Quest marker will show you where the current quest target and distance to it. You can open quest journal by pressing “J”.•Difficulty levels. Now you select one of three defficulty levels: Raider, Survivor, Fashion model.•Heels system. Now the girl height, foot pose and sounds will depend on her current equipped shoes.•Clothes customization system. Now you can customize your equipped clothes by clicking on palette sign under the cloth thumbnail on equipped cloth panel from customization menu. Any color, gloss opacity, cloth style etc.•New dialogue system. Now you can select some dialogue branches and obtain extra money, lust, information, reputation etc. Your choice will affect the gameplay.•Fixed the most serious bugs that fa-cup the game.And some more things.

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v0.4b Preview-Completely reworked struggle system and QTE-Added voice acting-Some new customization-Added girl voice volume slider to settings menu.-Added bear trap system-Completed default zombie face fuck animation-Completed zombie strong full nelson animation-Added ass gape shape for girl-Added anal and vaginal materials + textures for girl-Completed nsfw audio system (3D sound from girl’s mouth and body for trigger spatial sound of moanings and other sound like ass slap etc)-Added procedural gape, bulge, belly inflation system-Added cum from holes animation for girl.-Added cumshot animation for anyone with dick. *Not fluid simulation for now.etc.

v0.4a Maximum

v0.4a Preview

-Added new game level-Character services and sex scenes are sync into the progression of relationships with them, the level of loyalty is removed.-Completed quests: Basics series: Shooting, Hunting, Looting. Twintail Trial, True Detective, Adriano InsaneStory, A Dangerous Job.-Added lists with dialogues for characters-Added smooth music theme transition on enter, exit some places like shooting range.-Added full progress save.-Characters status has been saved, characters after first meeting will not met you again with the same dialogue.-Added short music theme when quest completed.-Added dynamic quest state popup: Quest Name, Quest state: Received, Completed. Description (Received: Quest description, Completed: How to get reward).-New Game and Continue game logic is completed, now it works fine.-The crouching system was disabled until the introduction of game functionality with its participation.-A serious bug was found in the logic of the camera that stopped the operation of the camera right in the game. The camera logic has been completely rewritten. Also, the camera now handles collisions-Weapon recoil, camera shake, camera swing systems completely reworked.•Shooting now is more difficult.-A lot of little things that I would just be tired of talking about.-Save file moved to game folder in the TooMuchLight_Data.

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