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☄️☄️☄️ — The drinking game [Shangqi x reader]

Video Shang chi drinking game

The drinking game [Shangqi x reader]

Summary: Shangqi gets married to someone u and Katy can’t stand. And so on begins the drinking game.

Warnings: angst, drinking, sadness.

A/N: it WAS supposed to be a drinking game but then i didn’t write that so i just wrote them drinking. But i like the summary like that so I’m gonna leave it like that.

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“I’m not drinking today” You had reminded before the wedding to Katy; who rolled her eyes and scoffed.

The night before, Katy had stayed at yours and you guys had drank a little too much. Your reason: trying to forget the love of your life was getting married and you wouldn’t do anything about it. Because you could, you just wouldn’t.

Katy because her last time telling her best friend Xu Shangqi that this woman he was marrying was a mistake. But Shangqi was too in love with her to notice her very there, very obvious BAD person written all over her face.

It had gone something like:

“Katy, Y/N, what are you guys doing here? The wedding is tomorrow and it’s almost 12am.” He rubs his eyes and fakes a yawn but you and Katy know he was playing video games.

“You can’t do this, Shangqi. You can’t marry her!”

Shangqi sighs defeatedly and leans against the door. His arms cross against his chest and he looks at his toes for a moment before looking up.

He eyes Katy for a moment and then you. He stares at you for a bit too long and your heart feels like it’s gonna be snatched by his gaze right out of your throat.

“It’s done, guys. I love her.” He has a glint in his eyes that makes you and Katy know that he does indeed love her, which makes this much worse than it should be.

After that Katy argued with him for a while but her yelling didn’t match his calm expression and before she could yell one more time and get you guys kicked out of the building, since you were at his door, you grab Katy’s arm and told her: “it’s done. We are done here.”

Katy fumes and glares at her best friend and walks away to her car. You stay with Shangqi for a moment but you can’t meet his gaze so u stay looking at the point of your converse.

“I will like for you guys to be there…” You hear him say and you finally look up.

His gaze isn’t on you though, he’s looking at anywhere but you.

“We will” You assured even when your heart felt like needles were piercing through it. You may need an anxiety pill.

Shagqi’s gaze goes to you and licks his lips and nods before going inside and closing the door.

That’s your queue to go back to Katy’s car. When you sit beside her you see her staring off into the distance, just…glaring at a lamppost.

“We should’ve told him.” You breathe.

“She would’ve killed us.” Katy murmurs.

“I think if we stick together we could beat her-”

“No, Y/N, she’s too powerful.” As Katy turns on the car and starts to get off the parking, she speaks again. “So, do you have any drinks at your house?”

You grin looking straight ahead. San Francisco looks peaceful or as peaceful as it can get at 12 in the morning.

“Some but we could buy more”

It’s finally wedding day and you and Katy are sporting a major hangover from drinking vodka mixed with any type of juice the night before, and when you finally enter the area where the wedding is gonna be held you’re both still wearing your very fashionable sunglasses. The sun is hot and you’re glad at least this part of the wedding is gonna be held inside instead of outside.

When Shangqi says his dreaded: I do. Your mind is made up.

You’re drinking tonight. If you had to make a fool of yourself then so be it. You grab Katy’s arm firmly and squeeze. She looks at you but you’re looking at only the rose in your garden, the brightest star in the darkest night, the love of your life.

When the wedding is over you try to keep it to yourself but while everyone is making their way outside for the rest of the ceremony you practically run into the bathroom.

You start pacing in front of the mirror and when you finally look at yourself you can’t help but cringe, your eyes are watery and at least you’re wearing good makeup so it won’t go all over your eyes.

You put the palm of your fingers on your eyes forcefully and scream. When you’re done someone barges in and you see Shangqi’s little sister: Xu Xialing.

Her face is one of scared and when her frantic eyes land on you she sighs.

“Better?” She says as she adjusts her black dress.

“I’m feeling like i wanna get on a space ship and get off this planet and never come back” You grab a napkin and dab under your eyes.

Xialing nods. “I understand.”

“Have you ever been in love?” You ask.

Xialing looks at you through the mirror as you look at her. She grabs her purse the same color as her dress and picks out a red lipstick. She starts to put it on her lips and you think that’s the end of the conversation so you start to get out of the bathroom when she speaks up.


“Would you like to?”

“I don’t think I’m ready for it”

You nod and get out of the bathroom looking for Katy.

When you find her, she’s at the bar with a beer.

“I thought we weren’t drinking tonight” you sit next to her and has her arm on the bar and her head is on her palm.

“I thought you told me you did want to drink?”

“Now now, when did I say that?” You’re just messing around, you know what you did. The signal.

You had gripped her arm so hard she had known back then that you’re answer of not drinking tonight had changed.

When the bartender comes around Katy orders for you: “anything fruity but with alcohol for the beautiful sad lady next to me.”

The drink is pushed on your hands, it’s pink with what looks like gummies floating.

When you take your first sip, you automatically start to feel less jittery, less nervous, less anxious.

The night goes on and Shangqi is too engrossed in his new wife that he doesn’t come to you and Katy for a while.

And you’re kinda okay with that. You’re on the verge of drunk already, you’ve had 3 similar drinks to your first one and you’re kinda already seeing double.

“I felt like you guys might like this” the bartender says randomly to you and Katy and you see two shots on the table, one red, one blue. Both with a sour gummy floating on it. “It’s on the house” he grins and walks away.

You look at Katy with an almost-there-drunk-grin and you both shout: “gummy worms!!!”. Some people look to the bar where you guys are still sat but since the music is so loud they return to their business, just as you and Katy clink glasses and drink the whole thing, with the gummy worm on your fingers to eat after.

“Oh wow, that was harsh” Katy mumbles.

“Not as harsh as me seeing the love of my life get married today.” You stare at your shot of glass now empty. Not noticing how Katy’s eyes had widened while she looked behind you.

“You love me?” Shangqi says just loud enough for you, Katy and the now wide eyed bartender that had been serving you drinks all night, to hear.

Your eyes widen and you look at Katy in a panicked expression. You feel out of control, you feel like youre too rooted to the earth. If you had powers you would’ve flown right away from that awkward and horrifying moment you thought you would avoid forever.

When you had said that you wouldn’t tell him about your undying love for him it was because you knew he didn’t love you back.

You used to think there was something there, before she came into the picture and ruined it. Now he’s all hung up on her and you’re all hung up on him.

With your heart trying to get out of your throat you turn around to look at Shangqi.

His eyes are curious and when he asks: “is that true?”

You puke on his shoes.

Your dignity was gone.

And you were wishing falling in love was easy and not as hard as this.

Sorry I made you upset universe, for you to treat me like this, you think.

(To be continued??????…..)

A/N: idk if I’ll write a second part considering this is my first fic in what feels like years. But yes i just got this idea and had to write it and now I’m sharing it with you guys.


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