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Best Games Like MapleStory To Play In 2022 – Gamer Tweak

Maplestory is a masterpiece that is an addictive game and soon enough, you will find yourself searching for similar games to play. Well, you can stop your hunt right here because here are the top 10 MapleStory alternatives that you can enjoy in 2022.

10 Best Games Similar to MapleStory

Here are the best games similar to MapleStory that you must try out.

10. Elsword Online


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This game takes place in the fantasy world of land called Elrios where the players just go about defeating the enemies. With 13 playable characters, each character is divided into classes that you can choose from. The players will unlock more fight skills and jobs as they progress in the game. They all have their own backstory which paints a picture of how the character’s life is. They also have their jobs and personas with which they work with. The game has both PvP and PvE battle modes.

9. Tree of Savior

Tree Of Life

Next on our list of Games like MapleStory is Tree of Savior. TOS is a game that is based on Lithuanian mythology which has some of the most beautiful characters that you will ever lay eyes on. There are character classes to choose from along with a companion system. The game usually has a PvP environment and the Tree Of Savior is made of three city locations. The game also features some amazing soundtracks that are famous worldwide. That’s not all you can also build your dream house within the game that will give it a personal touch.

8. Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga will make you experience a world where you could live with dragons. The era is mesmerizing and you will have 6 classes to choose from. Taking place on the lands of El Grego and Angrakka, the game progresses and a war breaks out between dragons and humans. You will have a 3D plane to control and perform attacks including the availability of ground attacks. You can level up to 70 levels in the game. Complete the missions and gain the resources and items to progress the story.

7. Mabinogi


7th on the list of MapleStory alternatives is Mabinogi. Based on Welsh mythology, this game is has a wide concept where the players are not just stuck to one class and can level up all kinds of skills and what the character is made up of. A lot of creative investment and unique style has gone into this game as it features hand-painted textures. The game is beautiful and the aesthetics will make you say wow. Focus is given to developing a strategy and predicting the enemy moves to win in Mabinogi. The game also has its own time and weather system engulfing you into its own world.

6. Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal

Waking up in a place with no memory and connecting the dots by the clues that you get is what Eden Eternal is all about. You will be in awe of how the story unfolds. Featuring five races to choose from each race will give you a different skill set that will be able to match your game style. There is a large-scale PvP battle system in the game known as Territory Wars. This game is one of our personal favorites and we encourage you to try it out.

5. Lunia

Lunia Games Like Maplestory

Lunia is one of the games that loosely revolves around the concepts of Virtua fighter and mortal combat. It the perfect time to just beat up the opponents and rage play. The game allows 8 people team battles with melee-style combat. Lunia has an overhead view. The game is not as simple as it sounds. There are a number of combos that need strategy and timing to execute giving it 5th place on our MapleStory alternatives list.

4. NosTale


2D characters in 2.5D world with pets and partners is the summary of NosTale. Apart from that, you can have a personal touch in the game by designing your own garden and a house. The game also focuses on family values. You start off as an adventurer out of the three main classes and progress through the game. The game has a quest system that is spread across in parts of acts. From raids to battles to a great storyline, this game is a complete package.

3. Grand Chase

Grand Chase Games Like Maplestory

This 2D side-scrolling game is a famous and highly established one with a few awards under its belt. The summary of the storyline is that there are a group of heroes hunting a witch named Kaze’aze. This witch is responsible for initiating a civil war and you as players will have to defeat her. You can find both PvP and PvE environments in the game. Grand Chase in general is packed with numerous quests and side quests that will keep you invested in the game.

2. Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights

Taking place in the universe of Cradle, the players soon find out that they are surrounded by Clockworks, a mechanized dungeon. You will be met with hoards of enemies but the Clockworks parties are limited to 4 knights and PvP contests are limited to 6v6. You have control over one knight and can go solo fighting in the game as well. There is a PvE environment too and a lot of mini-bosses making the game much more fun Making it number two on MapleStory alternatives list.

1. Trickster Online

Trickster Online Games Like Maplestory

Trickster is a 2D isometric game that revolves around Greek Mythology. It takes place on an island where the players take part in a contest to win the treasure. The game has a balance of combat as well as non-combat systems with 9 playable characters. The characters have individual associations with animals and professions. The game’s most unique feature is the skills that the characters have. You can buy skill cards from the skill shrine. The game all in all is a wonderful game to play.

So that is all for our guide on games like MapleStory. If you would like to know games like Outriders, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.

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