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TI-82 Graphing Calculator:the official site. The TI-Philes:doesn’t work anymore. The TI-Files:huge!. TICalc.Org:a vortex of TI calculator energy. Icarus Productions: TI and Gameboy programming. Yahoo! – Computers and Internet:Hardware:Calculators:Texas Instruments. Open Directory – Computers: Hardware: Calculators: TI Graphing Calculators: TI-82

Andy Marcus’s TI-82 Calculator Page: Download games, animation programs or pictures, in zipped format. Area Estimation Programs for the Ti-82: just what it says. Explanations, and text formats of Simpson’s and Trapezoid programs available. ARTECH-Ti: a group of ticalc programming buffs working together. Asm82 – The Home Of OShell-82. Badman’s TI-82 HQ: information on assembly language for the TI-82 and the “official” place for the TI-82 assembly game, Zetris. BaLLisTiC Software. Bill’s TI-82 Games: download them in their text form. BJDI’s TI-82/83 Page: old site, but it’s got info.Homepage of the maker of Zelda. Blue Monkey Software: a few programs. Bob’s TI-82 Home Page!: this site is gone, how sad :(. Brendan Land: off-line for good (i think). Calculus Calculator Programs. Calculus programs on the TI calculator: from Saint Louis University. Casey’s TI-82 Page: Good programs (from what I could tell by the description), I wish the pages were fully functional though. Casey’s TI-82 Page: looks like good programs but I can never download anything. Chris’ Home Page: a very good artist, and programmer of tomb raider. CompuTech TI-82 Calculator Home Page: a quality site and rare and quality programs. Craig’s Corner . Craig’s TI-82 Page: as of March of 1998, this guy is kicking some ass TI-style(dorkY or WhAt?). CrASH Landing!!. Dark Generation Software: very corporate thus very boring. DarkPrism Productions: a Goth who programs calculators, I do not get it either, but he makes good final fantasy programs. David Smith’s ftp site: a.k.a. CompuTech. DavisSoft Software: home of TI-Glow. Defiance: a DOOM-like game (this is a serious project). Dimension TI: corporate but good, TI-Basic program lessons available. D. JacKal, where is he now?: the familiar name found on many programs. Donald E. Myers’ TI-82 Page: sites, FAQ’s and search results. Doom Games: a list of lots of Doom-like and other 3D games. Doug’s TI-8x Page: TI-82 programs and pearl jam in one page, go figure!. Eddie’s Ti-82 Webpage: ASM and basic games and programs. Ed’s TI-82/83 Page: an organized collection of basic programs. Emma’s TI-82,85:many hardware and software tips and secrets. Fantasy Realms Project: These people are really striving to boost the TI games. I guess which is good, but do not force something that is not there. Fenrir Software-Ti-82 Basic: makers of RTC and OS-97 Shell. Filter Page. Foqx’s TI Page: (WHERE DID IT GO?) simple page, with lots of programs, a rating system and description. Fritz’s Awesome TI-82 Calculator Page: info, programs, and information about making or buying a homemade graph-link. Geori’s Page: Geori works for TI-Files. Here is some of his personal works. Graphics Calculators: programs located in a math archive. Hal Homepage: Learn a Higher Assembly Language (HAL) for all TI-8x. Hellatto TI-82 ASCII Games: this guy hates OJ Simpson. Ian’s TI-82 Calculator Page!: lots of files, reviews, and lots of links. Tryout programs for the guy too. Ilya’s TI-82 Page! 82ASM Projects: games, school programs, bugs, links, PCAssembly, MacASM, and info. Ilya’s TI-82 Page: assembly programs, and info on MacASM82 (CAZ) assembly compiler. Dry Ice Productions: a few “Homegrown Software” programs. James’ TI-82 Page: pretty old J.M’s TI Graphing Calculator Program Headquarters: the maker of DRUGWAR!. Javy’s TI-82/TI-83 Homepage!: rating system for programs, deals with issue of programs having bugs. Jeremy White’s ftp site: Good collection of games. Jimmy D’s TI-82/83 Page: has programs and info, and upcoming Adventure/RPG. Jimmy Grotting’s TI-82 WWW Site: last edited in early 1996 (I love it!), but it has unique programs and information. John Hanna’s page: the home of 8xiView an image converter between CPU and TI-8X. Jorgens Ti-82 Page: very cool site!. Josh Wardell’s ftp Site: Six programs by JWardell. Justin Renco’s Page. Kim’s TI-82 Page: a salute to the TI-82. Kouri’s Page: an informational page (text), but good. Lord Ice Man’s TI Calculator Page: lots of unorganized stuff from other sites on the TI-82, put on a page (’nuff said). Magnum-TI: a fresh new site with Info and Assembly Programs. Magnum-TI: program collection and link cable info. Math Teacher Link: TI-82 Tutorial. Michael Bendzick’s TI-82Pages: rarely updated, but has many programs, backgroung music (?), and