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The Boss Behind The Game – Chapter 1 – BoxNovel

“Hold on a second, let me get this straight… you’re saying that one of my ancestors ruled over a piece of territory in the underworld, and became one of the twelve underworld monarchs? But since he’s no longer with us, that leaves me to be his successor?”

At the park in Indigo City, Lu Wu was looking at the serious Little Lolita who was sitting on the small wooden bench, his face distorted in confusion.

“Exactly, and since you are the successor, you should seek vengeance for your ancestor. After he passed, his former subordinates turned their backs on him, and they even divided up the land so that each one of them got a piece, robbing you of your inheritance!”

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Lu Wu could not stop himself from laughing, “Little one, are you always like this? Have you ever had fun in your life? You remind me of myself when I was your age!”

“I’m not joking around, your ancestor really was the most powerful being in the underworld. In order to expand his territorial space until the entire underworld was his, he set out on a journey to create battle artifacts. Unfortunately, he had lost his life in the process. That’s why you have to carry on his legacy and become the Great Emperor of the Underworld!”

This time, Lu Wu sincerely nodded as he reached out his hand to massage the Little Lolita’s temples, “That said, would you like to help me in this quest and become my right hand man? When the time comes and we have conquered both the underworld and the heavens, we shall be the ruler of the three worlds!”

Little Lolita became extremely thrilled upon hearing Lu Wu’s words. Her face was flushed as she gazed hopefully at him, her head bobbing up and down excitedly.

“Great, now be a good girl and tell me where you live, and I’ll send you home first. I’ll give you a call when I’ve finished preparing my horsemen.”

Doubt was painted all over Little Lolita’s face, “Do you still not trust me?”

Lu Wu resolutely shook his head, “Of course I trust you, but I’ll have to call Emperor Qin to ask for a few dozen horsemen, then we shall set out for the underworld!”

As his words settled in, Little Lolita suddenly fetched a black object from her pocket and stuffed it into Lu Wu’s hand, “This is a Yin Talisman… once you have it, you can travel between Yin and Yang!”

It was a triangular-shaped talisman, and its texture felt like gold. There were even some sort of words carved into it, making it look exceptionally mysterious. Even Lu Wu had to look twice at it.

What followed left Lu Wu in shock, as before his eyes laid a black dot, which grew larger and larger rapidly. A force came from the inside, pulling him closer until he went through.

The feeling of weightlessness rushed through his bones, but just as Lu Wu was still at a complete loss, the end of the black portal suddenly appeared, then he was flung out of it and landed on the ground, buttocks first.

The sky was pitch-black, dark clouds whirled, and the blood moon hung high up in the sky, as blood-colored rain drizzled down onto the world.

The scene in front of him had convinced Lu Wu that he had in fact, went through into the underworld, which had been a myth all along.

He looked back and there was Little Lolita. His lips quivered as he mumbled softly, “The things you said were all true?”

Little Lolita pretentiously placed her hands on her hips and said, “Yes, all of it is true. This region belonged to your ancestor, it was given the name Beiqi, and it’s one of the twelve major regions in the underworld!”

Lu Wu believed her this time, as everything in front of him was just like what Little Lolita had said.

“Then I shall be His Excellency? The one and only ruler of the underworld?” This news was too good to be true. Lu Wu was having a hard time accepting it, but clearly there was no way he would reject such a great offer either.

“That’s right! You will be crowned the new ruler of Beiqi, but before that happens, you ought to work out how you should take back the land that is rightfully yours.”

As Lu Wu recalled what the Little Lolita had said before, about how the former subordinates had divided the territory after his ancestor had died, his focus suddenly sharpened as he said, “Of course, this is a must. Those troublemakers dare to betray my ancestor, they shall be disciplined. The question is, did my ancestor leave anything behind for me, like a unique remarkable feat or something?” Lu Wu was looking at her, his eyes filled with hope as he waited for her answer.

“Nope,” the Little Lolita shrugged.

“You have to know that, every being of the underworld requires time and practice to build up their foundation. Even if you had thousands of years of training, it would still be difficult for you to be on par with your ancestor,” replied Little Lolita honestly.

Lu Wu was taken aback, “Then do we have tens of thousands of horsemen, troops, armored horses, or anything of that sort?”

“Nope, nothing like that. Before your ancestor died, his subordinates had long double-crossed him. Aside from this palace, you’ve got nothing else.”

As she finished speaking, she pointed toward the palace which had burned down ages ago, and was now just an abandoned waste.

“Then I shall grab a gavel and take back what is mine!” Lu Wu’s face was now filled with outrage.

“No wait, you still have me!” Little Lolita announced with complacency as she placed her hands on her hips again.

Lu Wu’s eyes gleamed with hope when he heard this, “Then there’s no doubt that you are quite powerful!”

The Little Lolita shook her head and pouted, “I once fought with a ghost and I was almost gobbled up by it, it was a very dreadful experience!”

Lu Wu’s eyes darkened with indifference. This inheritance is actually just a Little Lolita that has zero fighting skills, not to mention that she’s a troublemaker in the underworld. It would have been right if she had gotten eaten.

Looking at the disappointment written all over his face, the Little Lolita laughed out loud as she fished out a ring from her pocket, “Your grandfather took his last breath when he was still working on those battle artifacts, but I helped him put the finishing touches, so rest assured that these artifacts are for you.”

Lu Wu took over the ring and was flabbergasted. A thin serene blue ray of light reflected from it when the light shone on it, “Is this stuff very powerful?”

The Little Lolita hurriedly nodded, “Yes, extremely. Try it on!”

Lu Wu anticipated what would come next. He wore the battle artifact on his index finger.

A ray of blue light appeared out of nowhere, shrouding Lu Wu’s entire body.

[Initiating battle artifact, scanning user’s identity…] [Blood scan complete, user identified as descendant of Beiqi’s ruler, officially securing bond of artifact with user…]

Two messages suddenly appeared in Lu Wu’s mind, followed by a manual on battle artifacts.

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