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nextgen1 Here is another drinking game. Special thanks to Ken Daniels, Steve Reardon & Dylan Moller for help in making and playing this game. 😉

Star Trek:The Next Generation Drinking Game ONE DRINK IF ANYONE SAYS… Computer Open Hailing frequencies Medical Emergency Energize You Have The Bridge Any Profanity (hell,damn) Away Team

ONE DRINK IF PICARD SAYS… Make it so Engage Come (two if it’s said in his personal quarters) Captain’s Log (two if it’s supplemental) Anything about Archeology Ready Room

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ONE DRINK IF WORF SAYS… Impressive Admirable

ONE DRINK IF DATA SAYS… Fascinating Interesting Accessing

ONE DRINK IF RIKER… Swears (two if it’s Hell. Entire beer if it’s What The Hell Is Going On) Walks forward as though is were trying to knock down an imaginary door with his head Brags about trombone Tries a lame pick up line on some woman

ONE DRINK IF PICARD… Straightens his uniform Tries to speak French Refers to The Enterprise as his ship Calls Riker #1

ONE DRINK IF DATA… Performs a self diagnostic Reveals his innards Pets or holds his cat Spot Paints

ONE DRINK IF GEORDI… Sees something other people can’t His visor is taken or knocked off Has woman trouble

ONE DRINK IF DR. CRUSHER… Can’t figure out some bizarre medical problem

ONE DRINK IF TROI… Talks about or eats chocolate Has empathic insight about something obvious

ONE DRINK IF WESLEY… Talks to his mother Saves the ship


ONE DRINK IF WORF… Bitches about Klingon honor or his heritage Loses his temper Tries to act tough but pussies out Uses his Bat’Leth

ONE DRINK IF ANYBODY… Drinks (four if Picard drinks earl grey tea) Reads a book Is address by first name (two drinks if there is some kind of sexual tension) Appears in a dress uniform Appears in caual clothing (two drinks if it’s Dr. Crusherin a sweater or Picard in his chest revealing bedclothes) Plays an intrament (two dinks Data, three drinks if Riker) Preaches about humanities unique potential Preaches about the Prime Directive (two drinks if not Picard) Implies that Ten Forward is a happening place

ALERTS Yellow (one drink) Red (two drinks) Intruder (three drinks)

ONE DRINK ANYTIME… There’s an argument in a turbolift A shuttle seems like an unsafe place to be The holodeck fucks up An old Earth saying is brought up (two drinks if Data needs to have it explained to him) Klingon is spoken (two drinks if Klingons are alone and have no reason to speak english but do anyway) A female character has flawless make-up after getting fucked up Officers play poker (two drinks if Worf folds) There is token alien in the background with no lines (two drinks if it’s Vulcan) Whenever the Starfleet/Federation logo is shown A communicator isn’t working or is blocked There is a countdown Whenever the Enterprise is shown (includes opening titles) Enterprise does battle (one drink for every phaser shot and one drink for every torpedoe shot) A probe is launched (two drinks if shown) If Enterprise separates (entire beer) Someone is called to the bridge

ONE DRINK If Q… Addresses Picard as Mon’ Capitan He insults Worf Anytime there is a Q flash (that’s one drink for every flash)


“So this is planet Houston.” -General Zod Superman 2:The Richard Donner Cut –

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