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— Loki&039s Goblet, The Avengers Drinking Game

I hope everyone saw the Avengers this past week!!! IT WAS WAY TOO GOOOOOOD >______< Nerd juices flying everywhere.

Anyway, my friend and I wanted a drinking game themed after The Avengers so we could come home from the screening and get happily drunk. SO! We changed “King’s Cup” to “Loki’s Goblet,” and we ran with it. We changed the rules ever so slightly. If you don’t know what King’s Cup is, here is an explanation of the rules Below are the revamped rules. Happy drinking! What you’ll need:

  1. Ping pong balls
  2. Cups
  3. A deck of cards
  4. Drinks
  5. A bigger cup for Loki’s Goblet.

Card – Rule

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  • 2 – You The player who drew this card decides which player to drink
  • 3 – Me The player who drew this card must drink
  • 4 – Thor’s Challenge Point your hammer of justice and challenge a player to drink as long as you do.
  • 5 – Hulk’s Dive The player who drew this card must play flip cup. If he or she does not get it in three tries, he or she passes on the cup to the player to his or her left. The player to successfully flip the cup doesn’t drink. All other players must drink. If no player after a full rotation is able to flip the cup, everyone drinks.
  • 6 – Big Tits Black Widow Female players drink
  • 7 – Weapons to Heaven Choose a weapon that corresponds to an Avenger. Point that weapon to Asgard (the sky)
  • 8 – Teammate Choose your teammate into battle. Anytime you drink, that player chosen must drink.
  • 9 – Stan Lee, Age 89 Stan Lee always called the shots. Roll a die; that number of players must drink and you get to choose who.
  • 10 – Captain’s Rule Make a rule, ‘merica themed. Examples: Flap your arms like an Eagle before drinking; shout ‘Freedom’ before drinking; salute before drinking, pay a woman 85 cents on a man’s dollar, etc.
  • J – Playboy Tony Stark (Robert Downey JUNIOR) Male players drink
  • Q – Avenger’s Trivia Ask someone of your choice a question about The Avengers. If they answer it correctly they ask someone else a question. If they get it incorrectly, they drink.
  • K – Loki Goblet Add your drink to the Goblet of Evil
  • A – Hawkeye’s Arrow The player who draws this card must throw a ping pong ball into Loki’s Goblet. The player has three tries. If the player makes the shot, all other players drink. If he or she does not make the shot, the player must drink.


  • After the game is over, the player who drew the Ace of Spades becomes Nick Fury. He chooses his Avengers team to battle the remaining players in a game of Beer Pong, where the loser must finish not only the remaining beers, but Loki’s Goblet as well.
  • Note: If you want to be REALLY nerdy, you can change the title of this game to Civil War. In this case, the player who draws the Ace of Spades is Captain America, and he must choose his rebel group to fight Iron Man and the U.S. Government in a battle of beer pong.

Alright everyone! Have fun!

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