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Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough and Guide –


Escape Game – 50 Rooms 2 is an Adventure, Puzzle, and Single-player Hidden Object video game developed by BusColdApp. The game takes you to a beautiful house containing fifty lush rooms; each one tasks you with finding hidden objects to solve the mystery and escape the room one by one. Only the first room is unlocked to play at the start, while the 2nd requires completing the first, and the third level requires you to complete the 2nd level.

Besides, it would help if you act like a detective who can think, observe, judge, and calculate everything in a better way than an ordinary person. The beautiful blend of Puzzle, Hidden Objects, and Adventure game components aim to offer you thrilling gameplay that you have never experienced before. Apart from the introduction, we have compiled the Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide to help you solve all tricky puzzles.

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Play Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Guide – How to Play

Hidden Object games can’t add too much action and any fighting scenes; still, people love to play. In Hidden Object Games, the ultimate goal is to find items using the point-and-click interface. Search out the scene the game provides you with and tap on the object to unlock other levels. Many Hidden Object games come with a twist of plot, thrilling adventure, and Match-3 twist; therefore, they become a bit tricky to play because the element of solving a mystery gets involved and forces you to use wits for the completion of levels.

Moreover, we come along with Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Guide to help you learn how to find hidden objects and solve puzzles to advance. Playing Hidden Object games won’t only improve your puzzle-solving skills; it also enables you to enhance your observation, judgment, and calculation skills. Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 is fully loaded with fun and worth your time. Now back to the main point, the game represents a room wherein dozens of hidden objects available to find. To make gameplay challenging, the game doesn’t feature any list of items you have to see. You know what it means; you have to find items on your own and find connections between them to solve them.

How to Play?

After knowing that there’s no list of items to find, you must interact with the room to find clickable objects and tap on them to get a clue. Many things may add to your inventory list upon getting tapped. Later on, when needed, you pick them to solve a mystery. Apart from that, you cannot bring items you found in the previous levels to the next scene.

Moreover, we suggest you tap on those items first that are clearer than others. Beyond that, you can tap randomly to find items to see whether it works or not. Take a break and investigate the scene deeply to realize what it contains, and then move to click on items and sceneries to find clues like a passcode, pattern, and many other things you need to open the door. Ultimately, you need a key to open the door and move to the next one. Each room the game offers is unique and does not repeat a single item you may discover back in previous stages. Here are Escape Game 50 Rooms 2 GuideHow to Play:”

  • Click on objects you seem are collectible or clickable to reveal a clue.
  • If the object is collectible, you should add it to your inventory to use later.
  • Once done, keep finding items to collect and using objects from your inventory to solve the puzzles.
  • Upon finding a key, stop searching for items and move toward the door to unlock it.


Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough aims to highlight all hidden objects by offering you a helpful guide. So you don’t need to be panic if you aren’t finding any items. Leave your regular work aside, take a break, and investigate the environment to see what you can collect and inspect for completing tasks.

Moreover, the game includes 50 challenging levels; each one takes place in a different room. Neither the game repeats any items nor the rooms themselves. Having said that means you won’t see any item twice. Besides that, you can’t jump to the next level without solving the puzzle; therefore, you should keep playing and unlocking new levels to become the master.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 1

The first room in the game seems pretty and clean. There’s nothing like a mess, and everything is available in proper order. The game tasks you with finding hidden objects and add them to your inventory to use later. Once you collect all items, start connecting them to solve the puzzle. Undoubtedly, the first level would be easy to play relative to other levels. Here’s a solution of Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Level 1:

  • Click on the painting of a skull hanging on the front wall that contains the number (3-5-1).
  • Head to the TV trolley and set the dial according to the code you found in a painting.
  • Once you enter the code, the TV will start and display you a time (19:50)
  • Set the time of the clock that you can find on the left side of the screen.
  • Once you set the time, the drawer will open and reveal a magnet that you must collect.
  • Collect a piece of rope from above the wardrobe available below the skull’s painting.
  • Tap on the refrigerator available next to the door to open and pick up a food tin pack.
  • Select the magnet and connect it with rope. Click on a box above the TV and use the magnet to pick up a can opener. Open the tin pack by merely using the opener and collect a key.
  • Use the collected key to open the box on the sofa on the left side. Collect the first piece of the puzzle from inside the box, while the 2nd box is available in the shoe.
  • Head to the main door, add both puzzle pieces, and play a mini-game to solve the problem.
  • Open the door and escape.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 2

