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Online Game: My Health Point Has No Limits Novel – Chapter 277 –

Because the humans of the future world were connected to the Divine Revelation world, the agent planted control chips in everyone’s brains. At that time, humans wouldn’t even be able to die.

As he spoke, Li Yi endured the intense pain in his body. He waved the demonic sword in his hand and once again attacked Zeus with the flames of the underworld.

At the same time, he constantly thought about how to defeat the insufferably arrogant Zeus.

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However, what Li Yi did not notice was that the cracks on his skin were increasing. The health bar on his body was no longer able to recover to full health.

This was because the cracks on Li Yi’s skin would also cause great damage to him. They were slowly eroding Li Yi’s life force.

Zeus expressionlessly looked at the attacking Li Yi as the world-destroying lightning around him surged wildly.

Under this situation, the body of the agent was being destroyed by the world-destroying lightning, turning into tiny pieces that fell to the ground, revealing a pure white energy body.

The body of the agent was corroding even faster than Li Yi’s.

In the next second, Li Yi brought the pitch-black underworld flames to Zeus. The rotting and corrosive aura surged towards Zeus like a huge wave.

Zeus raised his hand and raised the long spear formed by the world-ending thunder. The endless world-ending thunder was like a lightning snake, biting and swallowing the flames of the underworld.

For a moment, with Li Yi and Zeus going head to head, the entire space was filled with purple and white world-ending thunder at the bottom and the pitch-black flames of the underworld at the top.

The two sides were once again in a stalemate.

However, this was not the result Li Yi wanted. He had to defeat Zeus. The future of humanity without Zeus was the result he wanted. It was the only result he would accept.

Li Yi let out a loud roar as if this could strengthen his aura and suppress Zeus.

In the end, that was only Li Yi’s illusion. In reality, Li Yi’s underworld flames were being devoured by Zeus’Thunder of destruction.

“Li Yi, quickly put some distance between you and Zeus. Otherwise, you’ll definitely be devoured by his world-destroying lightning.”

Just as Li Yi lost his mind and wanted to fight Zeus to the death, Hades’s voice sounded in Li Yi’s mind.

Under Hades’s reminder, Li Yi’s consciousness gradually recovered.

He immediately borrowed Zeus’s power to retreat and put some distance between him and Zeus.

“I don’t need to remind you again. You should also feel that your life force is weakening.”

Hades said again.

“Yes, I know.”

Li Yi looked at his health bar which was slowly decreasing and replied calmly.

At this time, Li Yi had completely lost his human face. Countless cracks appeared on his face, revealing the red flesh inside. If it wasn’t for Li Yi’s abnormal ability to recover blood, he would have been devoured by Hades’s power. “What… What is this?”

Li Yi looked at Zeus and asked in surprise.

Zeus was now completely made up of a white energy body. The agent that was taken over by Zeus had no more facial features, leaving only a vague outline.

“It seems that Zeus has completely taken over that body and has truly descended.”

Hades explained.

“When Zeus first occupied the agent, the consciousness of the agent was not completely wiped out. At that time, Zeus was still affected by consciousness and showed signs of irritability.

“Now, Zeus no longer has any emotions. This means that the consciousness of the agent has disappeared and he has truly descended.

“Damn it, is there no other way to defeat Zeus?” Li Yi said angrily.

Even though Li Yi was far away from Zeus, he could still feel the incomparably powerful power that Zeus emitted.

The gap between him and Zeus was too big, and it wasn’t something that could be easily bridged.

“Defeat Zeus? Stop joking. Even if my main body appears here, I still wouldn’t be a match for Zeus,” Hades said faintly. “However, if you want to destroy Zeus’s plan to descend to the human world, it’s not impossible.”

“Don’t keep me in suspense.”

Hearing that Hades had a way to stop Zeus from descending to the human world, Li Yi said excitedly.

“Do you see that small dot of light down there? That’s the coordinate tunnel that leads to the god awaken world. As long as we use our super power to destroy it, Zeus won’t be able to find the location of the god awaken world.”

Hades said slowly.

“Alright, give me more power. I want to destroy it,” Li Yi said excitedly.

“Your current power is enough.”

Li Yi was slightly startled, but he said excitedly, “Since there’s a way to stop Zeus’s plan, why didn’t you tell me earlier?

“You only kept talking about how you wanted to defeat Zeus, but you didn’t ask me about this.” Hades said slyly.

Then, Li Yi ignored Hades and looked at Zeus with determination. The black flames on his body burst out again.

Zeus stood still and looked at Li Yi quietly. At this time, in Zeus’s eyes, Li Yi had no chance of winning.

In the next second, Li Yi controlled the flames of the Underworld and rushed toward Zeus again.

“Kid, you are courting death if you charge up now. Didn’t you want to stop Zeus from entering your world? Why didn’t you destroy that coordinate point?” Hades said in confusion.

However, Li Yi ignored him and continued to charge down. The pitch-black flames on his body continued to expand like a mountain.

Seeing this, Zeus raised his right hand and shot out a terrifying black and white thunderbolt.

In an instant, the 30,000-meter-tall black mountain turned into countless flames and disappeared into the void.

Li Yi’s figure also disappeared.

At this moment, Zeus suddenly felt a familiar aura appear below. He lowered his head and saw Li Yi’s figure approaching the coordinates of the god awaken world.


Zeus, who should have been completely emotionless, suddenly let out a furious roar.

“Zeus, I win.”

Li Yi laughed wantonly and punched at the coordinates.

In the next second, the coordinates turned into scattered light spots and disappeared into the void.

Li Yi was also struck by Zeus’s lightning and disappeared into the void.

After Li Yi’s laughter disappeared, the entire void became silent. Only Zeus’s furious blood-curling scream could be heard..

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