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My little angel review – student at risk

As far as I understand, My little angel is a game from Russian developers. The game is not available on Steam, so the developers are sharing it for free on Patreon.

Briefly about the story and gameplay

The protagonist is an unlikable and utterly immoral type whose life is suddenly cut short during his next atrocity. Not surprisingly, we won’t be allowed into the local paradise, but in hell so bad people are at a premium. We are assigned to work undercover. The main objective is to pretend to be a guardian angel to throw the innocent good-natured student Anabelle off the right path.

Since we – a creature not of flesh and blood, to influence the local humans we will use the power of angels. The main purpose of this game is to have the ability to read minds of people and make them whisper our will. The main thing is not to get caught.

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The main character is a bit like a guardian angel, but we don’t have to be around the main character at all times. We are also free to move around the city, observe other people and influence them as well.

Overall, the game has a cool concept that can be sculpted into a really cool lump of gameplay elements. The developers decided not to make up complex gameplay, but they did make up the replayability. Depending on whether we will bend our heroine to debauchery or not, who we will prefer – boys or girls, the final part of the game and the opened scenes will depend on.

Graphics and fapability

The graphical style of the game leaves a mixed impression, as if the game was drawn by two different artists from different viewpoints. Some of the characters and scenes are very beautiful, while others seem to have been deliberately mutilated. Some of the art makes you feel lumpy, while others make you not recognise the main character at all.

Unfortunately, the game also has technical flaws in the form of a floating cursor in the city menu and animation during the most important scenes in games of this kind.

Nevertheless, the very fact of moving the kite while playing My little angel is recorded many times over, mostly due to the well-described situations the protagonist sometimes gets herself into. For the possibility of endlessly forcing the heroine to bend down for a fallen pen or to correct a slipper without wearing panties, I’m ready to give the game another point. The result is a score of 3 ❤❤❤❤ with a slight minus.

Time taken and speed of progress

Those wishing to discover the full gallery can safely cross off ~10 hours of their life, as the game has several times to go through. But it’s worth it =).


The review may make it sound like I didn’t enjoy the game, but I didn’t. I liked the game a lot, it just deceived my hopes at a very early stage :). When the sexy dev was telling me how I could influence other people in town, excite anyone and get a lot of fun, it wasn’t the gameplay that my imagination had pictured for me at all. Maybe I just don’t like this kind of novel, although The winds disciple got me… hmmm.

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