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(Warframe) Stalker&x27s Game – Chapter 1 – Wattpad

(Mirage Prime will be called Mirage cuz ya girl is too lazy to type her full name)

Mirage landed on both of her feet with a soft thud. She stood up straight and put her hand on her hip as she looked around. ‘An abandoned Corpus ship.’ Mirage spoke in her mind. ‘If its abandoned, then why is there a signal coming from here?’Mirage turned around as Harrow, Rhino, and Frost landed beside her. She looked over at Frost who sighed impatiently. “Are we just going to stand here or look for this strange signal?”Mirage nodded at him and stood by as she let Rhino take the lead. She pulled out her Vectis and held it tightly. “Who do you think made the signal?” Frost asked in the very back as they walked in a line. “Someone probably didn’t make it.” Rhino said plainly. “It probably was a just some glitch that triggered it.””What kind of glitch would trigger it then?” Mirage asked.”I don’t know,” Rhino sighed. “What do you think Harrow?”Mirage looked behind her and at Harrow. He stared at her with silence and then shrugged. All of a sudden, the lights went completely out leaving an eerie feeling inside everyone. “Great, the lights went out.” Frost grumbled. “The power probably went out due to the absence of the Corpus.” Rhino stated. “Let’s go find the control center-” Rhino stopped as the lights turned on again. “Hopefully they stay on, right Frost?” Mirage turned around to look at the warframe and yelped in terror. In front of her, Frost lied on the ground with his cut off head lying right beside him. “Frost?” Rhino yelled and shoved Mirage and Harrow out of the way. The bulky warframe kneeled down beside the dead body and shivered. “What happened to you?” The lights started to flicker on and off sending a chill down Mirage. She straighten up as she heard footsteps behind her, quiet footsteps. She spun around and froze as she stood face to face with Stalker. The female warframe yelled loudly and fired her Vectis at Stalker. Before the bullet could touch, the lights turned off for a second and back on, Stalker nowhere in sight. “What happened, Mirage Prime?” Rhino stood up fast and pulled out his Boltor. “S-Stalker, I saw him!” Mirage stuttered in shock and tightened her grip on her Vectis. “I saw him for a split second.” Harrow spoke quietly as he slowly twirled his Glaive Prime with his hands. “Then we must be careful.” Rhino said and cocked his Boltor. “Stalker must have sent the signal to get our attention. He already killed Frost, I can’t have another friend die.” “We must stick together.” Mirage spoke still shaken up. “Rhino, you lead.”

Mirage walked in the back of the line with Rhino in the lead. They’ve been walking around for an hour and there hasn’t been a sign of Stalker. ‘Could it have been my imagination playing tricks on me? No; Harrow saw him too, he was real.’ Mirage sighed to herself. ‘If only Frost was here. He would no what to say to cheer us-‘ A terrifying scream echoed through the ship stopping the warframes. “This way.” Rhino said and started to run down a different hallway. Mirage ran beside Harrow as the scream sounded again. They slid under a half open door and came into a big room. A huge wall was pure glass with endless space showing sat in front of them. A huge control panel lied up some stairs in front of the glass. Rows of smaller panels were around the edges of the room with dull blow lights shining. “Where did the scream come from?” Mirage asked and tilted her helm. “Tenno.” A disturbing, evil voice whispered behind them. Mirage spun around with the others and saw Stalker standing in front of the half opened door. “No escape.” Stalker said and held out his hand which was holding onto Nezha’s helmet. Rhino walked up and stood in front of Mirage and Harrow. “Want a fight? Fine, you’ll get one.” Rhino growled and held out his fists. Mirage pulled out her Bo as Harrow twirled his Glaive Prime around. Stalker threw Nezha’s helmet to the side and pulled out his War.Mirage stomped her foot on the ground at Stalker’s action to the helmet. “How dare you disrespect that?” She snapped.Stalker turned his helm towards her and his red light on his helm grew brighter. “A prime? What fun this will be.” Rhino yowled in fury and ran towards Stalker like lightning. He swung his fists as Stalker dodged all of them. He jumped in front of Rhino and swung his War into his chest. “Rhino!” Mirage yelled in grief. She turned her helm to Harrow who just watched silently. “What the hell are we doing? We need to fight back!” Mirage leaped up into the air and slammed her Bo onto the floor making Stalker tumble back. She jumped over Rhino’s limp body and swung her melee weapon at Stalker. Stalker looked up and snarled deeply. He grabbed Mirage’s Bo, stopping her, he kicked into her stomach making her fall onto her back. Harrow threw his Glaive Prime at Stalker which bounced right off of his armor. “What?” Harrow said quietly in disbelief. He pulled out his Furis and fired multi shots at Stalker while Mirage slowly got up. Stalker grumbled in irritation as the bullets hit his chest. He ran to Harrow and punched him in the stomach making him fly back into a wall. Mirage stood up and growled as she looked over at Harrow. She fired her Vectis at Stalker pulling his attention to her. “You won’t win, Stalker. Give up.” Mirage said.The dark figure began to chuckle loudly. “Is that so? Well, since you have so much fire in you, I’ll let you off with a less painful death. Is that fair? Then you can see your friends-” “I will see them when I’m alive too. Have you forgotten what you have to do to truly kill us? Or are you so much of a slave to Hunhow that you forgot?” Mirage challenged.Stalker growled and pointed his War at her. “You are a feisty one, aren’t you?”Mirage hissed and leaped up and twirled in the air towards Stalker. She pulled out her Akstiletto and fired rapidly at him. She landed behind him and hit him with her Bo multiple times. Stalker tumbled forward and spun around while swinging his War at her. Their melees hit together and got stuck in a hold. Stalker pushed forward as Mirage began sliding back. She kneeled down on one knee as his strength surged forward. Their melees met up to the front of her helm and worry began pulsing through her. ‘Can I hold off any longer?’

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