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Okay I’m gonna do it dammit because I watched Squid Game on the day it launched and it won’t leave me and also I don’t know if I’ll write this later because MCD obvs but I might

<Spoilers AHOY!!! TW: Violence>


-First of all, it’s a Quirk AU. Also, the canon students are all adults now. Sue me, it’s still gonna be a commentary on a superpowered society and a critique on Quirk hierarchy.

Bạn đang xem: HERE! FEELS! TAKE THEM!, BNHA SQUID GAME AU Headcanons

-Izuku, predictably, is Quirkless. He doesn’t get OFA, never gets into UA. He does finish college with flying colors, but doesn’t get into any hero-ing jobs, or any good-paying jobs at all. Unlike the MC of Squid Game, he’s not a gambling addict and is actually trying to make the most of his janitorial job that he ends up in. However, he is still driven to become a Pro Hero by any means possible. Thus, he looks into buying support items. Gets scammed. Around the same time, his mother Inko got sick because of overworking, leading to them becoming deeply in debt.

-Over the years, Izuku had sold his rare All Might merch to pay for his college tuition fee. It was an investment with a high risk, high reward that never paid off.

-With her canon backstory, Uraraka is perfect for getting into the Squid Game. She doesn’t get into UA because not enough rescue points. Her parents’ construction business utterly failed and no one would hire them. Their poor lifestyle got even poorer and Uraraka is forced to become a pickpocket. Ends up pickpocketing Izuku’s meager salary that was supposed to be for his mother.

-Bakugou is like the Squid Game’s MC’s childhood friend character, of course. Got into U.A. Gets continually praised for getting in and becoming a Pro. But, god, he sucks at PR. He may have pissed off a few too many people at the same time, both heroes and villains alike, which led to them teaming up and taking him out (while making it look like an accident.) Basically, he has the attitude of Deok-su (being the strongest and showing it off), and the history of Sang-woo. The difference is that he does end up being loyal to the group that he ends up with, rather than just backstabbing them when it suits him.

-The Front Man of the game…is Dabi. Which leads to Shouto Todoroki being the Pro Hero who tracks down where his missing brother is. Shouto is Top 5 in Hero Rankings, and one of the few from the canon 1-A to actually make it as a Pro, alongside Yaoyorozu, Iida, and Bakugou.

-Shinsou, my beloved, is in the game. He’d tried so hard to not become a Villain but ended up becoming one-his worst nightmare-simply because no one would hire him and he had no one to support his dream.

-Okay, Don’t hate me, but a lot of the canon Pro Heroes are in the Squid Game including canon U.A. Faculty like…Aizawa Shouta. I find it interesting to possibly explore the potential of these older teachers competing in a life-death situation with their students??? Like, come on:

Marble Game. Aizawa vs. Shinsou. Yeah. It’s hella fucked up and I’m not even hiding it but that’s what we’re signing up for.

-It’s worse because Aizawa would be the first one in Shinsou’s life to say “He would’ve supported him,” and Shinsou is hyperventilating because the hero he idolized is saying what he’d been wanting to hear all his life!!!!

-Some games are different, some are the same. Marble Game and Glass Bridge Game and Squid Game stay.

-Player Number 001 is…

…All For One. I was tempted to make it All Might, but AFO really fits the role. He’s blind and potatoed here, and acts like he’s been shunned by society for having a “villainous” quirk. (Said quirk that he uses for villainous purposes anyway.) Turns out, he’s the most ‘quirk-rich’ out of all of them, and simply gets a kick out of manipulating people.

-Yagi Toshinori is the winner of a previous Squid Game. All Might was absent in these few days of participation. I lied…for this is the first and only time that AFO did not play as Player Number 001. He kidnapped Yagi as revenge for his lost eyesight. Also, Yagi was wearing these Quirk-suppression bindings the entire time he played. Why could he not take the Squid Game down, knowing of its existence? The Hero Commission is also behind the Game.

-Izuku PLAYS SMART. Like actively strategizing here. AFO is also like, sticking with him through this. Obeying Izuku’s plans and all.

Too bad, really…

Izuku chose the 1st vest in the Glass Bridge Game.

…Not because it’s the only one left either. In fact, he’s the first one who picked. Curse his bleeding heart, he picked so the others would have a higher chance of surviving. He managed halfway before falling through the glass.

(He survives. Because AFO slipped him a regeneration quirk and arranged for Izuku to be smuggled away in a coffin and into AFO’s Vault.)

-Hatsume Mei is in the game and takes up the role of “overselling” her abilities had she ever been given the right equipment. But since there is little to none opportunities, she ends up not being able to actually show off her gadgeteer prowess much. If she’s able to bring any small gadget with her, it was quickly destroyed within one or two games. She’s not desired as a team member mainly because her quirk Zoom is just generally “useless”.

-Tsuyu Asui is in the Squid Game and ends up befriending Uraraka Ochako.

-Mineta keeps trying to sell his skills to any girls by saying how good he is in bed, then when that inevitably fails he approaches Bakugou to try and join his team. Which fails as well. His quirk becomes so useful during Tug-o-war though. Gets to the second-to-the-last game because he’s scum and good at using his scumminess to survive.

-Shigaraki Tomura is a participant as well, along with Spinner, Toga, Twice, Magne, and Compress. Originally set-up to look like the Main antagonists because they do actively murder people. But is shown to be sympathetic to those who they view to be outcasts like them. So they mainly target people with Heroic quirks and who hypocritically think they’re better than the Villain scum they’ve ended up with.

-Other notable students in the game: Yoarashi Inasa, Shindou Yo (very first one who gets killed for stealing 9th place in 2020 Popularity Poll, no offense to Yo fans), Kirishima, Hagakure, Mina, Kaminari, Aoyama, Shouji, Tokoyami, Ojiro, Sato, Koda, Sero.

-Chisaki Kai is the Main Antagonist. Oh, and he’s brought the entire Shie Hassaikai with him into the Squid Game to try and brute force it. They need money dammit! Also, he discards his own people like trash like Deok-su does when they cease to be useful to him.

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