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Review: The Unlockables – Sister&039s Secret | San Diego, CA

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Gear up and grab your teddy bear, it’s ghost hunting time!


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As part of the Paranormal Division of the Bureau (aka The Cult And Spectral Phenomena Examination Research Team) you have been assigned an investigation at a local house where neighbors have been witnessing flashing lights and unexplained sounds coming from the home. The previous investigative team started a few days ago, but 60 minutes into their investigation the entire team suddenly disappeared, just like the team before them. Together you will assemble your team of brave investigators and find out who or what is taking our team members.

There is something strange about the house on the corner…

Something strange is going on in our neighborhood, specifically the house on the corner of the block. Another day, another setting for our unique ghost hunting skills. As members of team C.A.S.P.E.R. we know what we have to do, take on any ghosts, friendly or not and solve this case. Multiple teams have gone in before us, but we are the elite team sent in from the bureau for cases like this. By using one of the former residents belongings, in this case a teddy bear, we are able to step inside the house and carry out our paranormal investigation.


Right away we are thrust into the story world of Sister’s Secret. The furniture, decorations, and general vibe of this room feel eerie. Nothing seems out of place, but then again nothing seems like it’s been used by any living person in ages. However, we do know something has been in here.

The dimly lit space gives off a foreboding tone that travels with us through the whole room. Diving deeper into the space, actions we take enhance this creepy vibe. The lights flicker, unearthly noises come and go, we know we are not alone in this room.


Every puzzle in Sister’s Secret flows well, tying back into the overarching narrative. Puzzles here spread across a broad range, giving challenge to both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

We learn about the otherworldly resident in this house through each puzzle. From what she liked to read, to her secret language, to her friends and family, all of these tie in seamlessly to the tasks we must complete to tackle this case.

When our investigative team unlocks part of the mystery, we are met with a response in the house. By prying into the abandoned belongings, we get a sense this apparition does not want us there. This alone is enough to keep us on edge, until we get close to solving the mystery. That’s when literally all hell breaks loose in the room.

The Unlockables gives us another solid offering with Sister’s Secret. From beginning to end we never shake off the feeling we aren’t alone. A clear task is at hand, and every piece from story, to set, to puzzles immerses us in this story world.

This isn’t your standard escape from a haunted house where we can just run out the front door. Storytelling via puzzles and scenic changes keep us alert throughout the whole experience, keeping us around wanting more. We get a clear progression throughout the investigation of how and why this place came to be, finally letting it’s residents rest in peace.

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Number of Games: 3


Duration: 60 minutes

Capacity: 6 people

Group Type: Private / You will not be paired with strangers.

Cost: $30 per person

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