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The Matrix Drinking Game – The Chuggernauts

This Matrix Drinking Game was a user submission by Zachery Dean Stanley. Rather than going the traditional boring route of “drink whenever x” this game has players taking red or blue shots hoping to get the one that’s water instead of vodka. Are you confident you know the answer?

The Matrix is an instant classic sci-fi movie where Keanu Reeve’s character Neo is tasked with saving the world, or at least the simulation of the world.

“You take the red pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed with a killer hangover. You take the blue pill, You stay in wonderland and I show you just how deep this bottle goes.”

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What You’ll Need

A bottle of clear vodka, Blue and Red food coloring, 4 containers/bowls and 4 shot glasses.

Make sure you fill 2 containers with water, and two with vodka. Then dye one of each blue, and the other two red. You should be left with 4 full containers; 1 red vodka, 1 blue vodka, 1 red water and 1 blue water. It might be helpful to label which is which.

This game requires a total of 56 shots, so it might be easier to just buy a big package of disposable ones if you don’t want to be rinsing them out all the time.

The Idea

In short, every time “Matrix” is said as you watch The Matrix, you are given the choice between a Red Shot and a Blue Shot. One shot is water and the other is vodka. You must also pick someone to act as your Morpheus, who must present you the shots and drink whichever one you left behind. Best played with about 4-5 people in rotation. If you have more people or you’re heavyweights, then replace the water shots with a tasty clear liqueur with a low ABV. If you have fewer, then replace the liquor with a liqueur, or just use half shots.

The Goal

The object of the game is to not become one of the Agent Smiths before the credits roll at the end of the movie.

The Rules

Every time ‘Matrix’ is said, whoever is next in rotation gets to decide if they will be Morpheus or Neo. Neo gets to pick their shot, while Morpheus has to present the shots to Neo and drink whatever isn’t chosen. Both players take their shots at the same time. You’ll want to pause the movie for this because Morpheus might want to make a spectacle of this event in the late-game.

Becoming Agent Smith

Neo and Morpheus can trade shots. If this happens, a coin is flipped. If heads, then Morpheus becomes an Agent Smith. If tails, Neo becomes an Agent Smith.

Each Agent Smith may proclaim “Mr. Anderson!” Doing this allows Agent Smith to investigate/sniff the shots in play, but ONLY after the shots have already been chosen. Then, Agent Smith may swap the shots, or leave them.

Agent Smith’s can only call “Mr. Anderson” once, but they may replenish their power by taking shots equal to the number of times they’ve refilled the power. (1st refill = 1 shot, 2nd = 2 shots, etc.)

The Verdict

This game is exactly as fun as the company you keep. So maybe buy yourself a pair of shades and work on your ominous voice for next time you get picked to be Morpheus. If you come at it with the right spirits this game can be pretty unforgettable.

The word Matrix comes up often enough and is usually pretty spaced out so this game actually works at a very good pace.

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