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The Odessa Dating Games | Welcome to The Odessa Dating Games!


After losing a bet to your roommate, you’re forced to sign up for Odessa Dates, a wildly popular dating website taking your country, Odessa, by storm.

When an announcement made by the Odessa Royal Family thrusts you into a competition for the heir’s hand in marriage, you quickly begin to realize that you’re in a lot more trouble than trying to figure out what spoon is the dessert spoon.

With rivals, romance and rituals around every corner, welcome to The Odessa Dating Games!

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Hi, I’m Tandra. The Odessa Dating Games is an interactive fiction novel that I started over on the Choice of Games website. It’s been just over a year over there and I decided it was time to take the game to Tumblr!

Here’s the quick rundown of what you need to know about the game! A more detailed list is over at the forum.

  • Play as a man, woman, or as non-binary! Be gay, straight, bisexual or pansexual.
  • Romance loads of characters, including your roommate, the heir to the throne and more!
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer as you work to uncover what threatens your home country of Odessa, all while competing in a competition with loads of challenges to test your skills, strength and more.
  • Create the royal of your dreams, or play as a default royal character.

Now, a more detailed look at The Odessa Dating Games:


  • The Heir to Odessa, who can have pre determined looks, or can be custom made to your liking, right down to their hair, height, gender and more.
  • The Heir’s younger sibling, Mozelle Wyman, a redhead with a love of speaking before she thinks.
  • Your roommate, Odi/Odanna Baxley, whom you’ve been living with for quite a while. O has tattoos, brown hair, blue eyes and is the whole reason you get into the competition in the first place.
  • Lyon Powers, a tech intern in charge of keeping track of your performance while in the games.
  • Jenna Young, leader of the Odessenters, a group aimed at trying to take down the Odessa Royal Family once and for all.
  • And a few others that I’ll let you guys discover for yourselves!

Some questions you might have…

  • What was your inspiration for this game? I’ve always loved reading and playing games that involved royal families and royals! As far as games/material, I was inspired by Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, as well as Drag Star from COG and various other HG and COG royal inspired games.
  • When will this game be finished? Totally up in the air at the moment. I have a full-time job, so this is only a side hobby. I would love to have this out by 2022.
  • How often do you update? Pretty randomly. There’s no set time for updates, but I always update the title on the topic on the COG forum. I’m a night owl, so they tend to come in the middle of the night haha. I will do weekly updates on here just to keep myself accountable and you guys interested!
  • How many chapters will this game be? At least 12.
  • Will there be a sequel? No, this will be a standalone novel, but as the game nears competition, I might entertain a new story set in the same world, or writing a prequel.

A fuller FAQ list is posted on the forum topic on the COG forum website! I will eventually add the questions on the FAQ website, but I am currently holding off as to not spoil people for a little while.

I am more active on the forums than Tumblr for now, but feel free to send questions, comments or anything like that to either place. Please reserve coding issues to the COG FORUM only, as that’s where my testing team is most active on and can help me out with those.

I also track #the odessa dating games and #todg! I’d love to see any fanart/stories/mood boards/etc. that you guys come up with!

Without further ago, I present, The Odessa Dating Games.

Want something visual to go along with your game? Check out my Pinterest account for the game here!


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