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A real-time strategy game where combat takes second place, R.U.S.E. features a complex approach to confrontation, one that involves deception and lies to turn the tides of combat. Set in World War II, this precise strategy game will make you ponder not only each of your moves but also how to counter your enemies in the most efficient way.

Patience is a virtue in games like R.U.S.E., and those players looking for a fast-paced combat simulator might feel let down by this game’s carefully planned encounters. That said, if you have the time to plot your tactics carefully, and enjoy diplomacy tactics as much as bombastic battles, then R.U.S.E. might be the game you were looking for.

Take It Slow

The game begins with a flashback to 1943 when then major Joseph Sheridan was battling in the Allied North African campaign. After a disastrous defeat, Sheridan works with British intelligence officer Colonel Andrew Campbell and together, through the use of espionage and sabotage, manage to turn the tide of battle.

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The campaign mode only features the United States as a playable faction, contrary to games like Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, where players have different campaigns for each faction. This makes the game’s campaign feel a bit barebones, especially because other factions do appear throughout the campaign.

The first few hours of R.U.S.E.’s campaign can put players’ patience to the test: long tutorials and exposition turn the beginning of the game into the weakest part of the campaign. However, if you’re still awake by the end of the first chapters, the game will reward you with a perfectly adequate campaign.

Ruses, Factions, and Operations

Like many other RTS games, each faction comes with a unique gameplay style. Most of the real-life factions of World War II appear in R.U.S.E., like the Soviet Union, the United States, and Nazi Germany.

As we mentioned before, the campaign mode will let you control only the United States. That’s not the case with multiplayer mode, however, letting players experiment with however faction they feel the most comfortable with.

Unlike games like Age of Empires, where combat is the only way to engage the enemy, Ruses are a powerful tool to overcome military superior enemies. Using Ruses allows players to bluff against their opponents, fooling them about their own military power and other vital statistics.

These Ruses are divided into four different categories: there are some that hide info from the enemy, others that reveal information, those that alter a unit’s behavior, and lastly, there are those that allow players to create fake structures and units.

After you’re done with the campaign, your next stop should be the excellent Operations mode. Here, players can engage in multiple scenario missions that will put their abilities to the test. While most of these operations are based on real-life events, some of them are “what if” scenarios that will put you on the losing side, just to see if you’re able to defeat the odds.


  • Nicely detailed graphics
  • Intuitive UI
  • Interesting campaign and side scenarios


  • Slow-paced campaign
  • Some minor balance issues

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