Another lush and fully furnished room is here to explore. Playing without any guide may let you experience challenging gameplay because there’s no list of items wherefrom you can identify what you have to find. Let’s start completing the Escape Game 50 Rooms 2 Level 2:

  • Near the blue-colored sofa, you may discover a box holding several items. Tap on the box to collect a door handle.
  • You can easily discover a cupboard on the front wall. Add the handle to open its door and collect a jar.
  • In the third step, you should click on the blue sofa and collect paper.
  • Tap on the blue bowl on the table, click the bottle and add some liquid to the bowl. Use the paper to absorb it and bring it back to your inventory.
  • Now, click on the plant pot next to the cupboard and collect a medicine bottle from there.
  • Use the bottle and head to the dog. It seems the dog is injured and needs your care. Put some medicine from the bottle into the leg and bandage it and collect a badge from the dog’s collar.
  • On the right wall, there’s a painting that you must tap to add the badge and play a mini-game, titled paper and the scissor.
  • Win the mini-game to grab a key. Open the door and escape to the next level.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 3

It seems you are in a ship as the third level starts because the window shows water outside. Apart from that, the items are limited and it seems you don’t need to work hard for finding hidden objects. If you thinking like that, you are making a mistake. Therefore, here’s Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough Guide to help you.

  • Tap the Sofa to collect a towel. Head to the table and grab a wine bottle from there. Add both items to your inventory.
  • Head to the table where a wine bottle is available, pick up it from there and add it to your inventory.
  • Select the cloth from your inventory and dip it into ice water.
  • Choose the bottle and break the window’s mirror.
  • On the left side, some poisoning gas is leaking and you must stop it using the wet towel available in your inventory.
  • Head to the wardrobe and collect a piece of the puzzle from there. Open the cupboard’s doors to add the missing piece of the puzzle.

How to play Mini-Game and solve Puzzle in Escape Game: 50 Room 2 Level 3.

After heading to the cupboard, the game tasks you with playing a mini-game that involves several pieces of Roman Numbers. The game requires you to arrange them in a proper form to unlock the locker and collect the hidden object. Firstly, arranging the number in the required form isn’t easy; therefore, the majority of people are searching for a way to complete the puzzle. Here’s an image that you must investigate to solve the problem. As you solve the puzzle, the game reveals a lighter.

  • Take the lighter close to the smoker detector fixed on the ceiling to open the door and escape.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 4

Now, you’re in a well-decorated office where the game assigns you a task to find hidden objects without having a list of products and use them to solve the puzzle. Finding objects without knowing them may help you improve your puzzle-solving skills and boost your vision as well as detective skills. Follow the guide to start finding hidden objects and open the door to the next door.

  • Tap the black chair to collect a blue paper containing letters 7H.
  • On the left side, there’s a table where you must click on to reveal a paper next to the piggy bank, 653+.
  • Afterward, tap on the table near the front wall and see the book to find the numbers +63.
  • Now, you have two codes that you can use to open the locker. Don’t forget to collect an object from the same table.
  • Visit the main table and open the first small cupboard by entering the code “65363” to collect a bird statue.
  • Use the yellow-colored object to open the piggy bank and collect a paper from there.
  • After that, you should tap on the cupboard available on the right side. Add the paper you discovered very first over there and start playing a mathematical game. Solve all problems by merely investigating a painting hanging on near the curtains.
  • Head to the piggy bank and enter the code to the drawer below it “672.” Once the drawer gets opened, collect an animal statue and add it to your inventory.
  • Tap on the table’s top and add the bird and tiger statues you collected and adjust them following the paper you collected from inside the piggy bank. The drawer will open and offer you a key that you can use to open the clock below the painting. It will give you a keycard that you can use to open the door and escape.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 5

The fifth level takes place in a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy a beautiful candlelight dinner with your loved one. There are only three tables available and each one is loaded with yummy food. You don’t have any food concerns but they may contain something collectible for you. Therefore, follow the guide to learn how to complete Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Level 5.

