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My Success Story 2.1.18 APK MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

My Success Story MOD APK is a simulation game from the publisher Rodan mobile Kft. In the game, you are a guy with only a dollar in the pocket and a small room in the dorm. How will you live?

  • Introduce about My Success Story
    • Life simulation game giving you many interesting experiences
    • The core of the game is how do you want to live your life?
    • Playing this game is to reflect on yourself and your future
    • Experience of love and interesting relationships
    • Graphics and sound
  • MOD APK version of My Success Story
    • MOD feature
    • How to get money?
  • Download My Success Story MOD APK for Android

Introduce about My Success Story

What do you think you’re living for? Wealth or happiness?

Life simulation game giving you many interesting experiences

The common point of simulation games is to faithfully reproduce a piece of our real life. And of course, everything in the game is relative and quite ideal. The larger the simulation scale, the higher the relativity. That is typically shown in this life simulation game, My Success Story.

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You are a poor guy, with only a dollar in your pocket. You have to stay in a very small room in a cramped dormitory. You only have the will to get rich and a relaxed mind. You will start looking for your first job, move out on your own in a new room, change to another stable job, and have a slightly higher income. Once you have the money saved up, you will continue to think about should you use that money to go to higher education or should you stop here and then move to another job with more money, or should you even use the accumulated money to enter the casino hoping to win a bargain?

As I said, everything in the game is relative because it completely has random elements of the most human. For example, theoretically, working is only working and then collecting money at the end of the month. But in reality, to give full attention to work, sometimes people will need relaxation, rest, and hundreds of other arising needs, not going in a straight line like this.

My Success Story MOD by APKMODY
My Success Story MOD APK download
My Success Story for Android

The core of the game is how do you want to live your life?

The question you have to ask yourself is: “How rich do I want to be and how fast do I want to make money?” The answer will guide all your decisions and the way up. In the game, there is absolutely no right or wrong, only gain and loss. And only you can see how you should do it. Sometimes you think your decision is crazy, maybe unethical, but so what? It’s all just games.

The most important goal is that you have to become really rich, become a truly successful person. Having a beautiful house, a luxury car, wearing branded clothes every day, owning a great company, taking control over hundreds of people, maybe even being rich enough to buy an island, those are what you need to focus on.

Then you meet your The One. Will you decide to build a long-term relationship or just “cross the street” for fun? Will you decide to spend your life with her or just stop at a few contacts? Do you want to have a family and children together or continue your single trip? All decisions are up to you.

Playing this game is to reflect on yourself and your future

My Success Story does not tell you how to do right, how to live right. But after playing it, you will draw a lot of lessons for yourself. Then you will realize that money to a certain extent will also become a burden, having a lot of money at first will make you extremely excited and proud, but when you have almost everything in hand, you may not see the fun or a will to strive for. The first lesson learned is: let money be a tool, as a driving force to create your passion, not vice versa.

You will realize that all material wealth gained through games of chance, or illegal work will disappear very quickly. As our grandparents used to say: “Easy come, easy go”. Money and prosperity are easy to come and easy to go. If you basically don’t know how to appreciate those coins as you don’t put in the effort to make them, it will also be spent very quickly. Or worse, it is also the premise for many “fatal diseases” later on, such as gambling and betting addiction. You know, gambling is the father of the poor.

You will also realize that in the end, what a person needs to pursue is his own happiness. No matter how little or much money you have, you will need a family, a home to protect and nurture every day. In the game, there are times when I play with a mountain of money and gold, branded goods, shiny cars, but my heart is empty. At that time, I thought I would play here for this much money, but I didn’t know what I should do then. It’s just liked the feeling when you actually feel materially fulfilled. What else would you like to find then? Is it happiness and a family home?

Experience of love and interesting relationships

Talking about love, the game also gives me a pretty interesting experience. Dating, getting to know girls also happens quickly and quickly. But if you get into it and run from one fun to another, you’ll notice another problem. For me, I realized that I need sincere love and a stable relationship as the days go by. So, what is happiness, where to find it? Wealth is a good means, but it cannot buy happiness.

Finally, I decided to stop everything, live with the person I love in a family, and have children in the future. This perfect ending is what makes me laugh softly and relax throughout a day of playing this game. This feeling of peace and comfort is different from the smile that satisfies the desire to get rich when you have good money in hand or when you own the world’s most modern car for the first time.

Graphics and sound

The graphics are only 2D but do depict everything sharp and profound. The transitions also take place gently, not fussy ostentatiously. The music is also soft and smooth to help players fully focus on their big and small decisions.

Download My Success Story MOD APK for Android

This simulation game is very easy to play, almost just click, select and select. But it’s important in what lessons you draw for yourself, what you can think about from the game. That is the profound human value that a life simulation game brings. Play and experience all levels of emotions with My Success Story, everyone.

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