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Rooms and Exits – Escape Games Walkthrough –


Rooms and Exits: Mysteries Room Escape Challenge is a Puzzle and Single-player video game developed and published by Webelinx Games. It challenges all escape artists to show how they escape the rooms using their wits. Are you enough brave or smart to find a way out? Hone your puzzle-solving skills and master all detective skills to find hidden objects and a key to the door. It serves as one of the best Escape Room Games that is suitable for all generations of puzzle fans. If you aren’t good at playing Puzzle games alone, then we bring you a solution in the form of Rooms and Exits Walkthrough to your palm.

More than seventeen challenging levels are featured and each one is set in a different room. The game offers you a chance to sharpen your mind while honing your logical thinking. A challenging journey awaits you in the shopping mall and will take you to other locations like beauty salons, bookstores, and more. Each level has a unique theme and a set of puzzles to solve, hidden objects to find, and security codes to crack. The game also features a hint button that you can use at the time of difficulty or in case you need assistance. It features gorgeous graphics and smooth animations that improve your puzzle-solving gaming experience.

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Rooms and Exits Review

Playing Hidden Object games from a first-person viewpoint is quite impressive, but when the game switches the first-person with an isometric viewpoint, then surely finding hidden objects would be quite challenging. Therefore, Rooms and Exits Walkthrough will help you find solutions of all levels. Many times relying only on your puzzle-solving skills won’t helpful; so, you should think about going out of the box to find the solutions.

Now, the game has up to 23 challenging levels and each level represents a shop in a Shopping mall. Every level comes with two to three rooms and your goal is to escape at any cost to unlock the next levels. The completion of each level will reward you in-game points and the developer has featured an energy system. It means, you need the energy to unlock a new level, though you have completed the previous stage. The game doesn’t feature any inventory at the screen’s bottom, it brings a new system, known as Bag. All items you collect during the game will be added to your bag.

Moreover, if you want to use any item then you should tap on the bag first, select the item, and then hit one of four available buttons at the bottom of the screen within the bag. You can’t use the specific item to act unless it isn’t selected from within the bag. Therefore, you should learn first how to play the Rooms and Exits game, then start solving tricky puzzles. For now, it has only 23 levels but developers promise to introduce many levels very soon. When the game was released, there were only seventeen levels.

How to Play Rooms & Exits – Escape Games?

Although all features work like other Hidden Object Games, the game brings some new features to your palm. When playing the game, you should investigate the scene to find hidden objects and then add them to your bag, instead of inventory. In short, the bag is your inventory and whenever you need any collected object, you have to open the bag and select the item to use. The bag has up to 21 sections to keep objects, and it shares four different buttons with you, such as:

  • Use
  • Combine
  • Dismantle
  • Examine

Learning about these four buttons is mandatory and they would help you perform actions when searching for a way out. You can hit the “Use” button whenever you need to select and utilize an item. As the name implies, you can use the “Combine” button to merge two possible items like the key and its head. Whenever you find a box or a pack, you should use the “Dismantle” button to open it. Use the “Examine” button to analyze the object to find clues.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough

You can find all solutions at to solve all tricky puzzles and reach the end to become the master. Acting and thinking like a detective may help you get rid of all problems and earn in-game points that you can use to buy hints. At the start, the game seems easy to play, but as you proceed it becomes tough to play. You can’t see your character, though you can zoom in to explore the environment clearly. In the game, you can explore from an isometric view but can switch to a first-person viewpoint after using the zoom-in feature. As mentioned above there are up to 23 challenging levels and each one comes with a unique theme and a series of puzzles to solve.

  1. Warm-up
  2. Flower Shop
  3. Beauty Salon
  4. Hardware Store
  5. Bookstore
  6. Bakery
  7. Fashion Store
  8. Toy Store
  9. Furniture Store
  10. Gym
  11. Candy Shop
  12. Food Court
  13. Pet Shop
  14. Indoor Playground
  15. Restaurant
  16. Opening Soon
  17. Jewelry Store
  18. Grocery Store
  19. Exchange Office
  20. Cinemas
  21. Art Supplies Store
  22. Shoe Store
  23. Sports Store
  24. Coffee Shop
  25. Optical Store
  26. Household Appliances
  27. Print Shop
  28. Cell Phone Store
  29. Pharmacy
  30. Restrooms
  31. Parking
  32. Halloween Special Level

Chapter 2 – Murder Dressed in White

  1. Driveway
  2. Living Room
  3. Study Room
  4. Guest Toilet
  5. Workshop
  6. Guest Bedroom
  7. Master Bathroom
  8. Kids Playroom
  9. Backyard
  10. Garden
  11. Kitchen
  12. Dining Room

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough Level 1 – Room 1

The first room of Rooms and Exits: Can You Escape is almost empty, but there is a table and a door. Surely, you would come to know that finding a key is only possible with the exploration of the table. Therefore, you should follow the instructions mentioned in the Rooms and Exits Walkthrough.

  • Open the drawer of the table to collect a key and add it to your inventory.
  • Now, you should open the inventory, select the key, and tap the “Use” button below the screen.
  • Leave your inventory and hit the main door to open it, but ensure the key is selected to use.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough Level 1 – Room 2

The completion of the first room leads you to another room where a sofa and a cupboard are available that you can use to solve the puzzle. Follow the instruction to get rid of the problem and open the door to escape.

  • Open both doors of the cupboard to collect a key head and a box.
  • Tap on the bag to open your inventory, select the box, and use the dismantle button to bring the product out of the box.
  • Select blade and hit the use button before leaving. Cut the cushion to collect the key tail.
  • Once again, head to your inventory by tapping the bag and select both key head and tail to merge using the “Combine” button.
  • Select the key and use the hit button before leaving the bag. Open the door and Escape.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough Level 1 – Room 3

Now, you are in a third room where a wardrobe is available and a painting is hanging over the wall next to the main door.

  • Head to the painting and tear it up to collect a piece of the puzzle.
  • Tap on the bag, use the puzzle piece, and add it to a board fixed near the main door.
  • Play a mini-game where your goal is to rotate the squares to complete the painting and once done, the door will open.

We’ve completed the first level and it rewards us 5 Coins. You should keep in mind that you can store only 100+ energy in your meter and playing each new level will cost you 10 energy units.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Level 2

The second level takes place in a Flower Shop where your ultimate goal is the same to find hidden objects and use them to open the door.

  • Tap the remote on the table to add it to your inventory automatically.
  • Click on the bag to open the inventory and dismantle the remote after selecting to collect batteries.
  • Now, head to the room temperature controller and insert batteries to turn it on.
  • When the device turns on, you should set the room temperature to cool and bring it down by tapping the “” button.
  • Head to the thermometer and keep the number in mind when the temperature goes down.
  • Now, open the drawer of the same table to bring out a cutter.
  • Open your inventory, select the cutter, and hit the use button. Head to the painting near the TV and tear it up to discover a locker.
  • Tap on the locker and enter the code “53736” to get a key.
  • Once again, select the key from the inventory and tap the use button to open the door.


Rooms & Exits comes with 27 stunning levels and the only first one is easy to play while the rest of the levels will put your hidden object, quick reflexes, and detective skills to test. You should be careful when it comes to energy. To play each level, you need energy units and the consumption of energy depends on the level you are willing to play. Furthermore, the higher level requires more energy units; therefore, you have only options whether to wait or purchase using bucks to play all levels. You can’t use in-game coins to buy energy; however, coins can be used to obtain hints for free.

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