  • Tap on the table on your left-side and collect a button whereon 7 is written.
  • Now head to the first table to collect the following hidden objects: Bottle Opener and 1/3 Coins.
  • Click on the wardrobe near the front wall and pick up a bottle from there to add to your inventory.
  • Now, you should tap on the bottle rack and keep the collected bottle in an empty place and start playing a mini-game. To solve the puzzle, you have to arrange the bottle in a proper way that together they make an image of the dragon.
  • Once you complete the image, a drawer below the bottle rack will open and you can collect a hammer from there.
  • In the next step, you must collect a button from the same cupboard whereon 2 is written.
  • Use the hammer to break the piggy bank and collect a coin.
  • After leaving the piggy bank, tap the typewriter nearby it and add the missing buttons which are “2 and 7.”

  • Play a mini-game that will start once you complete all buttons. Adjust all digits following multiplication signs and collect the third coin.
  • Once you collected all three coins, head to the machine available on the front wall above the wardrobe. Insert all coins and collect a bottle.
  • Use the opener to open the bottle and collect paper from it.
  • Check out the paper from your inventory and count each object drawn on the paper.

  • Once you are done, you have to use the hammer to reveal the dial lock by merely hitting the archery.
  • Enter the code 5313.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 6

The game leaves you in a kid’s room along with dozens of toys and many new objects to find. Completing the challenging puzzles may require a lot of attention, sharp eyesight, and an active brain. If you love to be a detective, then solving such types of puzzles shouldn’t any problem ahead of you. Without having a proper guide, solving puzzles of those games where a list of items is absent could be a tough task. Therefore, we jump in to help you by introducing Escape Game 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough Guide.

  • Tap the floor to collect a toy arm.
  • A toy is sitting on the bed and you can find puzzle pieces nearby it.
  • Near the wardrobe, a red-colored bucket is available. Visit the bucket and collect a spray.
  • On the right wall, there’s scenery with missing pieces. You must add pieces from your inventory to the image and play a mini-game. Once it is done, you just spray on the painting to reveal the code 3987.
  • Now click the table on the right side and enter the code to open the drawer. It will reveal a frog.
  • Use the frog to open the first door of the cupboard and play the 2nd mini-game to collect a dummy.
  • Bring the mechanical arm close to the toy sitting on the bed and adjust to its body. It will reveal a box holding a paper for you to display to pose the dummies.
  • On the table, you may discover two dummies but you need to keep the third dummy next to those
  • After that, you will receive another toy from the secret drawer. Use the toy to the cupboard on the left side of the bed and collect a fish from the trapdoor.
  • Use the fish to open the 2nd door of the cupboard near the left wall and play the third Block Puzzle mini-game. To complete the game, you must keep frogs on the leaf and fish in the water.
  • Completion of the game will give you a key that you can use to unlock the main door and escape.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 7

The scene seems scary because of the ruined environment and a skull. Lots of mess surround you may never let you complete the Escape Game 50 Rooms 2 Level 7. Finding any object from a massive stack is almost impossible, especially when you don’t know what to find. Your only aim is to find a key to open the door and escape. For the completion of levels, keep reading the Escape Game 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough.

  • At the very start, you must collect a brick hammer from a broken pot available close to the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the rail push trolley to find a stone whereon an eye is drawn. Use the hammer to smash the brick and collect the eye.
  • Click on the mummy case near the left wall and add the eye to its proper place to unlock the chain.

  • Bring the key out from the mummy’s mouth, as well as a knife to add into your inventory. On the left side of the mummy case, you must collect another key and a matchbox.
  • Tap the foot of the bench and add all four keys you collected from the mummy case, and gather all colors.
  • Now, you should click on the box on the left side of the mummy case and use a knife from your inventory to bring the wooden pieces out to collect an object.

  • Visit a statue near the mummy case and let it hold a wooden stick you recently collected. Set fire using the matchstick and light up the area.
  • Head to the main door that is visible to you after setting the fire and add all colors available to your inventory.
  • Play a mini-game, set all gems, and escape.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 8

The eighth level is set in a sports room where you may find different shirts and many other sports equipment. Hone your detective skills and master all puzzle-solving abilities to accomplish all levels. Follow the steps to complete the sports room level:

  • Click on t-shirts and remember their first digits. Afterward, move to the shoe rack and adjust them accordingly to the digits you found on shirts.
  • At the right corner of the rack, you should adjust the number according to the shoes to open the hidden case and collect the trophy.
  • After that, head to the images and drag the image of the red team to reveal a locker. Enter the code “2654” to collect another trophy.
  • Keep both trophies on the stand available on the right side and collect a necklace.
  • Add the necklace to the door to open it and escape.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 9

Thankfully, you are out of the home and standing ahead of a hotel. Completing the previous level was pretty easy than expected and solved within a few steps. Unlike the 8th level, it seems the 9th level would be tough and difficult to complete. A beautiful vehicle is standing and for sure there will be something available to collect.

