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10 Naughty Drinking Games To Play With Your Friends!

We are here to give you the recipe for a fun-filled naughty night with your friends! All you will need is some fun-loving friends who would dare to play drinking games, insane amounts of alcohol, and a wild imagination! And as for the naughty games? We will provide you with ideas, of course. Get ready to have a night to remember!


1. Russian Roulette

Brace yourselves for a night so crazy that you’ll have trouble piecing it back together the next morning! Place shot glasses on a table, fill them all (leaving just one) with water. Fill that one leftover glass with vodka. Have another player shuffle them all, and then make everyone take a shot without smelling or tasting it, in one single go. As the game proceeds, you keep increasing the number of vodka shots and let the drunkenness follow…

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2. Strip Dice

You just need three things to get this game started: dice, drinks and of course a bunch of fun loving, naughty peeps! Every time a player rolls an even number, he or she must take a shot, and for rolling an odd number, he or she must lose a piece of clothing…or perform a dare of popular choice. Hello, crazy night!!

3. Dare Or Drink

As the name suggests, you either perform the dare or take a shot. Basically, all the players write some dares on pieces of paper, fold them and drop them into a bowl. Thereafter, the bowl is circulated with each player picking a paper from it, and having the option of either performing the dare or taking a shot. P.S.: The anonymity of the dare-giver is also maintained!

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4. Spin The Bottle

We learnt about this game from American movies so we thought why not play it with our own friends…with a slight modification? The rules are simple: all the players sit in a circle and spin the bottle. If the bottle’s neck points towards a player’s partner, then they have to kiss, and if not, the partner can have his sweetheart use one of the sexy treats available (like handcuffs, ice cubes, whipped cream, Nutella, etc) in whatever way they please!

5. Snakes And Ladders: The ‘A’ Version

Yes, I’m talking about the same game that we all played as children, but the adult version of it. One rolls the die and take steps as usual. The only difference is that every time someone goes up the ladder, the player must take a shot and every time someone gets stung by a snake and rolls down, the player must lose a piece of their clothing. I bet you weren’t aware of this naughtier version of the game!

6. Beer Pong

This is the classic Beer Pong game which requires forming two teams. At each turn, one must try and aim to land the ball in their opponents’ alcohol glasses and get them to drink. You get the drift, right?

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7. Flip, Sip (Or Strip)

You are in for a hell of a ride if you plan to play Flip, Sip or Strip! Let me break it down for you: Each player flips a coin after deciding whether they want heads or tails. If they get a flip of their choice, they do nothing. One wrong flip and they take a shot, while two wrong flips and they lose a piece of clothing (or take another shot)!

8. Bullshit

All the players sit in a circle and turn by turn, each one makes confessions which may be true or false. For instance, when player A is making a confession, the others have to try to gauge if it’s true or false. Any player in the circle who is convinced that the narrator is lying must scream ‘Bullshit’. If the confession was, in fact, false, the narrator must take a shot and if it was true, the accusing player must take two shots as a penalty!

9. Suck And Blow

This is a super fun and flirty drinking game. All the players assemble themselves in a circle, with girls and boys standing in alternate positions. The first player holds the card flat on his lips by creating a suction and then blows it against the lips of the adjacent girl, who in turn receives the card by sucking it and passes it on. No points for guessing, if someone drops the card, both players have to take a penalty shot each, and might end up lip kissing in the process as well! *Wink*

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10. Twister (With A Twist)

This is a same childhood game with a very naughty twist. Play twister as usual, except each time that you fall down while twisting and placing yourself on the twister mat, you take a shot. As the game proceeds, you fall and drink and fall some more and drink some more, becoming too tipsy to be able to maintain your balance. This is an awesome game if you’re looking to spend a hilarity filled night.

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