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SIDE BLOG — The Salesman | Squid game – Salesman (Gong Yoo) x


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Word count: 2323

Bạn đang xem: SIDE BLOG — The Salesman | Squid game – Salesman (Gong Yoo) x

Request: Again, nope. Just down bad.

Warnings: This is a NSFW (smut) fic. Do not interact if you are under 18.

Havent read Part 1? Read it here!

Tysm for the support on part 1! Writing smut is incredibly challenging so bare with me as I slowly try to get the hang of it. I’m much better at writing Angst lmfao.


What the fuck did he just do? Why did he just do that? His mind was racing as he walked away from where you were crouched over the briefcase. Fucking you was not part of his job and giving you the entire briefcase of money wasn’t part of the deal. But the thought of watching you die in the games made his stomach churn.

His head was full of thoughts of you as he drove himself home. The taste of your lips was addictive and lord he’d do anything to hear your moan again. The things he’d do to see that look you first gave him, looking up at him through your eyelashes with bedroom eyes. Unspeakable thoughts clouded his mind and he was finding it hard to concentrate on the road in front of him.

The next couple of days were the same. Thoughts of you had never left his mind no matter how hard he tried to forget about that night. He’d eventually given up trying to forget about you and found your social media. Seeing as you were scouted to join the games, he had been provided with many details about you such as your full name, so you were easy to find. It was addicting scrolling through photos of you at night, as he lay back in his bed and remembered that Friday night. He didn’t know what it was, but something about you was addictive and he needed more.

It was about five days now since that night and he was at the train station. He had just finished playing ddakji with another ‘client’ and handed them the card, telling them to call the number if they wished the participate in the games for the opportunity to earn more money than they could possibly imagine. He left them by themselves and hopped on the train just before its departure. His night was finished and it wasn’t long before his mind wondered back to you. It had been five days and he was still daydreaming about you. He had considered going back to the convenience store many times, after all it is a place you go to a lot on a weekday he’d have a pretty good chance of seeing you there again. The train stopped at the next station, and he shuffled backwards to let passengers on and off the train. Thoughts of you still flooded his head so he pulled out his phone to once again scroll through your Instagram in an attempt to satisfy his need for you.

“It’s you!”

A sudden angelic voice interrupted him. He looked up from his phone and met your eyes. His heart skipped a beat and a huge grin formed on his face. Your bright eyes sparkled with joy and your skin had a healthy glow to it. It was obvious to him that you had been doing so much better than you were before your little encounter. You wore a huge smile on your face and looked as lively as ever.

“Hello, miss” He greeted, stuffing his phone in his pocket and turning to give you his undivided attention.

“I didn’t think I’d see you again! I’ve been uh, looking for you” you tell him shyly. “I wanted to thank you properly. You really helped me back on my feet you know? But you left so quickly…”

“I apologise, I wish I hadn’t left in such a rush”

“No no I- It’s okay really I mean I just…” A blush now settled on your face as you tried to find the right words. You hadn’t expected to see him on the train. And while it was true you had been searching for him ever since the alleyway you hadn’t actually thought of what you were going to say to him. What could you say?

‘Hello sir, I don’t know your name or anything about you but you’re incredibly handsome and my god you know how to fuck. Wanna maybe get to know each other and hook up again?’ You could say that, but it was a bit forward.

“It was well, uh, it was fun playing ddakji with you” are the words you decided to settle on. You tried to hide your blush but you knew he knew what you really meant. Despite that, he innocently smiled at you and tilted his head to the side, gesturing to you to continue what you wanted to say. “It would be nice to play with you again. I mean of course if you want to we don’t have—”

“Yes, it was quite fun” He interrupted, stopping you from rambling on any further. “But as you can see I don’t have the tiles or prize money on me” He showed you his empty hands. He no longer had the briefcase with him and you definitely didn’t carry ddakji tiles or paper yourself.

The train came to a halt which you had not expected and stumbled forward, leaning into him. The cologne you had smelt that night filled your senses once again. God you missed that smell. You had dreamt of his warmth and his scent a lot since Friday and to feel him once again was surreal. He supported you with his arm and looked down at you with his charming smile. You quickly apologised and adjusted yourself again, your blush never leaving your face.

“How about we play a different game?” You suggested.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Rock paper scissors?”

He chuckled at you and nodded. “Rock paper scissors it is” He lifted his hand and balled it into a fist and you did the same.




You looked down at your hands. You had yours still balled in a fist playing rock, while his was open playing paper. He won again. Is it possible for this man to lose?

“It seems as though I won” He looked proud of himself, and you rolled your eyes. You’d get him one day. “However, you never set a prize for the winner”. Oh. You knew what you wanted, but you were too embarrassed to say it. Especially in a crowded train like this one. The salesman leans down to whisper in your ear. “But I have an idea. Pay me with your body again”.

His words had your mind racing. This is exactly what you wanted but that certainly wasn’t going to happen here. Or so you thought.

“My stop is next. We can go to my apartment if you’d like?” You suggest, but his eyes darkened and he shook his head.

“No.” he simply stated. “You’ll come to mine. However my stop is further away” He leaned down to whisper in your ear once again, and you watched as that devious smirk formed on his lips once more. “And I’m incredibly impatient. Take your panties off”.

