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7 Things You Didn&039t Know About The Game Time Gold at McDonalds

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A new game is about to begin at McDonald’s next month – the Game Time Gold! While we don’t have a lot of details about it yet, the fact that one $500,000 Sweepstakes Prize is available each week for the first four weeks is already pretty interesting! So let’s have a look at other things that you might not know about this promotion running in-store and online at during the month of November.

1. The Game Time Gold at McDonald’s is replacing the McDonald’s Monopoly Game (For this year)

2014 MONOPOLY Game at McDonald’s

At that time of year, people were used to visit McDonald’s restaurants with the hope of collecting both Park Place and Boardwalk game pieces for a chance to win the $1,000,000 Grand Prize in the Monopoly-themed game. For some reasons (Super Bowl 50?), the most popular McDonald’s promotion won’t return in the U.S. this year. Instead, the all-new “Game Time Gold” game will hit restaurants starting on November 3. McDonald’s decided the use the same URL as the Monopoly game –

2. You need a Game Piece to play

game time gold game piece
Game Time Gold Game Piece

In order to play the Game Time Gold at McDonald’s, you need to obtain a Game Piece. A total of 441,660,000 Game Pieces will be available for distribution during the Game and each Game Piece can be obtained with the purchase of a select McDonald’s menu item or without a purchase by requesting one by mail. You will get one (1) Game Piece for each qualifying purchase. However, you can get two (2) Game Pieces with the purchase of 20-piece Chicken McNuggets.

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3. Ordering Hash Browns is the cheapest way to get a Game Piece

McDonald’s Hash-Brown

Priced at $1.28 in California, $1.31 in New York, eating hash browns will be your cheapest way to obtain game pieces. And now that you can order breakfast all day, this is your best shot a getting tons of game pieces at a low price. The 20-piece Chicken McNuggets is the priciest food item of the list at $6.40 in California and $6.55 in New York but, on the other hand, it will get you two (2) Game Pieces so as long as you love them, that’s good!

4. McDonald’s is promoting this new game with TV Commercials

game time gold tv spot
Game Time Gold TV Spot

McDonald’s has uploaded two 15-second ads on YouTube to promote the Game Time Gold Game. The first spot is revealing Chicago Bears’ coach Mike Ditka’s new team – Green Bay Packers – while the second one features Jerry Rice, one of the greatest wide receiver in NFL history who played with San Francisco 49ers, who is now rooting for the Cowboys. Will your NFL loyalties be tested too? Their’s only one way to find out, starting on Nov. 3!

5. You have good chances to win… Food Prizes

Instant Win Food Prizes
Instant Win Food Prizes

The odds of getting an Instant Win Food Prize Game Piece are 1 in 4 while the odds of winning any Instant Win Food Prize are also 1 in 4. The odds of winning a specific Food Prize in the Game are:

  • Premium Chicken sandwich: 1 in 40;
  • Quarter Pounder w/Cheese sandwich: $3.95, Odds: 1 in 40;
  • Medium Fries: 1 in 10;
  • Breakfast Sandwich: 1 in 40;
  • Snack McFlurry or Small Parfait: 1 in 40;
  • Small Hot Coffee: 1 in 40;
  • Small McCafé Smoothie: 1 in 40.

In comparison, odds of winning a $50 cash prize are approximately 1 in 24,537.

6. Over $2,000,000 are up for grabs, in cash only

Cash Prize
Cash Prize

With four (4) $500,000 weekly giveaways, McDonald’s will be giving a total of two (2) million dollars in cash only. This doesn’t include the value of other prizes such as Super Bowl 50 trips, Shopping Sprees, Xbox One consoles, food prizes, and more! Not to mention that 18,000 $50 cash prizes will also be awarded instantly during the in-store game!

7. The approximate retail value of all prizes is more than $58,000,00.00

Game Time Gold at McDonald You read right, over $58,000,000 in prizes will be available to be won during the Game Time Gold at McDonald’s and that doesn’t not even include the In-Store Game Instant Win Food Prizes! Can you believe it?

Here’s a breakdown of all prizes:

  • In-Store Game Non-Food Instant Win Prizes: $900,000 (18,000 Prizes available)
  • Lucky Team Free Small Fries Prizes: $54,651,822.72 (41,402,896 Prizes available)
  • $500,000 Cash: $2,000,000 (4 Prizes available)
  • Trip for Two (2) to Super Bowl 50: $46,200 (5 Prizes available)
  • A 2016 Hyundai All-New Tucson 1.6L Turbo: up to $52,300 (2 Prizes available)
  • $5,000 Shopping Spree: $5,000 (1 Prize available)
  • $500 eGift Card: $15,000 (30 Prizes available)
  • Ticketmaster 2016 Regular Season Tickets: up to $4,000 (1 Prize available)
  • Xbox One/EA Sports Madden NFL 16 Package: $447,984 (800 Prizes available)
  • In-Store Game Instant Win Food Prizes: There’s no information about the total number of prizes available.

How do you feel about the upcoming Game Time Gold at McDonald’s? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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