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The Spanking Game – FM Spanking Stories

It was a cold and rainy day as he sat looking at his “cousin” wondering how they were going to kill the hours that their parents were out.

He was 22 and still lived at home which he didn’t mind. What he did mind was getting roped into babysitting someone his mother referred to as his cousin, in actual fact they weren’t related at all. It was one of those family friendships that it’s easier to pretend is family.

Natalie was 19 and was actually quite pretty. He didn’t remember her being quite as pretty but that was probably down to growing up with a girl 3 years younger than you trying to hang about at ‘family’ get together’s. This was the first time he had seen her in about 5 or 6 years.

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She was quite small at about 5,6 with long blonde hair. She had quite an angelic face and her habit of giggling added to that. She was wearing black trousers and a floaty black blouse but he could tell that she had a good body beneath it.

They had been watching TV for a while and they both knew it would be a while before their parents got back.

“Do you want to play cards?” he asked her, not really caring what she said.

“For money?” she said with a furrowed brow.

“Ha, no. We could play for raps though. That’s where you have to cut the deck if you lose, the number you get means how many hits you get on the knuckles, red means soft, black means hard?”

“Sure, it will pass the time.” she said shrugging and sitting next to him on the couch.

As she sat down he noticed that she smelled incredible, it must have been her perfume but it gave him butterflies in his stomach.

As the game continued they started talking and actually enjoying themselves. When it came to the raps nobody hit he other one very hard.

After a while she put her cards down and walked over to the book shelf, taking down an old board of scrabble she asked him if he wanted to play.

“I used to be great at scrabble” he said “if you want to take another beating I’m up for it.”

She raised one eyebrow at his bravado.

“Another beating? I think you will find that was quite an even game. I’m not to bad myself but I have a different idea for this.”

She sat down and looked at him before saying,

“In this game we cut the deck but instead of raps you get spanks. Black means soft and over the trousers, red means trousers down and hard, the amount goes by how many points you get for your word. If you get a ten point word you get to spank me 10 times, sound fair?”

He could not believe what she was saying and he could already feel a stirring as she spoke.

“Sure, if you think you can take it.” He said with a smile.

“Oh, one more thing. Whoever wins gets to spank the loser on the bare bottom, hard, for the amount of the winning word.” She raised both her eyebrows and cocked her head at this as if challenging him.

They set up the game on the coffee table and he already knew he had an advantage by siting on her left of the couch. That would mean he could swing with his right hand and she would have to go left handed, he kept this to himself though.

They cut the deck to see who would go first and he won. Playing his first word which also made use of a double word score he got 12 with ‘stone’.

“Right, ready to cut?” he asked handing her the cards. She cut a black Jack and smiled. She knelt up on the seat to let him shift over to the middle before lying down over his lap. He could feel more than stirring at this and hoped she wouldn’t notice.

She lay over his lap on her elbows as he put one hand on her back and gently stated to smack her bottom. He could feel her ass under the trousers and it was both soft and firm at the same time ‘this girl does her squats’ he thought.

When he was finished she bounced back up as he slid back to his seat. She seemed to take no time before playing ‘Vents’ using her ‘s’ at the bottom of his word to get 18 points. Now it was his time to cut, if he got a red he was sure she would see the bulge when he took his trousers down. He cut a 3 of spades.

“Over you go!” as she slid into the central seat and patted her thigh. This made him blush a bit at the thought of being ordered over the lap of a girl he always thought of as just that, a silly little girl. He lay down over lap and before she started she left one hand one his butt as she leaned down to whisper,

“Brace yourself.” She giggled at this before gently smacking his bottom 18 times.

As the game continued they kept cutting black until a 6 point word from Natalie drew a red diamond.

She squealed when she saw it.

“Six of the best from the queen of Diamonds! Come on, let’s get those trousers down.”

He Knew that there was no real way to disguise it but he thought she must have felt it pressing into her leg and and not said anything.

He unbuckled his belt as he knelt up next to her. She was now sitting in the middle seat and doing a little victory shuffle so before she could see he bent down over her.

There was no fooling about this time as she held one hand down on his back for leverage and brought her left hand down with a sharp smack that made him jerk forward and make an audible ‘yow’.

This was followed quickly by another 5 sharp smacks that he had to grit his teeth to stop yelling out again from. When she was finished he lay there as his cheeks rang out, he couldn’t believe how hard such a small girl could spank.

“Are you getting up or do you want more?” she said grinning at him.

He buckled his jeans and gingerly sat back down, still feeling every single place on his ass that her spanks landed.

“Just you wait” he said smiling again at her innocent face, wide eyed looking back at him.

It wasn’t until three turns later that another red came up and it was Natalie again. In a replay of the first red spanking she squealed and stamped her feet in victory before sliding over.

“Do you think you can take 11, you seemed to struggle before?” she asked, sounding genuinely worried for him but he knew she was mocking his reaction to the last hard spank. He lay across her lap with his jeans pulled halfway down his thighs.

“Just get on with….owwwww!” he yelped as she began before he had finished speaking. This time she spanked left then right in a rhythm that had him bucking and tensing on every swat. With the last spank she held back as he anticipated it and rocked forward tensing. As the natural rhythm brought him back and his buttocks relaxed she unleashed a slap dead centre that stung more than he could have believed!

“oh, ha ha ha, did I get you little butthole ha ha ha” she said laughing uncontrollably. He was starting to feel that maybe this game was rigged until he finally got a 22 point word and cut the King of Hearts.

