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5 Best Bubble Hockey Tables Reviewed in Detail (Aug. 2022)

What makes a bubble hockey table a great choice for your rec room

5 Best Bubble Hockey Tables: Hours of fun for all AgesThese days, more and more people are enjoying building up their rec rooms at home. Having a big TV, some board games, and maybe a couple of video game consoles is a good foundation for any rec room, but adding a bubble hockey table can really enhance the overall experience. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Unique – Foosball tables and video game consoles are relatively common and tend to feature in many rec rooms, but a bubble hockey table is much more unique and rare, so it can help to make your home game room stand out from the rest.
  • Retro – For those who want to give their rec room a bit of a retro arcade feel, a bubble hockey table really adds a lot of class. It’s a vintage item that was huge back in the 1980s, so anyone who enjoyed gaming back in that period can find a lot to love in having one of these tables around the home.
  • Fun with Friends – A lot of arcade cabinets and other games are made just for one player or best enjoyed solo, but a bubble hockey table is super fun to play and enjoy with friends or family. You can organize tournaments with your buddies and really enjoy hours of entertainment on this gaming table.
  • Stylish – A dome hockey table is a real statement piece. Just like a retro arcade machine, it’s a big item that can add a lot of class to a rec room and really give the whole space a special edge, catching the eye of your visitors and acting as a fun icebreaker too. The Hathaway Breakaway Dome Hockey Table is one of the best-looking models around.

Features to consider when choosing a dome hockey table

A dome hockey table represents a pretty large investment, so you need to make sure you buy the right one and have no regrets. Consider all of the following features when shopping for your next bubble hockey table to ensure you make the best choice.

Scoring system

5 Best Bubble Hockey Tables: Hours of fun for all AgesBubble hockey tables are divided into two main categories: electronic and manual. The golden rule is simple: electronic machines are almost always better. There can be a bit of charm to having a manual machine, but these variants also come with a lot of frustration and a lack of features. With a manual machine, you have to keep track of the score yourself, and you miss out on a lot of fun these tables can provide. Electronic machines, like the Shelti Blue Line Hockey Slapshot 52 in. Dome Hockey Table, feature electronic scoring systems that are able to keep track of the score. The best tables come with additional features like timers too, and some of them also come with fun sound effects that help to make the game more immersive and exciting, making it feel like a real hockey game.

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Playing surface

The playing surface is one of the most important aspects of any dome hockey table. Why? Because it directly affects gameplay. If you’re investing in a bubble hockey table and plan to play with it often, you want your games to be as fair and enjoyable as possible. Poor quality hockey tables will feature rough surfaces that don’t allow the puck to move around freely, thereby reducing the overall fun factor of the game. The best bubble hockey tables, however, will feature glossy and smooth playing surfaces, just like real ice hockey rinks, that allow the puck to slide along freely. An example is the Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table. This makes the games more dynamic and exciting to play and follow, allowing the players to have a better time overall.


5 Best Bubble Hockey Tables: Hours of fun for all AgesOne of the first things to think about when thinking about buying a bubble hockey table is where you’re going to put it and whether or not you have enough space to fit it in your rec room and play with it. The dimensions of your table are therefore very important. It’s vital to measure out the space where you intend to install the table and then check the official dimensions of the model to check that it will fit. Plus, you also need to take into account that the table will need some space around it in order to let the players and any spectators stand around it and enjoy the game. Bubble hockey tables come in a range of sizes. The biggest tables usually offer a more fun experience for the player, but they are bulkier and require more space to be installed. More compact tables, like the Hathaway Breakaway Dome Hockey Table, are more versatile for smaller spaces.

5 Best Bubble Hockey Tables: Hours of fun for all AgesConstruction: durability, stability and base

The overall construction of your bubble hockey table is essential too. While in use, these tables get knocked around quite a bit as the players move from left to right and control the different players. They need to be strong and sturdy to handle the pressure, and heavier tables are often sturdier and more stable overall, but are also more difficult to move around.

You can also get bubble hockey tables with different base types. Some of them have legs, like the Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table, while others are set on pedestal-type bases. Pedestal hockey tables tend to be more stylish and less bulky in general, but the tables on legs are often easier to move around, like the Carrom Super Stick Hockey Table. You also need to think about the durability of the different components, especially the dome. Domes can get scratched and chipped, but the strongest and best domes, as seen on the Carrom Signature Stick Hockey, are resistant and durable.

Extra features: cup holders, handles and grip

Some of the best bubble hockey tables will come with some bonus features to enhance the overall experience of owning them and playing with them. These features can help you decide between two similar models. Possible extras include cup holders, as seen on the Carrom Signature Stick Hockey, letting you store drinks on the table itself while you play and offering a little extra fun and functionality to the overall experience, as well as handles for easy transportation and comfortable grips to make the table more ergonomic and enjoyable to play with too, giving you more precision over player movements. If you’re hesitating between two different bubble hockey tables and aren’t sure which one to pick, a simple extra feature could make all the difference.

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