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Phrazle: Play and guess the hidden phrase

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Phrazle is a new word game that will put to the test the players’ vocabulary knowledge but also their language fluency. Its gameplay follows that of Wordle and Word Hurdle, but while these are focused on 5-letter words, Phrazle is all about phrases.

This word puzzle is a step up in difficulty for all Wordle and Hurdle lovers. Instead of trying to find one single word, they must use their language skills to uncover several in only 6 attempts. And these are not random words either. They must form a phrase that can be a popular or an idiomatic expression.

Play Phrazle online for free and put its added challenging features to good use by having fun solving word puzzles while simultaneously increasing and improving your language knowledge. On our webpage, there is no daily limit for phrazle puzzles. You can play online as many times as you want and face a new challenge each time.

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How to play Phrazle

This word puzzle game follows the same rules as Wordle or Word Hurdle but the goal now is to uncover a hidden phrase.

As such, instead of a 5×6 grid, you will see the empty cells laid out as in a sentence, so you know how many letters each word of the phrase has. You have a total of 6 attempts. You do not need to insert valid sentences at each attempt, only dictionary-approved words.

For example, your first attempt may be “Abandon same the must”, but the sixth should be “Raining cats and dogs” if you want to win.

At each attempt, the letters will change color to provide you with some hints:

Green: the letter is correct and in the right position. – Orange: the word contains that letter but in a different position. – Purple: the letter is present in the phrase, but not in that word. – Gray: the phrase does not contain that letter in it.

You must fill in all the words before entering your attempt to check if it is correct or not.

Tips to win at Phrazle

Type in random words

Do not worry about the hidden phrase until later. Instead, use your early attempts to try to uncover as many correct letters and words as possible. Once you have a layout of the possible words and valid letters, it will be easier to put together the winning phrase.

Choose words with different letters While picking random words to start with, try to choose those with the greatest variety of letters. This is the best strategy to take advantage of the color-coded hints in this word puzzle. For example, instead of trying ‘Feet’ you can try ‘Feat’. This way you will be checking for the presence of 4 letters in the phrase instead of 3.

Pay attention to grammar and semantics

Although you do not need to worry about the complete sentence until the end, it can be good to keep it in mind to eliminate possibilities along the way and avoid wasting attempts.

For instance, let us imagine that you have a phrase starting with two 3-letter words and you have already established that the second one is THE. Even if you are yet to discover any letter on the first 3-letter word you can already eliminate some options such as YOU, BOY, HER, HIS, HIM, MAN, OLD, or NEW as these would not make sense followed by a THE with nothing else between them. Logic dictates that it would be more likely for the first word to be, for instance, SET, GET, FOR, LET or USE.

Seeking help is not cheating

More often than not, you may find yourself with only one or two attempts left and with a partially completed word that you simply cannot fathom what it may be. This can be because you do not know the phrase or because your mind just decided to go blank on you. And that is the beauty of Phrazle.

If you do not want to forfeit the puzzle having come this far, you may always use a word cheat. There are two types that are especially helpful. You can try a Matching the Pattern Cheat in which you type in the letters you have in green and the placement of the unknowns, or a Words Without These Letters Cheat in which you enter all the letters you have already excluded. Both will retrieve a list of words according to your criteria. Then you just need to check the list for a word that you believe would make sense in the phrase you are trying to complete.

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