“OHHHHHH, not so smug are you now. Come on, let’s see those knickers!” He could not even pretend to be a good winner as he was able to extract some revenge. He slid into the middle seat, feeling his own cheeks burn, as she unbuttoned her trousers.

She slid them down to reveal a tight, pink lacy pantie that made his cock jump at the sight. As she lay down over his lap he was blown away by her ass. It was firm and round and because of all the sliding around on the seat the bottom was starting to go into a slight wedgie giving him a great view of the bottom of her cheeks.

He swung back his arm and landed a slap that rocked her whole butt. He started to feel a bit guilty as he could see it starting to go pink when he realised she hadn’t gasped like he had.

He swung back again and spanked her, this time she rocked forward but instead of a yelp he heard more of a grown as she subtly rolled her ass. By the time he was finished her ass was pretty pink and he was pretty sure he had noticed a damp patch on her crotch but as she had been so delicate about his excitement he showed her the same courtesy.

The game continued for the next hour or so with a fairly even spanking ratio. He had almost climaxed at one point but managed to stop himself, there would have been no ignoring that.

By the end of the game he had only a couple of tiles left to her full rack and he knew the game ended when one player used all their tiles. With one shot left he was pretty sure he would win and he had already made his mind up that when she was over his knee with her panties down he was going to tease her until she begged him to fuck her.

As he sat grinning at his impending victory he looked over at Natalie who was hugging one leg into her chest as she looked at her remaining letters. Just then she looked at him with such clarity he was shocked, the smile she then game him confused him as she reached forward and played ‘Caziques’.

“That’s not a word!” he said sharply before checking his phone. There it was –

Noun 1. cazique – black-and-red or black-and-yellow orioles of the American tropics.

She had won, he couldn’t believe it.

“Would you just check to see how many points I get before you take down your pants and get over my knee?” she said absently, sliding into the middle seat.

What happened next made his head swim. Two triple words and double letter scores all brought the tally up to…

“392!!! That can’t be right, wait…” He checked 3 times before resigning himself to defeat and slumping back against the sofa. They both sat back next to each other for a moment before she spoke without turning to him.

“Pants down, over my knee, now.”

He knelt up and lowered his jeans, he then slowly pulled his boxers down causing his ridged cock to flop out. He moved to go over her lap when she put a restraining hand on his chest and stood up.

Without speaking she took off her trousers then sat down again and patted her lap. He lay over her knee, waiting for the blistering to start when he felt her hand slowly caress his upper thigh. Sliding her hands through his legs she grabbed his cock and pulled it down between her thighs, clamping it in a firm grip.

The spanking started but not with the shock he expected, it was gentle and in between she caressed his red ass cheeks, she had him count down from 92 giving him hope that she was taking mercy on him.


As she continued the pace picked up, rocking him back and forth, gripped between her thighs he had never felt pleasure like this in his life.

“30 *smack* 29 *smack* 28 *smack*…”

As the countdown continued he knew he wouldn’t last much longer and he could feel the point of no return as she continued..

“7 *smack* 6 *smack* 5 *smack* 4 *smack*3 *smack* 2……he arched and climaxed between her thighs as the final spank landed.

Lying there he was amazed at the control she had over him. Eventually she loosened her grip on him and he sat up.

“Now we have taken care of that we still have 300 to go.” She said. getting up and pulling a chair from the table over and sitting down.

“Wait…what do you…that was it.” he stuttered.

“No, that was me taking care of that..” she said pointing at his softening penis “before I take care of that”. She now pointed at his bare ass.

“Now come on, lets get you over my knee young man. I am going to smack you bare bottom for all the times you ignored me at parties, broke my toys and acted like a horrible bully. Now get over my knee right now!”

He was numb, he couldn’t even remember getting up and going over to her. She was younger than him, smaller than him and surely weaker but she had complete control over him.

He was now lying face down over her knee, he was humiliated and waiting but nothing happened.

“Get up and lay across the other way, so far I have been taking it easy but now you are getting the good arm.”

Wordlessly he stood and changed positions. She shifted him forward, he actually thought he was going to fall, now she hooked her right leg across the back of his legs so he could almost look back under the chair at his own feet.

His ass was high in the air and when the spanking started he could not imagine how she could keep up the power she was getting behind each swing. By 20 he was struggling, by fifty he was shouting but it was at around 150 that he broke. The sharp sound of the spanking was punctuated by his sobs as he pleaded and appologised.

When she finished he just lay there sobbing like a child. She made him stand in the corner with his hands on his head and when he protested she swung him round and gave him 3 sharp swats to his bruised ass.

As he stood there he heard tyres in the driveway and panicked at the thought of his family seeing him like this. Natalie threw him his clothes and he hurried into them, wincing as he pulled his boxers up.

“Sit”. she said sharply and he did as he was told just as the door opened.

The sound of laughter after a good day entered the room.

“How did you two get on then?” his mother asked.

“Great thanks” Natalie replied “We have been watching TV for so long my butt is getting sore, what about you?” she said directing her question to him. He sat there with his face burning and his buttocks throbbing under his clothes, all he could do was nod.

“Glad to hear it, we are making this a monthly event now. It had been to long without seeing each other. I’m glad you two still get on it just means there will be plenty of time for more TV and, how did you put it Natalie, sore butts?” They all laughed at this innocently enough apart from Natalie who looked right at him as she giggled.femmefatalefilms

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