  • Tap the vehicle and collect a purse next to the driving seat.
  • Head to the door available on the right side of the lamp and play a mini-game.

  • Follow the red path to complete both puzzles and open the door to get into it.

  • After getting into the door, you may find a chair and a table ahead of you to interrogate.

  • Pick up a vehicle from below the car.
  • Open the table’s drawer and collect a magnet. Don’t forget to catch the camera available in a drawer below the typewriter.
  • Just tap on the chair’s top to reveal a small cupboard and open it to collect yarn.
  • Afterward, select a car from your inventory and bring it upside down. Open the cover to collect a battery and add it to your inventory.
  • Add the battery to the camera and take it back to your inventory. Now, you must click on the magnet and the yarn to connect them.
  • Click on the sewerage cover, bring the camera over there to light up the dark area, and use the magnet to bring the key out.
  • Use the key to open the car’s back and collect a screwdriver.
  • After having a screwdriver, click on the lamp tower and use to untie the screws.
  • Remember all numbers written on the wires and open the book from your inventory to discover the last digit.
  • Head to the main door and enter the code (89453).
  • Escape level 9 and attempt to accomplish level 10.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 10

Level 10 takes place in an ancient place where you may discover lots of rare weapons found many decades before. There’s a door which is locked and needs a key to give you access to further areas. Start finding hidden objects you don’t know and solve a tricky puzzle to become the master. Before starting the game, you should keep in mind that finding the first three puzzle pieces is your ultimate job. Here’s a solution:

  • Click the drum closest to the screen’s bottom near the bucket to collect the first piece.
  • Find and click on the cannonballs to discover the 2nd puzzle Head to the stack of drums to collect a rope.
  • There’s a cannon on the right-side after the drum wherefrom you can collect the third piece.
  • Head to the main door and add three pieces you found to let the game begin. You are supposed to complete the first three puzzles to open the door.

How to complete the first Mini-Game?

Setting the blocks following the image will help you get rid of the problem.

How to complete Second Mini-Game?

How to complete Third Mini-Game?

Level 10 – Room 2 Walkthrough

After getting into the room, you have to tap the typewriter on the table and head to a book nearby it which is in itself is a puzzle. Complete the image by merely dragging pieces to the empty page. Upon completion, it will reveal a word (teacher).

  • Head to a box on the left side of the room and enter the code (210). Open the box and collect a hook.
  • Connect the hook with the rope and come back to the main room. Throw the rope out of the window and escape.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 11

After following the rope, you came into an empty room where only book racks available. You can also see some painting on the walls and a door on the left side. Soft lights coming out of bulbs placed on the roof are offering a relaxing environment. Apart from that, lots of mess are available on the floor as many books are spread without any manner.

  • Select the bottom part of the left rack and collect a horse from there to add to your inventory.
  • Now, visit the area above to collect a statue of an eagle.
  • You should move to the right rack and add both statues over there and play a mini-game. It will reward you with a USB drive if you complete the game.

  • Next to the window, the game features a laptop that you need to check what the USB drive contains for you to reveal.
  • Insert the USB driver and try to reveal a password by merely solving a mathematical question.
  • Besides that, you must keep the number written on a trophy and the piggy bank in mind to use later. Head to the bookshelf where you can easily an image of dancing covers split into different pieces. Arrange them properly to complete the image and visit the locker.
  • Enter the code (1854) to open the locker and collect a button (Start).
  • Add the button to the main door and play a mini-game. Firstly, you should hit the button and stop when the meter shows 0. The door will up for you to escape.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 12

After coming out of the library, you are in a room of any artist. Across the room, you may find lots of statues, even in the rack. The door is closed and the game tasked you with opening the door by finding a key. So let’s get started to find a key by solving a tricky puzzle.

  • You can easily discover a rod near the statue amidst the room.
  • Use the rod to bring a shovel out below the table holding a white bottle.
  • Click on the fireplace and clean it by removing the dust using a shovel you collected. The process of cleaning the dust will reveal a pattern.
  • Tap on the left statue’s lower part and hit the specific tiles to collect a hammer after opening the secret case.

