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Murder! At the Manor A Weird and Whimsical Murder Mystery Game for 8 – 12 Players – Bearded Rat Mysteries |

Welcome to Aloysius “Al” Aldufarb’s 40th birthday party! It’s quite the spectacle – Al spares no expense when it comes to his personal festivities. The party is a flurry of food and fun, until a frantic scream fills the mansion and Wilbert Wilberton, Al’s butler and gardener, is found dead on the kitchen floor. His body is covered in bites, a stick of brand-new butter is in his pocket, and a strong odor of something vile and offensive is radiating off his corpse. The situation is very strange indeed, which is why you must determine the murderer quickly, and without incident. After all, who knows what other strange and bizarre occurrences await you?

The murderer can only be one of you.

Good luck.

Bạn đang xem: Murder! At the Manor A Weird and Whimsical Murder Mystery Game for 8 – 12 Players – Bearded Rat Mysteries |

This game has no fancy illustrations or design – so it’s only $4.99!

Murder! At the Manor can be played virtually, but it is better suited to playing in person.

Playing time approximately 1.5 – 2.5 hours. Ages 12 and up. The host can play too!

This game is a digital file that you will download. This means as soon as your payment is confirmed, you will have the option to download Murder! At the Manor, and then you can play the game.

This download includes:

8 Essential character handbooks, containing character backgrounds, character quirks, clues, and secrets4 Optional character handbooks, containing character backgrounds, character quirks, at least one secret, and at least one thing to say per round1 Host Guide, containing detailed instructions, tips, and hints1 Optional script

Murder! At the Manor is divided into 4 rounds. During rounds 1, 2, and 3, each player will reveal the clues given to them in their handbook. At the end of round 3, each player will guess who they think killed Wilbert Wilberton. Once every player has made an accusation, the players will turn to round 4 to read their confessions, starting with confession #1.

This game comes with an optional script. The script only includes lines for the essential characters. If any optional characters are playing, they can interrupt the script to reveal their clues, or wait until the end of each round.


ANYONE, experienced murder mystery game players and novices alike, can enjoy all three levels of my mystery games. But in case you’re curious, here’s how I break down the three levels:

LEVEL: FLEXIBLE This level is super flexible and allows players to be involved as much or as little as they desire. It’s a great game to play as a first-time murder mystery player and can be a great get-to-know-you activity for groups of people that have yet to bond.

LEVEL: INSPECTOR The characters in this level tend to have more clues and secrets, so there’s a little more reading before each round. It’s a great game to play for everyone!

LEVEL: INTRIGUE The essential characters in this level tend to have a lot of secrets and clues. There’s more to keep track of, but that also means there’s more intrigue, more twists, and more laughs! It’s a great game to play with your friends and family, people you know really well and can really “vibe” off of, if you know what I mean.



Aloysius “Al” Aldufarb

Al is an eccentric billionaire living alone with his trusty butler and gardener, Wilbert Wilberton. He made his fortune by inventing many genius devices, one of which being the Mechanical Wiper, a “Hands Free Bathroom Experience!” He likes to spend his life alone, a recluse in his grand mansion, save for his butler and beloved herd of chickens.

Burt Billings

Burt is a run-of -the-mill rubber chicken salesman, just trying to make ends meet in this topsy turvy world.

Ralph Rathbone, King of the Squirrels

As King of the Squirrels, Ralph was born into a role that requires dignity, courage, and a strong sense of responsibility. His mother was a human and his father was a squirrel, so he experiences the best of both worlds: human height and strength, and squirrel-like speed and agility.

Gilbert Gilderoy

Gilbert is a great safari hunter, world renowned and world revered. He has hunted the giant man-eating tree frog in Laos; he has scaled the Great Wall of China to eliminate the rare and deadly red-eyed poisonous panda bear; and most recently, he has pursued every dangerous and majestic creature the vast continent of Africa has to offer. Now, he attends AL’s birthday party to relax and have a little fun.

