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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 199 –

Kelsea didn’t doubt Zany’s words. In fact, she held onto Zany’s hand and asked, “Are you all right? Shall I get the driver to send you to the hospital?” “No, there’s no need. My driver is here. Off I go now.” Zany declined immediately. She was worried that Kelsea would find out she had lost to Arielle and admonish her in public. Furthermore, she had drawn her next opponent, who happened to be Everett. She knew there was no chance of her beating him.

If she lost two games in a row, she would definitely be asked to leave. Therefore, she felt it was better for her to leave on her own accord. That way, she could still preserve her dignity. After waving goodbye to Kelsea, Zany left in a huff and was a miserable sight to behold. Kelsea raised her eyebrows curiously. Isn’t she sick? Why can she still walk so fast? Nevertheless, she didn’t make too much of it and just assumed Zany wasn’t feeling well.

Even if she is feeling under the weather, it would still be impossible for her to lose to Arielle. Smirking, Kelsea proceeded to the scoreboard. When she arrived, there was already a crowd. Tip-toeing to take a look, her eyes widened at what she saw. Zany… lost to Arielle! Moreover, it was a decisive defeat! How… is that even possible? There was no way the scoreboard would make a mistake. The fact was Zany had lost. Recoiling in shock, Kelsea almost lost her balance. Does that country bumpkin actually know how to play chess? This is way beyond my expectation.

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No wonder Zany left in such a hurry. She has been humiliated just now. That useless piece of trash! Meanwhile, Kelsea’s other friends ended their game and rejoined her. When they saw the result on the scoreboard, they were equally shocked. “What happened to Zany? How did she lose to someone who doesn’t even know how to play?” “Where is she? I want to ask her what happened.” “Did Arielle pay her off?” “Kelsea, what do you think?”

By then, Kelsea had regained her composure. Shaking her head, she replied, “Arielle couldn’t have paid her off as Zany doesn’t need the money at all.” Her friends covered their mouths in shock. “Does it mean that country bumpkin really knows how to play chess?” Kelsea gave an expressionless nod. “Mmm-hmm. It appears that villages nowadays are much more developed than we think. They have even been exposed to chess.

Therefore, if any of you face her later, you cannot afford to be careless.” “Understood!” “Don’t worry, Zany is the least skillful among us anyway. If Arielle plays against any of us, she will not escape defeat.” Feeling confident, they brushed aside Arielle’s capabilities and simply assumed Zany was a terrible player. However, with a grim expression, Kelsea studied the scoreboard thoughtfully. Meanwhile, Vinson casually ended his game.

Someone approached and remarked with a smile, “Mr. Nightshire, congratulations!” Vinson shook his head calmly. “It’s only one game. There’s nothing worth congratulating over.” “I wasn’t congratulating you.” The person puckered his lips in Arielle’s direction. “I was congratulating your companion as she had won her game. Furthermore, she was the first to do so.”

Vinson’s raised an eyebrow. Despite the surprising nature of the result, he felt that it was within his expectation. “Just as expected…” he chuckled softly. Whenever Arielle uses the phrase “a little bit”, it will be an understatement. Nevertheless, he was still curious to find out the true extent of how understated that phrase was.

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