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Here’s another simple one for everybody. All you need is to be locked up in chastity and to have a fun keyholder or maybe a friend who knows what’s up.

Also, you’ll need one of these things:

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That’s just a simple magnetic key-holder, the kind that people use to hide keys on their cars or maybe outside of their houses or offices. They’re easy to find in stores and online.

The Game

To start things off, you’ve got to be locked up in chastity. It could be an hour, it could be a year. That’s entirely up to you. But, the more frustrated and desperate you are, the better. For sure! It’s your job to get as sissified as your keyholder wants you to be for the fun part of this. And, it may not be the worst idea for them to leave you tied up and blindfolded just to be absolutely certain that you can’t cheat.

It is the job of your keyholder to take the key to your chastity and put it in the magnetic key-holder and go for a walk out in your neighborhood. It’s probably a good idea to do this later at night. All they have to do is find a nice safe spot to hide that key on a car somewhere in the neighborhood. How far away they want to go depends on how mean they want to be to you!

Once they get back to you, they can send you on you merry little way frantically searching around the cars around your neighborhood for the actual, literal key to your freedom. All while dressed like your cute, sexy, slutty little sissy self. I’m sure the neighbors would just love to ask you what you’re doing.

It seems like this may be a fantastic time for your keyholder to have you try out those heels that you have that click really loudly while you walk.

And of course your keyholder doesn’t even need to tell you that they’re going out to hide the key. They can just tell you after the fact that your key is out there hidden somewhere!


There’s all kinds of fun ways to play this game and to mix it up.

Maybe if you can’t find it the first night you look, your keyholder can go and retrieve it and give you another shot on another night. Or, even better, they can just leave it where it is. Every time you go out, you’ll know that the key to your freedom is achingly close by, if only you could figure out where. And, just maybe, you live somewhere with street parking where people park in a different place every night! Imagine that, it would be nearly impossible to keep track of which cars you’ve already checked!

It’s entirely possible that your keyholder locks you up in chastity, hides the key right, and forgets about you entirely. It could still take you ages to find the key. Isn’t that a fun thought? You’ll never know if you’ll be released from chastity in an hour or a month.

If you have an especially nice keyholder, maybe they’ll start giving you hints, like “there isn’t a ‘2’ in the license plate number… I don’t think…” or “that family is taking the car on a two-week road trip in the morning”.

As long while you’re out looking for your key you’re looking like the best sissy you can be, I think that everyone will enjoy this one.

As always, enjoy!

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