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Game Room Gift Guide: Game Tables, Board Games & Card Games

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Give the gift of a Game Room for Christmas this year. Undoubtedly, everyone in the family will benefit from quality time, friendly competition and detoxing from technology while enjoying cards and board games.

Board game night is one of our favorite traditions at home because it brings us closer together as a family. If you feel like spending more quality time with your loved ones this holiday season, make sure to pick up one (or all) of these amazing games today! You won’t regret it – they’re guaranteed to be hours of fun for everyone involved.

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Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Game Room

You’ll want to spend quality time together in this entertaining space. Mingle with friends and family, play some foosball or air hockey while watching your favorite TV show.

Join the family in your new game room with these fun games that are sure to get everyone involved. I’ve rounded up our favorite board games, air hockey tables and arcade games for your home to keep you busy for hours.

Have a little friendly competition this Christmas season!


First up is game tables and interactive things to go. Spoiler Alert: I ordered the multi game table for my son- it’s going to be a great way to play with him without technology.

There are a few of the best arcade games available. Our pediatrician’s office has the PacMan and Marvel arcades and the kids LOVE them. I have to pull them away after the appointment.

Next, up are basketball hoops, dart boards, golf putting greens and a huge wall mounted Connect 4 game.

Lastly, don’t forget comfortable seating for your family to enjoy the most out of your new game room.

Dart Board Cabinet | 9′ Golf Putting Green | Dart Board | Balance Ball | Pop Up Pool Table | Hoverboard | Basketball Hoop | Gymnastics Bar | Multi 10 Game Foosball, Ping Pong, Pool Table | 3 in 1 Game Table | Mini Pinball Game | Marvel Arcade | PacMan Arcade | Ms. PacMan 4-in-1 Arcade | Double Basketball Hoop | Bean Bag Chairs | Hanging Chair | Wall Mounted Connect 4


Do you love playing board games with your kids? We do too!

Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny afternoon, we always have fun playing our favorite family board games together. It’s the perfect way to spend time as a family and bond over something everyone loves.

From Monopoly to Scrabble, there are so many great options for every age group and skill level. And if you want some new ideas, check out our list below of the best family board games on Amazon right now!

Our family favorite is Blokus; I really want to try the Nancy Drew game (nostalgia).

Jumanji Board Game | Catan | Super Mario LIFE | Exploding Kittens | Azul | Jenga | DUNE | Blokus | Blokus Trigon | Yahtzee | Scooby Doo Game | Nancy Drew Mystery Game | Rock Painting

Stocking Stuffers + Card GAMES

Lastly on our game room round up are card games, which make great stocking stuffers. These are our favorite family card games and I know you’ll love them too.

If you haven’t ever played Dutch Blitz, you’ve got to give it a try. We have competitions and play in elimination rounds during big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. I think the 20 and 30 somethings get the most rowdy!

UNO | Skipbo | Rook | Phase 10 | Minecraft Uno | Dutch Blitz |Paint by Sticker

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Game Room Guide & Round Up of our favorite table games, board games and card games to play with the kids and adults. Happy Shopping!


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