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Stepbrothers The Drinking Game – Chuggie

Players: 2+ | Type: Movie | Drink: Any | Good Times: 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

How To Play, Embrace the Dysfunction, Stepbrothers The Drinking Game, With Rules:

How To Play, Embrace The Dysfunction, Stepbrothers The Drinking Game: Overview

You’ve probably noticed by now that Chuggie loves tv and movie drinking games. What can we say? We like vegging out on the couch and drinking…and it’s so much fun when we get to turn it into a drinking game. So far we’ve played South Park The Drinking Game, Walking Dead The Drinking Game, and NHL The Drinking Game. But the list wouldn’t be complete without Stepbrothers. We’re really excited to tell you about How To Play, Embrace the Dysfunction, Stepbrothers The Drinking Game because, well, Will Ferrell and John Reilly are two of the funniest actors alive today. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

How To Play, Embrace The Dysfunction, Stepbrothers The Drinking Game: Equipment

Any type of drink The movie “Stepbrothers”

How To Play, Embrace The Dysfunction, Stepbrothers The Drinking Game

Make sure there’s plenty of beer/wine/booze for everyone. One drink equals 1oz. Then, drink every time:

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  • Alice’s love for Dale is referred to.
  • Someone says “Shit!”
  • The boys test their boundaries.
  • Any character uses the word “cinnamon.”
  • You see a cameo.
  • Derek’s wife hits on Dale.
  • You hear “Fancy Sauce.”
  • A boat appears on screen.
  • “Curly headed fuck” is said.
  • Anyone says “Doback.”
  • You hear “step brothers” spoken in any context.
  • You hear “Catalina Wine Mixer.” Take two drinks if your drink of choice happens to be wine.
  • Brennan or Dale yell at their parents. Two drinks when Dale says “Dad, I’m doing this because I love you. Fuck you.”
  • You see a character sleepwalking.
  • Someone tumbles down the stairs.
  • You see a Hustler magazine.
  • You notice a Wookie mask.
  • Anyone is physically injured.
  • Someone says “Pow!”
  • Robert Doback gets annoyed.
  • Anyone’s musical talents are show or discussed.
  • The step brothers threaten one another.
  • Dale whines about his food.
  • You hear “mangina.”
  • Dale or Brennan fib.
  • Dale and Brennan’s parents curse. (We get where they’re coming from. Their sons are intense.)
  • When the credits roll, finish your drink.
  • Dale Doback says “Haha, that’s so funny the last time I heard that, I laughed so hard I fell of my dinosaur!”

How To Play, Embrace the Dysfunction, Stepbrothers The Drinking Game: Gameplay Variations

Embrace the Dysfunction 2.0-

Take five pulls of your drink when:

  • Dale licks dog shit.
  • You think Will Ferrell or John Reilly are adlibbing.
  • Any character’s name is said.
  • You hear the word “fuck.”

Drink nonstop for the duration of these scenes:

  • When Brennan puts his Nut Sack on Dale’s Drum Set
  • Dale’s fart-filled interview.
  • Alice’s dream sequence.
  • Brennan’s therapist’s dream sequence.
  • The credits roll.

This 2.0 version will get you wasted, that’s for sure. Of course, drinking responsibly and making sure nobody under the age of 21 is drinking is always important.

Bathroom- This is a classic movie drinking game add-on, but come on. It’s so perfect for this kind of game. Players must take a pull of your drink before and after each trip to the bathroom.

Party Foul- Take a shot every time someone catches you forgetting to drink. Maintain constant vigilance to see when they screw up so you can dish out a penalty drink. (Although this may be hard to do, since Step Brothers is so hilarious that you’ll be distracted by the constant antics.)

Dumb Questions- Remember those teachers who said “there’s no such thing as a dumb question”? That’s not the case in this game. Anytime a player asks about a rule or what just happened in the movie, they’ve got to take a nice big gulp of their drink.

How To Play, Embrace the Dysfunction, Stepbrothers The Drinking Game: Final Thoughts

A word of advice: don’t play this movie drinking game in the presence of, for example, your mother-in-law or a crush who makes you blush easily. This is a pretty crass movie. Talk about awkward. Although, we suppose the more you drink the more relaxed you’ll all become…time for a family reunion?

And if you watch this with your blended family (if you have one), it might hit close to home or at least bring about an open conversation about the family dynamics. You don’t need a family therapist when you have a movie drinking game to bond you together.

Now that you’ve read the rules, stop reading and start drinking already! Make some popcorn, grab some extra pillows, and get ready for a little movie/alcohol therapy. We love our readers and we want to hear from you, so leave a comment with any tips or other variations of Embrace The Dysfunction, Stepbrothers the Drinking Game.


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