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Stack Bundles – Peep Game feat. Bynoe

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Stack Bundles:

Ya dig, you fucked up

Bạn đang xem: Stack Bundles – Peep Game feat. Bynoe

But I’ll take the blame though

I’ll take full responsibility four that stupid shit ma

(You left me for the money love)

Sure ya did

But I forgive you

Bynoe do too (yea0

Talk to ’em Bynoe

Verse 1


I took you from a hood booger to a bitch with benefits (uhuh)

I even let you polish the pistols(yeah)

You wanna play games with my heart and my mental (My Mental)

I ain’t stressin’ ti, you know how a pimp do (How a pimp do

Now you hungry, got you scrapin’ a plate (Yea)

I was the one that showed ya son how to fuckin’ pee straight(pee straight)

I don’t need to let welfare feed him

Now it’s back to Chinese food, no more eatin’ that four seasons (naw)

You’d prolly try to shoot me after this song

Because me and your sister had suttin’ going on (going on)

I might’ve shooked you, but I never slapped you

Back in the hood, doin’ shit that a rat do

Turk, bird bitch prolly fuckin’ for Air Maxes

500, she’ll let you claim her kids for your taxes (yea)

Ass-backwards, nicknamed her Stupido (stupido)

Now you at Summer Jam bein’ a groupie hoe (groupie Hoe)

Stack Bundles:

Bynoe don’t blame her though man

Like, if I wasn’t part of the Riot I prolly wouldn’t never believed it either i (wouldn’t)

What you do

(You left me for the money love)

Sure ya did

But I forgive you

I’ma tell you the funny part though

Verse 2

Stack Bundles:

See, I laughed out loud

Everytime these bitches brought your name up (For real)

You talked funny whenever my name came up (damn)

Wasn’t much i could change up,

Already had my change up

Still got the wagon even though the V’s change up

We used to watch movies when it rains (Now)

Now I play shools with the crew and make it rain (make it rain)

Caviar taste, pockets of champagne

What’s the phrase, I’m doin’ the damn thang (for real)

Blow money like it grow on trees

But bitches is birds, so I buy ’em sunflower seeds (yea)

Ya lil’ nigga open, he brought suttin’ wit’ spokes out (ha)

My last deal was worth more than his folks house (ha)

Imagine this one, after records with Fab jim n em’ an’ (who else)

Yeah he quietly workin’ on Paul Ennemin

Thought it was feminine, my wide success with the Rollers

You ain’t respect Bynoe, the set with the Rollers ( no respect)

My lucky charm let you blow into shakers

Nasty bitch, took it in your doo-doo maker

Ill, whoever said break-up to make up

Bitch I broke up cuz I’m caked up

I’m gone

Stack Bundles:

(You left me for the money love)

Sure ya did

What you gon’ alienate yaself love


I understand the things you did you did em for a reason

You know what it is (i got something to say)

When I was Getting it

And them checks were comin

You was messin wit a wreckless youngin

Next we fucked you got knocked up

Results I chopped up

Then I got locked up

I did it for you n my seed

You was the air that I breath

I swore you wouldnt leave

I couldnt believe

That I aint have no change

That you would shit on my name

And call me a bad father (fuck outta here)

You fuckin up my head like a bad barber

I got money u cool wit me (you confusein me)

I aint got no money you act a fool wit me (you confusein me)

Shortie you trippin and I cant take it

I’m thinkin I done made a mistake kid (yup)

Go head leave im done (go head)

I had 2 but you not the one

Like Jet Li (thats right)

You neva be the one to stand next to me

Neva (neva)

Stack Bundles:

I thought about it

I’ll tell you how you could make it up to me sweetheart

You could make an apology video or somethin’

Post it on myspace

I mean not my space

But your space myspace sweetheart right

(You left me for the money love)

Or we can see how the fans feel about it and shit

See what kind of comments they post baby

See and if it works for you

You could work in the mail room n work your way up again

But wats that jay shyt

“Leave the bank book n the credit card n take everything you came wit bitch” (ha)

The riots that gang

Whoes betta kno it

Lord knows I know it

Sing that shit girl

Gotta remember


Thanks to Krames & Dboi8998 for these lyrics

Thanks to Dboi8998 for these lyrics

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