What? Right here? Was he insane? Apparently so. The look on his face told you he wasn’t playing around. You looked around, making sure no one was looking in your general direction and when you were sure the coast was clear, you slipped off your panties and bundled them in your fist. The salesman held out his hand and looked at you expectantly and you reluctantly placed them in his palm. Just like last time he tucked them into his blazer and you knew you weren’t going to see them again anytime soon.

“Come closer” He commanded, and you did as he asked. You shuffled closer until your chest touched his. You could feel your heart pounding and you hopped he couldn’t feel it too. Suddenly, you felt his hand run under your skirt and straight to your clit. A small gasp escaped your lips at the sensation and you tried to cover his hand by pulling your skirt down as far as you could. “There’s fifteen minutes before our stop. You’re not allowed to cum on this train, do you understand?”

A whole fifteen minutes of his pleasuring you and you weren’t allowed to cum? You were sure this was about to be the longest fifteen minutes of your life. A finger forced it’s way into your entrance and you bit your tongue to stop yourself from screaming. You looked up to meet his eyes, the salesman had a look of frustration on his face. Obviously, you didn’t answer fast enough for him.

“Brat” He spat. “I said, do you understand?” You immediately nodded your head and answered him.

“Yes, I understand sir. I’m sorry sir” you whispered. The single finger inside you began to pump in and out of your pussy and his thumb rubbed your clit.

“Good girl, you’re gonna behave real well, aren’t you?”

“Yes sir”. Your response seemed to satisfy him and his fingers continued to work their magic. It was incredibly hard to stay silent as his thumb stroked small circles onto your clitoris. The sensation had you arching your back and you grabbed onto his forearms for stability as your legs trembled. You could feel how wet you had become as he entered another finger inside of you. It took everything to keep yourself quiet as he spread his two fingers apart and began to scissor inside you. You were a mewling helpless mess in his arms, but you still had a whole 10 minutes to go.

“Remember, no cumming” He whispered. He was enjoying this. He watched through half lidded eyes as you squirmed in his arms, desperately trying to stay quiet and avoid any suspicion from other passengers around you. You looked so beautiful, and he wanted nothing more than to take you right then and there, but he had to be patient. He felt your pussy clench around his fingers and his pace immediately halts, stopping you from cumming. You wriggle your hips to bring back the sensation but the salesman simply tuts.

“A-ah, can’t risk you finishing just yet. Remember what you promised me?” He spoke to you like you were a child. It was condescending, he was making fun of you and all you could do was nod. You didn’t trust your voice, scared you’d let a moan slip out of your lips if you opened them to speak. Slowly, he inserted a third finger and slowly began to pump his fingers again.

Your head lolled back slightly and you let out a deep breath you hadn’t realise you were holding in. you needed so much more than his fingers, but you had to be patient. His pace began to quicken again and you dug your fingernails into his blazer. The salesman kept this pace until he felt your pussy clench around his fingers once again. Just like before, he stopped completely and you felt the knot that built in your stomach disappear again. Your body was weak and you were so desperate to cum, but he wasn’t going to let you. Not until you were out of this train.

“Just 3 more minutes” He reassured you. You didn’t know if you could keep this up for three more minutes. His fingers were like magic, no one had ever made you feel this good before. No one had made you feel so desperate like he did. His thumb continued to draw circles on your clit and his fingers steadily fucked your aching pussy. Just like before, your legs began to shake and that familiar knot formed in your stomach. However this time, the train started to slow as you reached your stop. And with that, your fifteen minutes was over. You were a wreck but did your best to keep your composure. He on the other hand, brought his fingers that were just inside you and stuck them in front of your mouth.

“Clean them”


“Now.” He watched as you cupped his hand with your own in a poor attempt to cover what you were about to do and shyly opened your mouth. Wrapping your lips around his fingers, you sucked them clean, the taste of your wet pussy danced on your tastebuds. He smiled and pulled his fingers out of your mouth. “You did so well. You deserve a reward”. The train finally came to a stop and he pulled you out, dragging you across the train station to a secluded corner away from the other passengers. Once he was sure everyone had passed, he bent down and lifted your skirt exposing your pussy to him.

“We have 6 minutes until the next train comes. Cum before then or wait until we get to mine”. Before you could utter a word his mouth was on your wet pussy, licking away at your clit. You finally let out a soft moan, you could feel a smile form on his lips as you softly whimpered. You ran your hands through his soft hair and his fingers found their way back inside you, vigorously fucking you. It wasn’t long until you came. Your pussy clenched on his fingers and you rode his face until you couldn’t take it anymore and your legs caved in. thankfully, the salesman had quick reflexes and caught you as your legs gave way. You sat on the subway floor, taking a moment to catch your breath. You felt your skirt being pulled down, covering you so you were no longer exposed. You gave him a grateful smile and he returned it.

“Do you think you’re able to stand?” He asks gently. You give a small nod.

“Yeah I think so” you say. He stands up and offers you his hand. You take it gratefully and he lifts you up with easy. “Thanks”

“No need to thank me” He says. He cupped your face in his hand and leaned down. His lips met yours in a sweet kiss, the taste of your cum heavy on his lips and you sigh into the kiss.

“Lets get you cleaned up at my house hm?”

“Yeah… o-okay. Lets go”

… So it looks as though I’m writing a part 3

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