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6 Exciting Tease And Denial Games For Female Led Relationships

Tease and denial games are so much fun.

We think every female led relationship should play with them on a regular basis.

Erotic tease and denial is great for foreplay. And It’s way better than normal game nights with boring old board games 🙂

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Let’s go over how you can create your own femdom games for some naughty bedroom fun!

What Is Tease And Denial

Tease and denial is all about constant arousal. For femdom relationship beginners, it is basically keeping your man in a heightened state of arousal without orgasm.

Bring him to the edge of orgasm and stop short. Then do it again…and again…and over and over again!

It’s a fairly common BDSM activity for good reason! Every orgasm denial will get him closer to insanity!

For some guys, the constant teasing and denial is even more enjoyable than the eventual orgasm.

Basic Tease And Denial Game

Let’s begin with a fun basic tease and denial game. Start out with a handjob. Bring him closer and closer to the edge of orgasm.

When he gets close, stop all stimulation. Let go of his cock and watch him flop around like a fish!

Then do it again. Bring him to the edge of orgasm…then squeeze his dick hard. Stop all the blood flow and watch him cry out in agony!

Basic tease and denial can be a great foreplay activity before he has to pleasure you to many, many orgasms!

Men are great pets when they’re kept on a short leash. The more you deny him the more eager he will be to serve!

A basic tease and denial blowjob is also really funny. Most guys love blowjobs, right? I mean they beg for one non-stop.

Well, a tease and denial blowjob is all he’s going to get. Bring him to the edge of orgasm with your tongue and lips. When he gets close, bit down softly on his head.

It’ll completely ruin the mood and he’ll get a very bad tease!

1. Vibrating Egg Tease

This is really fun 🙂

Get a vibrating egg (like this one) and tie it around his dick. Set it at a low volume and make out with him. Watch him twitch uncontrollably.

Here’s a really fun idea: tie him down with a vibrating bullet around his head. Make sure it’s on a low volume but capable of keeping him hard.

Kiss him on the lips then tell him you’re going out shopping for a few hours! Put a pair of your well worn panties around his face so he can smell your irresistible scent!

He’ll be thinking about you the whole time you’re shopping with his credit card!

2. Femdom 69

Straddle your man’s face. Order him to eat you out like no tomorrow.

For every orgasm he provides, you’ll allow him 10 strokes by your hand.

This game is so much fun because he’ll be working overtime to make sure you have the most mind blowing orgasms! Of course the point of this game is to tease him to the point of insanity.

If he’s close to an orgasm be sure to stop all stimulation 🙂

3. Bondage Fun

Bondage is so much fun. We love rope, handcuffs, and spreader bars. Tying someone down is always so naughty.

Tie him down against the bed. Make sure he is spread eagle. This will give you unrestricted access to his body. Give him a big tease. Start out by stroking his dick softly with your fingers.

Then use your tongue to tease him a little bit. He’ll be dripping precum at this point!

Then shove his dick up your pussy. Ride him until you cum. Instruct him that he is not allowed to cum under any circumstance.

When he gets close stop all stimulation. Repeat this over and over again! He’ll be thrashing against the rope trying to get out.

Here’s a fun idea: Roll a pair of die. The number you get is the number of times he’ll have to be edged! Let’s just hope it lands on 12! 🙂

4. Chastity Tease And Denial

Okay this game is so much fun. You’ll laugh your ass off!

Set a timer for 30 minutes or one hour. Whichever you feel is the most appropriate.

Tie your husband/boyfriend down. Make sure the ropes are very secure 🙂

Then begin to tease him in whatever way you see fit. When he gets close to orgasm he must beg you to stop.

Make him say something like “Please stop Goddess! I’m about to cum!” (it’s REALLY funny!)

Whenever he begs you to stop, mark it down on a piece of paper. Keep repeating this over and over again until the timer runs out.

No cumming for him at all. When the timer sounds, count up the number of times he begged you to stop! That is the amount of days he must spend in chastity!

Not only did he get tease and denied, but he will be locked in chastity too! The look on his face will be priceless!

Once he’s in chastity, there will be dozens of other fun games to play 🙂

5. Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation is a great way to have a fun tease and denial marathon.

By sensory deprivation, we just mean taking away one or more of his senses. We usually play with sight and sound.

We think sight is the most fun out of the group. Tie down your hubby/boyfriend and blindfold him. Then, tease him with your hands/lips/other toys. He’ll always be wondering what you’re doing to him.

If he has a foot fetish consider even letting him smell your feet blindfolded. His sense of smell will be heightened!

The best part of taking away his sight is that he won’t know what’s happening!

6. Ice Ice Baby!

After a nice and long tease, what’s the best way to deny a guy? Some ladies love to use a little pain such as slapping the balls/dick.

However, we’ve found that the most excruciating (and funny) method is simply using ice!

Tease your hubby/boyfriend over and over again (make sure he’s tied down). Then whisper seductively into his ear. Tell him you’re going to let him cum.

Tell him how bad you want his cum. Moan his name loudly. When he’s about to blow, dump some ice onto his cock/balls. Make sure to rub it around. Ice water also works as well 🙂

His hardon will shrink faster than you ever thought possible! Ice is always a really fun way to end a tease and denial session. Give it a try and see the surprised look on his face!

Tip: This “ice surprise” works best when he’s tied down and blindfolded.

7. Anal plug fun!

One thing you can do that’s super fun is introduce anal play into your marriage.

And anal play can be humiliating for many guys, so it’s a win-win scenario.

Here’s what I want you to do…

Get a prostate massager or even a butt plug and use it to stimulate your partner’s prostate.

The prostate is basically like the man’s g-spot (or p-spot haha), so it is a very nice spot to tease him…and then deny him!

It’s very sensitive, so be sure he doesn’t explode without your permission!

Tease and Denial Games – Final Thoughts

The great thing about tease and denial games is that there are dozens and dozens of games.

There will never be another dull moment in your sex life.

Once you have your first tease and denial session, you’ll never want to go back to vanilla foreplay!

So…which idea on this list do you like the most? Let me know in the comments!

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