home to the TI-82 bug page. Michael Castleman: TI-82: programs (including games) by Mike. Michael Harmon’s ftp site: Some TI-82 games. Mikael Bonnier’s TI-82 Programs & Resources: a few programs, but they are well reviewed, and image of the program is shown. Mouse Software: collection of programs for 82/83. Mustard Seed’s Programs: Programs and games in assembly and in Basic. N3YNE’s House of TI-82: programs and games, hardly updated, you have to email webmaster to get newest programs. nFaPH Productions: one fRuItY page!. No Man’s Land: TI-82 Center: cool site with lots of info on just the TI-82. However in French. Peregrine’s TI-82 and TI-85 Page: (THIS IS GONE!) hardware information, for instance how to make your own graph link. Philadelphia Graphing Calculator Committee. Phil’s ULTIMATE TI-82/83 Game Page!: Very good Ti calc web pages by one person, PHIL. Phil’s Ultimate TI-82/83 Game Page: “The fastest growing page on the Internet!!” Okay, despite not growing, it is decent. Prof. Mark Janeba’s TI Calculator Programs. Qwerty’s TI Calc Page. Randall’s Texas Instruments Game World: the only individually made web site that competes with TI-PHILES and Randy’s TI-82 Domain: a very good site, with only unique programs made by Randy. Richland Community College TI-82 Programs: written by James D. Jones, and ‘not for public consumption’. Rich’s TI-82 Web Page!: this guy is devoted to making the TI-82 as visually pleasing as possible, unique. Ron Alterovitz’s TI-82 Page: nice site, with unique personal programs. Roy’s Home Page!: Programs and links (I never knew calcs were so badass!). Scott’s TI Gamingt: a lot of decent TI-82 programs. Shining Light Productions: programs, Z80 assembly info, and FAQ files. Sledge TI-82 Page: devoted to TI-82 assembly language. Squirrel’s TI-82 Spot: info on the assembly shells. Very nice. Stephen Ostermiller’s TI-82 Page: just decent basic programs. Stuffy Doll Productions: a cool site with images and reviews of his and other’s programs. Texas Instruments’ FTP Site: not exciting, lots of stuff though, and it is quite easy to get around. Thaniel’s TI Page. The alternative TI-82 homepage: home of Bomberman and Alco-Calco. The Ash Homepage: assembly language homepage. The Big TI Calculator Games Page: hasn’t been touched in awhile. The MF TI Calc Page: some 82 programs, but mostly 89 and 92 stuff. The Rich Files: TI Links Page: find info or purchase a homemade graph-link, or take a tutorial on programming. The TI-82 BacOS page: (WHERE IS THIS SITE NOW?) The BacOS (Bacon Bits) Operating System home page. TI Calculator Center: A very good site, but has been static for some time. TI Calculator Center: They will even write programs you want written. TI Calculator Hardware Center: lots of info on links and their applications. TI Calculator Programs. TI Calculator Programs: these people believe in using the calculator for math. Good math programs though, for all calcs. TI Graphing Calculator Center: good programs, but I think it is old. TI Graphing Calculator Magazine. TI Graphing Calculator Magazine: a good place to visit for info or help from ‘TI-masters’. TI Graphing Calculators Programs and Info. TI-82 / TI-83 Graphing Calculator Programs. TI-82 games and educational programs: by Wesley Filleman or his friend Jonathan Ketchum. TI-82 Page: lots of programs, but rarely updated. TI-82 Program Listings. TI-82 Programs. TI-82 Upload Site: get games, programs, and other sites, or you guessed it . . . upload your own programs. TI-82/83 Page on NETSEDGE: no ti 82 stuff last time I checked. TI-8X Emulator Site: I think a description is unnecessary, the title should attract you enough. TI-8X Programming: rare TI-82 and TI-86 games, because the page owner made them, and a great tutorial to programming. TI-Asm Corner: very good site. With programs and info on programming in ASM. TI-Crud. Tiger’s TI-82 and TI-85 Page: another page with games, yeah!. TI-Land’s TI-82 Archives: nice place full of programs, hasn’t been touched in awhile. Ultimate TI-82 Archive: ahh, lot’s of programs here. Even a search engine!. Using the TI-82 to Explore Precalculus and Calculus: A bestseller book by George Best andDavid Penner. Venture Publishing: lots of books, videos, and online info on calculators, and on math computer software. Virginia Instructors of Physics: Programs relating to math, physics and engineering. Void Productions: assembly program collection with descriptions and screenshots. Welcome to CrASH Landing!!: home of the CRappy Assembler SHell. Western Guilford HS TI-82 Page: I can’t believe 1) this site is so old. 2) i never found it before.

[TI-Philes]. kept as a memorial

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