General Emerald Emerson, Champion of Empolia, Land of Lollipops and Hand Grenades

As General and Champion of Empolia, Emerald is serious and powerful – and she’s on a mission to free Empolia, a land that is suffering under the leadership of a ruthless dictator.

Faye Florentine

Faye is an 80’s aerobics and dance routine teacher, and she’s passionate to share her dance with the world. She’s also Al Aldufarb’s longtime neighbor and was the best friend of his wife Alice, before Alice mysteriously disappeared.

Clarissa Classen

Clarissa is a coroner, hawk trainer, and nationally renowned collector of Amish zippers. Her many interests and eccentricities make her the ideal dinner party guest, and she’s always ready and willing to ask questions, dig for answers, and share her hobbies with others.

Zilla Zilch

Zilla is a sewer dweller who spends her days in the dark and disgusting tunnels underneath the neighborhood. Because of this lifestyle, Zilla is privy to all the deep, dark secrets of the surface-dwellers, yet she still manages to treat the surface-dwellers with something close to compassion.


Sparkle Gleam, Queen of the Fireflies

As Queen of the Fireflies, Sparkle Gleam is regal, demanding, and a little bit sparkly. She was not invited to the party, but she came anyway – because that’s the kind of person she is. Her number one goal is to get people to serve her. After all, there are so many things to do, how can she do them all herself?

The Great Rat Prometheus

The Great Rat Prometheus is a magical being whose domain is underground, but whose entertainment is above ground, among the humans. He loves to manipulate others, and to keep tabs on everyone and everything.

Henrietta the Backyard Chicken

Henrietta may just be a backyard chicken, but she’s a smart chicken, and everyone says she has the prettiest feathers. She can’t speak Human, but boy, does she have a lot to say! If only someone would listen.

Steven the Squirrel

Steven spends his days eating, sleeping, teasing the neighborhood dogs, and serving his mighty ruler The Majestic King Ralph. He’s excited to attend Aloysius Aldufarb’s birthday party – mostly for the snacks, but also because he loves to be at King Ralph’s beck and call.

Mystery Game Modules Terms and Conditions General(i) Any Mystery Module purchased cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged.(ii) If you experience technical difficulty in downloading a Module, please contact our customer service team for assistance.(iii) You are permitted to download the Module but this license is personal to you, non-exclusive and non-transferrable.(iv) You may reproduce and store portions of the Module’s content for your personal use.(v) Full-scale reproduction of the contents of the Module are expressly prohibited.(vi) You may not make or distribute unauthorized copies of the Module, or copy, modify, or transfer the Module, in whole or in part, unless you receive our express permission.Terms of Use(i) You are granted the right to download and print the Module.(ii) You may print the Module for personal use.(iii) You agree to protect the Module from unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution.(iv) Network distribution of the Module is expressly prohibited.CopyrightThe entire contents of the Module are protected by copyright. You may not create derivative works from any of the Module content. No part of any chapter or character of any Module may be reproduced for any other purpose, without the prior written permission except as permitted in this license agreement.DisclaimerThe Module is provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied including without limitations, accuracy, omissions, completeness or implied warranties or suitability or fitness for a particular purpose or other incidental damages arising out of the use or the inability to use the Module. You acknowledge that the use of this service is entirely at your own risk. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. By purchasing this mystery module, you acknowledge that you have read this Agreement, and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

Release of LiabilityBy authorizing the purchase of and downloading any Mystery Module created and provided by Bearded Rat Mysteries, LLC, you hereby assume all liability associated with preparing and performing any Module. Bearded Rat Mysteries, LLC, is not responsible for any harm, mental or physical, to any participant, nor is Bearded Rat Mysteries, LLC, responsible for any damages done to personal, private, or public property resulting from preparing or performing any Module. By purchasing this mystery module, you acknowledge you have read this form and agree to assume all liability.

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