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Here’s the update, as promised. I considered delaying for a day or two while I wrote some more scenes, so it’s probably a good thing I committed to this deadline ahead of time. This update contains a lot of stuff, hence the name, but I want to point out a couple in particular. Thanks B.R. Chen for the character portraits and thanks Legion for the new magic training scenes.

I’m also quite pleased to finally add Kat to the game, because I’ve been working on her so long (since before the first alpha release actually). I’ll try to get her daytime scenes done soon.

One last note: The addition of the clothing change system has resulted in restructuring the save files again. I designed the save/load systems to support old saves and testing has been positive so far, but I still highly recommend backing up your save if you’re worried about losing it.

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  • Trip no longer usable from behind
  • Tweaked some gui stuff that may help with issues when resizing panels
  • Fixed an issue where blowjob text sometimes fails to display
  • Changed combat structure so that NPC combat can be fully simulated without causing stack overflows
  • Added character portraits donated by B.R. Chen
  • Images can be disabled in the options menu if people find them distracting
  • Fixed stomp message displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed Piston skill categorized wrong
  • Fixed reversed masturbation messages
  • Clairvoyance now provides the evasion and counterattack bonus like its description
  • Recategorized Carry and Fly as fucking
  • You can no longer increase speed at level up, I’m working on a new way to handle that Attribute
  • Penetration stances are no longer broken by the submissive character running out of stamina.
  • Effectiveness of Dark Tendrils now scales with Dark
  • Effectiveness of Binding now scales with Arcane
  • Ass Fuck now causes a one turn stun
  • Raised difficulty to struggle out of fucking or anal stances
  • Lots of changes to how clothing is handled, clothes now have traits and prices
  • Theoretically, skills should create a new page if more than 28 are available
  • Four new magic training scenes by Legion
  • Seperated attributes checks that can be modified by status/traits and those that cannot (massive pain in the ass)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing NPCs from learning Taunt
  • Added new Daytime activity to change your outfit, it does not use any time
  • Save games now track clothing owned but not worn, should work with existing saves BACKUP YOUR SAVE!
  • Added a new store that sells clothes during the day
  • Added a bunch of new clothing items with and without passive traits (I’m not going to list them all)
  • Whisper and Taunt now do increased temptation damage when wearing skimpy or no clothing
  • Aisha now gives you a mage’s cloak when you train with her the first time
  • Jett now gives you a lab coat when you train with him the first time
  • Suzume now gives you kung fu pants when you train with her the first time
  • Rin doesn’t give you shit. No hand outs.
  • New Science! skill: Short-Circuit
  • New Ki skill: Ice Form
  • New Arcane skill: Barrier
  • Attribute checks using untrained attributes now automatically fail
  • Item caches will start spawning at random after the average character level exceeds 5
  • Item caches require a successful check against a random attribute, the difficulty is based on the quality of the items
  • Item caches are not terribly interesting yet, but I’ll eventually start filling them with unbuyable items
  • Sometime after meeting Lilly for the first time, challenges will start to appear in random locations
  • Challenges must be completed the same night they appear to get a reward
  • Added a brief after-match scene to introduce challenges
  • Added another Mara defeat scene
  • Horny status now does variable temptation damage over time
  • Magnitude of Horny temptation damage from Lust Aura and Pheromones now scales with skimpiness of user’s outfit
  • Added some images to little stick figure dude to support jackets
  • Unlockable characters now start one level higher than the player
  • New Animism skill: Tiger Claw
  • New Ki skill: Shatter Kick
  • New item: Handcuffs, added to random item caches
  • New trap: Tentacle Trap, requires a Fetish Totem
  • New item: Fetish Totem, added to random item caches
  • New Animism skill: Cat’s Grace
  • New Animism skill: Shred
  • New Animism skill: Tailjob
  • New Misc skill: FaceSit
  • New Animism skill: Purr
  • Added another Angel victory scene
  • New item: Beer, added to random item caches and Black Market (actually an old item, but never implemented)
  • Added new unlockable opponent: Kat. She’s a catgirl, focused on the Animism attribute. She doesn’t have any daytime scenes just yet

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