  • Use a hammer to break the statue on a table available near the rack or next to the fireplace. After that collect a knife holder.
  • Click on the board on the left side of the door and place the knife holder. The mini-game will start wherein your task is to develop a knife by bringing both parts together. After that, the frame will slide a bit to reveal unique signs.

  • Head to the fireplace and tap the signs according to the pattern the frame reveals to open a secret box and collect a coin.
  • Click on the box available on the right side of the room, add a coin you found from the fireplace, and start playing a mini-game. When playing the game, your goal is to bring red coins to the red side while the blue coins to the blue side.
  • Collect a tool from inside the box after completing the game and use it to open the door. Firstly, you should fix the tool to the door and then hit using the hammer to open the door.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 13

As you leave the artist room, the game welcomes you to a mechanic room where you will discover heavy machinery and many other things. Finding hidden objects is your ultimate job without having a list of products and utilize them to solve the mystery. You are assuming the role of a person who doesn’t know how he reached over here. The only thing he knows is to escape the house at any cost. So you should keep helping the guy in finding the keys to doors.

  • Tap the skulls to collect 1/3 painting pieces that are available near the cupboard.
  • Explore the 2nd shelf of the cupboard to find the 2nd piece.
  • Click on the animal’s head to collect 1/2 square pieces.
  • Afterward, tap the window to collect a letter (N).
  • Find the book on the floor and place the letter N to open it and collect the 2nd square piece.
  • There’s a locker on the left side of the cupboard containing a 3-digit To find the code, you must visit the cupboard and count books available on each rack. The code is 836 that you need to unlock and reveal a mini-game.
  • Add both square pieces to the board and start playing the game to win. In the mini-game, you have to find two similar items at once and keep revealing the images until the board ends.

  • Completion of the mini-game may reward you with a handle.
  • There’s a monster statue on the left side of the screen that holds the third piece of painting. You must tap on two paintings of monsters with goat heads and add the missing pieces to complete both paintings.

  • Once you are done, a mini-game involves you finding differences between both paintings, and don’t forget to collect a piece of the star.
  • Add the star piece to a painting drawn on the floor next to the wheel and collect a ring.
  • Connect the handle and place the ring in the wheel to start the machine. As the machine starts, the secret door to the basement will open.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 Walkthrough – Level 14

The fourteenth level takes place outside the house where you may find a lot of mess across. Surely, you have to find objects you aren’t familiar with, although using your detective skills you get to understand what to collect and how to react with the scene. Using the point-and-click interface, you have to tap the specific area to reveal whether it contains any hidden objects or not.

  • On the right side, there’s a bench containing a trophy below it.
  • Explore the pots near the cartwheel to collect a rope.
  • You can play a mini-game by merely clicking on a specific part of the front wall below the tiger’s head. Solving the game may unlock a door to the secret room. Get into the said room to explore and see what it holds for you to find.

Secret Room

After getting into the secret room, you must head to the rack kept near the train engine to collect a trophy and a hook. Another trophy is available below the train standing on the right side. After collecting both trophies, you should come back to the main scene and head to a wardrobe.

  • Now, you should head to the wardrobe available on the right side of the main door to play a mini-game and draw a star.
  • Drawing a star on the cupboard’s door will open its door to reveal places for trophies. Keep all trophies from your inventory to the wardrobe and open a drawer to collect needles.

  • Connect the hook with the rope and visit the secret room. Tap the train engine and add needles to the pressure meters to set them properly.
  • Set the needles in a way that together they draw a digit of 2.
  • Collect a car jack and visit the trapdoor behind the train. Place the jack to lift the bars.
  • Attach the hook with the bars and land smoothly to the next room.


Escape Game: 50 Rooms 2 comes with improved graphics and mechanics than the previous title; however, the gameplay remains the same. It doesn’t mean you may experience the same levels as you found in the first release. You can expect thrill and mystery at every corner of the room and the game won’t provide you with any list of items that you need to find. Without knowing what to find, the gameplay becomes impressively amazing to play, as well as tough and difficult. The artwork and soundtrack are impressive enough to take your gaming experience to the next level. Apart from that, the hint system could be impressive, but the limited option makes it gets worst when you run out of hints.

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