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Made with RPG Maker, Manila Shaw: Blackmail’s Obsession is an ambitious adult visual novel video game. Created by Abaddon, the game follows a rookie cop named Manila. It plays like a typical visual novel with some action elements added to improve the experience. If you’re the sort of player that enjoys adult games and action flicks, this will be one to add to your collection.


As Manila Shaw, you are a policewoman that does things by the book and apprehends perpetrators. She respects the rules and upholds her duty to justice. However, things are a bit difficult in this dystopian world, so crime runs more rampant than usual. As you explore the world and take on tasks in search of criminals and villainous people, you must choose the right course of action to successfully complete missions.

While playing, you’ll encounter mysterious characters that obsess over Manila like the enigmatic John Doe. This character will change her world forever and lead her into the dark depths of corruption and the underworld crime.

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The game is great because it manages to separate itself from the typical visual novel focus on romance. With the dialogue options, fans of games like Detroit: Become Human will enjoy what Manila Shaw: Blackmail’s Obsession has to offer. The justice and corruption mechanic add more weight to the story elements of the game.

As a cop, its up to you to determine how certain situations occurred. Therefore, it would be best to keep a close watch on captured criminals L.A. Noire style.

The game has its fair share of bugs, but the compelling gameplay makes up for it.


As Manila, its up to you, the player to make choices that affect the events that occur. These decisions might temporarily or permanently change the results of your playthrough.

When faced with an important decision, you might get 2 or more of the following:

  • Green: This choice type is usually meant for decisions that lean towards justice or a good moral code. When you pick green, you indicate your sworn values as a cop and respect the laws. Achieving a high level of Justice can make Manila an avenger character. Any decision aligned with Justice will usually have a bracket like (+1) or (+2) to show the alignment.

  • Blue: For neutral decisions, blue is the option available to players. When choosing blue, it indicates that you want to postpone your choice or avoid a decision to prevent overworking your character in a scenario.

  • Red: Red as a choice is for the players that want a sort of vigilante or bad cop role. That means you’re a bad cop, and you don’t do things by the rules. This might serve you well in the dystopian world, but be warned, the consequences might be too hot to handle. When you choose red, the “Corruption” value will be in marked brackets indicating (+1) or (+2). As your affinity for a specific choice grows, Manila will begin to do things differently.

As your choices tend to have consequences, some dialogues and scenes might change. If you are the type to play adult games in a risque fashion, red might be up your alley. Just be careful with the way you talk to the criminals in this game.


  • Many options
  • Player is in charge
  • Great story


  • Buggy

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