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Things I Carry: A Purse a Game Show Host Would Love

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Remember that show Let’s Make a Deal? When I was a child, I especially liked the segment where the host, Monty Hall, paid audience members who could show him that they were carrying random items. In one episode he paid $50 to the person who produced a hard boiled egg from their handbag.

I have lived my life in preparation for a chance meeting with Monty Hall.

You name it, I have it somewhere in my purse.

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But in between the cold pills, the Chai tea bags, the 42 purple pens, and the assorted USB flash drives, you will always (eventually) find these key items in my possession:

1. Samsung Galaxy SIII. It’s an Android smart phone. I am fighting the Apple thing on many fronts. I love this phone. The one silly thing that bugs me though is this cool looking cover. I saw this in the hands of a young man from France and had to have one for my very own. It’s sleek and sophisticated with just the right amount of nerd. But here’s the problem, just try to take a picture. The cover, if you fold it back, completely blocks the lens for the rear camera. You are forced to hold it open in an awkward position while trying to capture that perfect image of a vineyard in bloom. So much for looking hip.

2. Pentel Sharp Kerry (TM) pencil. When I started work at Deloitte (back when it was still called Haskins and Sells) every accountant had a black Pentel pencil. They all looked the same. I wanted one that stood out. Eventually, I found a Green Kerry(TM) pencil from Pentel. Not only was it a nice fat size, reminiscent of those first grade pencils, but it included a cover, built-in eraser, and grip. I loved that pencil, and everyone knew it was mine. Eventually, it got lost in the job changes, or the moves, or the diaper changing while on maternity leave. I replaced it with a blue version that lasted me a number of years. And now I have found myself using a red version of the same pencil. Because, sometimes you just need to erase, people.

3. Moleskine notebook. I am a writer. There is material everywhere. There is nothing like writing words by hand in a perfectly sized red moleskine notebook. It’s evidence of my hope and belief that if you have the right notebook, you’ll eventually find the right words. And then there’s the cute little elastic strap. That’s just good design. (You might also notice a red and black theme showing up in my things. These are the colors of accounting and of contrast, not as some have suggested, indicators of my support for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. Go Tarheels! )

4. Mini Moo cards and holder. If you haven’t checked out the cards from you will want to do that immediately. I have full sized business cards from the site but especially love the “Mini Moos” for promoting my Twitter handle. You can customize each card to include a different image. As you can see from the photo, I have chosen to use different color combinations of red, white, and black on one side with my name, Twitter handle, and website on the back. The plastic case is just the right size for holding 12 cards and attaches to my key chain for immediate access. This company understands experience marketing on every level. The cards have a unique, substantial but slick feel to them and arrive in the most gorgeous little white box. People never fail to comment when I hand them out. I wish they designed clothing too.

If anyone needs a gold presidential dollar, some Trident White gum, Gonzo stain remover, one purple earring, or some salted peanuts, I’ve got those too.

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