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Don’t mind me — BTD/TDDUP Game Brief

Little introduction and personal thoughts on these 18+ Horror Games/Dating Simulator Parodies by Gatobob, ElectricPuke and Darqx.

This is just for fun for me to write, as well as maybe a better explanation to anyone wondering “What the heck even ARE these?” Spoiler free below.

**If you happen to be new to this content, please note that as stated above these are 18+ horror games I’m talking about, and if you ever wish to play them for the first time, please read the WARNINGS for each character on the website FIRST. Do not EVER push yourself beyond your own comfort limits**

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1) Boyfriend to Death by ElectricPuke, Gatobob, and Darqx

The Classic. You may also refer to it as the “original.” Very basic premise here, there’s three guys (one even with a bonus character) to pick from who you choose to meet one night when the MC decides to spend the night out. Starts out as the usual Dating Simulator where your choices affect their level of affection towards you. Unfortunately for the MC, romance is the farthest thing from these gentlemen’s minds. The vast majority of endings WILL end in your death (often violently).

Fun Fact: This game was created because of a joke made by the creators as friends. No I’m not trying to pull an Encyclopedia Dramatica rant on them here. You will likely find the posts somewhere on their blogs to confirm this. From what I understand, at least two of the creators had villain characters in other story universes they created. The joke was that “this character would be a HORRIBLE choice in a dating simulator.” And, I guess they ran with it 😛 (P.S. If any creators see this and I got it wrong, please do correct me and I will edit this).

What I like about this game is that it’s rather original. I’m used to seeing yanderes in dating simulators in violent endings, but these characters are violent actually because they just ARE villains. No love here, just sadism. It’s played straight up as the “date night gone so wrong you’ve basically dropped into hell at this point.” I love it personally because it feels like in this situation, the audience is at first thinking, “So are these dangerous men that we get to flirt with and ultimately redeem/have a relationship with?” And the creators smile and say, “Nope! :D” Then you proceed to die at least 20-30 times before finding one of the very few survival endings (which, by the way, aren’t always better than the death endings).

It’s actually kind of like giving the middle finger to all dating simulators honestly. And I feel that’s one (but not the only reason) it became popular.

2) Boyfriend to Death: Fresh Blood by ElectricPuke and Gatobob

Polished Sequel. Back again for another night of “romance.” You the MC choose a location and there are 4 potential bachelors you may meet that night. A brute, a charmer, a cheery guy, and a nervous guy. Take your pick, but in all cases, appearances are deceiving and you’ll be lucky to get out alive.

This exists because the first one became unexpectedly popular. I believe more time was spent on this game’s development and I think it shows. There’s more CGs this time around, more endings, some extra meters for some of the villain characters (besides just health and sanity for MC), and just more depth/story given to the baddies in general. There’s actually more survival endings this time around than the last game. But with the exception of maybe one of the characters, don’t except survival to be a piece of cake this time around. The “You died” endings still far outnumber the survival endings. Not to mention some of the survival endings

In my opinion, one of the best parts about this game is how we’ve got more meat to the characters this time around. Don’t get me wrong, the classic villains are great! I admire characters that are straight up awful with no other explanation given than “they’re just like that.” But with this game we get to take a look into a bit more of the psyche of these characters, as well as get tid bits of their backstories. Some characters, believe it or not, you might even sympathize with. There’s more to play around with here. And while I won’t say it’s required to have played the first BTD before playing this one, I do recommend it. There are a couple of call backs to the first game through these characters, ESPECIALLY for one of them (who you understand far better if you go to the bar in the first game).

3) Till Death Do Us Part by ElectricPuke (w/ Guest Character by Rotworld/Rotpeach)

Spin-off Game. Otherwise known as a “spiritual successor” to the BTD games, TDDUP operates on its own agenda. This time around, rather than looking to hook up with a stranger for the night, MC is already married (or used to be). But what you find is what was once a “happily ever after,” has now become a nightmare. With each scenario different from the next, discover your fate with these husbands, and beware those female onlookers who can be just as dangerous.

The BTD games operate more as…you’re one of the various victims the baddies come across every once in awhile. In TDDUP, you’re playing as THE spouse of the husband. In this game, it’s more like you’re playing out a small part of an existing story. It’s a character study if you will. You’ll find that with some of these characters, some of their endings are slightly similar (just with key variations). It’s almost a more “controlled” game. Some outcomes are unavoidable no matter what the player does, while others vary dramatically. For the guys, there’s actually more survival endings this time around than death endings. Makes sense, considering these are your spouses, not a random psychopath. Their goal doesn’t start out as wanting to kill you like the BTD baddies. That doesn’t mean some of these characters aren’t truly heinous though.

Speaking of heinous, if you ever wanted a girl baddie for something like BTD, we have two lovely ladies that fit the bill perfectly this time around. Unlike the men who have (or had) some form of love for you…not so much the case for the women here. So that, in addition to the more violent or disturbing nature of the husbands, is what makes this game play along the same vein as the BTD games.

Fun Fact: These characters are all human this time around. While some of the BTD baddies were supernatural in nature, this is all pure human craziness here. With all 5 characters VERY different from one another, it’s definitely worth it to check out all the characters and their stories at least once to see what they’re all about.

Personal Tastes

My favorite of these games believe it or not is TDDUP, followed by BTD2. Like I said for BTD2, I feel it’s a more polished version of the game (and it’s got more content even than TDDUP). But I feel like there’s a couple of reasons why I enjoy TDDUP the most. For one, these aren’t strangers on a date gone wrong like a BTD game, these are people you are (or were) actually married to. I feel like BTD mocked the romance aspect of dating simulator games while TDDUP twists the romance after the fact. I like that everyone in TDDUP is also human. Reminds me that someone doesn’t need to have supernatural abilities to be terrifying. Humans can still be plenty physically and psychologically intimidating. And finally…I just have a strong taste for dangerous male yanderes and there is a VERY extreme yandere in this game.

It’s up to the individual which game you’ll find most appealing for yourself: the simplistic villainy of the first BTD, the character depth and added content of BTD2, or the different story formula of TDDUP. Feel free to check them all out, but remember to take breaks if something stresses you out!

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